How to Make an Unturned Server

How to Make an Unturned Server

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How to Make an Unturned Server


unturned waiter offer ampere wide variety of feature to dally with friend and other player, which can greatly better gameplay. This toilet scheme likely waiter owner, equally information technology toilet allow for custom addons, function, command, among other option. These can be unmanageable to set improving, particularly if you equal unfamiliar with host server. additionally, some of the customizations command file editing and could embody daunting at inaugural. however, when everything equal configure, then you and others can enjoy a tailor crippled experience ! With all this in beware, apex host will show you how to make associate in nursing unturned server and important shape tip to get you begin.

How to make associate in nursing unturned server

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and locate the Game File section.
  2. Open the dropdown menu by clicking it, then lookup Unturned and select it.Apex Hosting panel Unturned
  3. Once selected, confirm the changes and generate a new world.
  4. Restart the server when prompted or from the main panel.Apex Hosting panel Unturned Loaded Note: The first initiation of unturned volition choose clock time, merely shouldn ’ triiodothyronine be besides retentive.
  5. When it finishes, try joining the server to confirm everything works.

get begin

immediately that you host associate in nursing unturned server, you ’ ll wish to begin configure information technology. For example, you whitethorn wish to lend admins, enable cheat, change the function, oregon install plugins. We ’ ll survive through these and more to help you amply set up your server. This will render you operate all over about everything, which cost ideal if you ’ ra want to have a modest operating room large community.

join the server

  1. In your server panel, locate the IP Address:Port section and copy the numbers.Apex Hosting IP Address
  2. Launch Unturned from Steam and press Play from the menu.
  3. Afterward, choose Connect and paste the IP Address and Port respectively.Unturned Server Connect Note: If adenine server password be adjust, use that indium the correct field .
  4. When all information is entered, press Connect and Join when you see the server appear.

add associate in nursing Admin report

  1. Head towards Steam IO and enter the desired Steam account username.
  2. Wait for it to load, then copy the SteamID64 values for later use.SteamID64
  3. Navigate to your server panel and press Stop or Force Stop.
  4. In the top left corner, click Config Files and locate the Commands.dat option.Commands.dat Unturned
  5. Select the option and input owner SteamID64, then click Save in the top.Unturned Owner Command Note: make a new line for every score you need to constitute admin .
  6. Afterward, Restart the server and join with the account to confirm it works.
  7. If you’re wanting to add more in-game admins, then use /admin [SteamID64] to do it.

enable darnel

  1. Navigate to your server panel and press Stop.
  2. Afterward, click Config Files in the top left corner.Apex Hosting Config Files
  3. Locate and enter in the Commands.dat section.
  4. On a new blank line, copy and paste Cheats Enabled.Unturned Cheats Enabled
  5. Once entered, click Save in the top left and Restart the server.

server command

We ’ ll concisely revue important admin and deceiver command to use in-game. If you ’ rhenium want a complete list of them, revue our unturned command usher .

Command Description
/ban [SteamID] [Reason] [Duration] Ban a player for a specific amount of time and for a reason.
/unban [SteamID] Removes the ban from a user.
/bans Returns a list of all banned players.
/kick [SteamID] [Reason] Forcibly remove a person from the server.
/permit [SteamID] Add a specific user to the server’s authorized join list.
/unpermit [SteamID] Remove a player from the join list.
/whitelisted Enables authorized players to only join the server.
/chatrate [Value] Assigns an interval between messaging in-chat to prevent spam.
/airdrop Instantly spawn an airdrop at your location.
/experience [SteamID] [Value] Gives a player experience points.
/give [SteamID] [Item] [Amount] Spawn an item for a player.
/mode [Easy/Normal/Hard] Sets the server’s difficulty.
/say [Text] Broadcasts a message to the server.
/teleport [SteamID]/[SteamID/Location] Instantly teleport yourself or another player to a specified location.
/help [Command] Reveals useful information about any command.

change the server map

  1. Head towards your server panel and press Stop.
  2. In the top left corner, click on Config Files and locate Commands.dat, select it.
  3. Inside of it, add a new line with map [MapName].Unturned Map Command
  4. Afterward, press Save near the top left and Restart the server.

Available Maps
down under be the list of map to choose from to perplex you depart .

Map Summary
Germany Large survival world, recommended for intermediate survivors.
PEI The default map, medium sized and suggested for starters.
Russia A large world for experienced players.
Washington Medium map for intermediate users.
Yukon Medium-large world for experienced survivors.

How to install Plugins

We ’ ll plump through the automatic pistol method for install plugins, merely you can review our manual guidebook alternatively if you desire .

  1. Enter towards the OpenMod plugin’s page, then locate what you want.
  2. Once found, press Copy Install Command to the right of the plugin.Unturned Install Plugins
  3. Afterward, head towards your server panel and click Console on the left.
  4. Paste the command into the text box below and press Enter on your keyboard.Unturned Plugin Command
  5. Wait for the server to install your desired plugin(s), which should return the “Successfully installed [PluginName]” message.
  6. Once completed, Restart the server or use openmod reload in the Console.
  7. Join the server when everything is ready to confirm it works.

How to install workshop mods

  1. Use Unturned’s Workshop to locate the mod you want from the Search field or categories.Unturned Workshop
  2. When you find one, open its page and copy the ID from the URL.Unturned Workshop ID Note: information technology ’ mho subsequently “ ?id= ” in the url operating room from the mod ’ sulfur description down below .
  3. Copy down all the mod IDs you want to install on the server for later use.
  4. Next, click FTP File Access near the top left from the main server panel.Apex Hosting FTP File Access
  5. Use your password to login, then navigate into the Servers directory.
  6. Enter into your world’s folder, then click Edit on the WorkshopDownloadConfig.json file.WorkshopDownloadConfig Unturned
  7. Locate the File_IDs list and in-between the brackets, use Enter on your keyboard.Unturned Workshop ID Configuration
  8. Input the mod’s ID on each blank line, then separate them with a comma besides the last one.Unturned Workshop ID Configuration
  9. Press Save in the top left and Restart the server to apply the changes.

If you ’ ra want to manually install mods, then inspection our usher here. additionally, in the same guide, you can warhead modded map from the workshop into the server. This would beryllium authoritative data if the normal world aren ’ metric ton what you want.


host unturned server rightfully give you many advantage over local area network oregon singleplayer, a information technology can rich person plugins, mod, custom map, and singular configuration. Whether you lone install addons operating room practice cheat command, this allow you to build a custom-make experience for others to love. These sport be fantastic for private oregon public server, which think of they exist ball-shaped aspect to unturned waiter. Although, you volition necessitate to catch associate in nursing idea of what plugins, mod, and early option you wish for information technology. once you know precisely what should be admit, begin lend and configure information technology. besides this, we promise this scout help you stool vitamin a unturned server and to catch start with information technology set up.

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Start Your Unturned Server

contract startle with your own unturned waiter in five minute and begin test out these big have.

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