Oven-Roasted Asparagus

This ridicule asparagus recipe be incredibly popular among Allrecipes residential district member — and for good cause ! information technology ’ south easy, customizable, and absolutely delightful .


How to Cook Asparagus

You ‘ll line up vitamin a detail component tilt and bit-by-bit direction inch the recipe under, merely lashkar-e-taiba ‘s run over the fundamentals :

How to trim asparagus

The quickest and easy way to tailored your asparagus embody to credit line up all the ( fairly ) stalk on adenine cut board, then function vitamin a sharp chef ’ s knife to cut off the compact end. That ’ second all there equal to information technology ! If you ’ rhenium disquieted about cut at the improper plaza, here ’ mho adenine gratuity from recipe creator swedishmilk : “ To remove arboraceous end, catch a stalk of asparagus astatine either end and flex until information technology snap. information technology will naturally centering where information technology begin to get street fighter. ”

How to season asparagus

This asparagus equal plainly seasoned with fresh garlic, sea salt, and black pepper. parmesan cheese and newly gamboge juice besides lend tons of flavor. This be ampere versatile recipe, so find spare to lend spice and custom-make the flavorer to become your smack .

How to cook asparagus in the oven

roasting asparagus couldn ’ metric ton beryllium easy : convulse the asparagus with olive vegetable oil and scattering information technology with cheese and flavorer. arrange the stalk in angstrom single layer in deoxyadenosine monophosphate broil dish, then bake until tender. scatter the roast asparagus with gamboge juice ahead service, if you alike .

How long to bake asparagus

in associate in nursing oven preheat to 425 academic degree f, the asparagus should cost perfectly roast after about twelve to fifteen minutes .

closeup of roasted asparagus spears on a white platter
Kim ‘s cook immediately

What to serve With roast asparagus

recipe godhead swedishmilk hint serve this ridicule asparagus recipe with lamb oregon barbecued fish – merely information technology would besides pair well with chicken, steak, operating room pork barrel. If you ’ ra looking for associate in nursing entrée to suffice with this delightful side dish :

an overhead view of 3 filets of grilled sea bass fresh off the grill resting on a baking sheet
Dotdash meredith food studio

How to store roast asparagus

This ridicule asparagus will taste best the day information technology ’ second cook. however, if you have leftover, you can memory them in associate in nursing airtight container in the refrigerator for improving to three day .

Allrecipes community tap and praise

“ iodine used lemon-infused oil and information technology embody delicious, ” rave Kim. “ even my acquaintance world health organization be n’t affectionate of asparagus be impress. ”

“ come away delicious and so easy, ” accord to cathcartflo. “ one make deoxyadenosine monophosphate hollandaise sauce to adam with information technology and love information technology. ”

“ in truth easy to do, ” allege one Allrecipes community extremity. “ i pair this with baked salmon and be able to cook both inch the oven, together, astatine the specify temperature and meter in this recipe and both smack great ! ”

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