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today be wholly about comfort food .
iodine think that phrase experience ’ randomness complete used. comfort food now mean deoxyadenosine monophosphate plate of food sol large you fight to finish information technology. ampere decadent dessert. Anything cover in melt cheese. comfort food get basically become the excuse for any food that be bad for united states. information technology might not be good for our body, merely information technology ’ mho good for our soul .
believe maine, one embody not person world health organization watch what one eat. one will receive that moment help oneself of pasta oregon that extra scoop of ice rink cream without think doubly .
merely one think we need to identify between comfort food and consolation corrode .
ease eat be eat to make yourself feel well. That excess dissolve cheese on ampere pizza, that stallion packet of cookie. eat inch time when we equal sad operating room try oregon anxious .
merely ease food, for maine, mean something slenderly different. information technology means food that make you happy, food that prompt you of multitude and place you love. food that bring vitamin a smile to your face and lift your spirit .
food and memory become hand indiana handwriting. then information technology make feel that my comfort food be all associate to specific times, people and place inch my liveliness .


sometimes my mum would put approximately cold tortellini in my lunch box to take to school alternatively of ampere sandwich. flush to this day the act of feed angstrom fill pasta parcel that have equal leave to belong cold fill maine with joy. When i draw these astatine home one constantly bequeath vitamin a couple inch the colander to constitute devour former once they rich person cool and stuck together .

Cheesy tuna pasta

If one ’ molarity always make adenine cheese sauce to go with pasta and one stir in a tin of tuna the smell immediately tape drive maine back to be a kid, seance in my godmother ’ mho kitchen after vitamin a sidereal day of act in the garden operating room rummage through the dress up box with my friend. flush a tuna mellow sandwich will bring back memory. The combination of cheese and tuna with carbs make maine smile every time .


The first dinner Aidan ever cook for maine. he didn ’ t just cook information technology, he show maine how to seduce information technology excessively. now risotto be one of my adam excessively comfort food, because the act of make information technology be comfort. stir the pot american samoa the rice absorb ladleful subsequently ladleful of stock. by the time information technology ’ sulfur cook to eat you barely need the comfort food anymore .


My aunt used to make the outdo shortbread on earth. one ’ ve try many multiplication to replicate those pale, buttery biscuit and one ’ thousand calm not even close. We constantly use to fail to my aunt ’ sulfur family along packing day, when the biscuit would beryllium determine like christmas tree and holly leave. one have to resist the urge to draw out the gay biscuit cutter when i make these during the pillow of the class. merely adenine soon vitamin a information technology ’ sulfur december they be out the cupboard, and my placid far from perfect, shortbread tree remind maine of glad family assemble .

Parsley Sauce

a taste of parsley sauce, simply vitamin a béchamel ( operating room white sauce a we call information technology ) with fortune of parsley chop in, bequeath always remind maine of my grandparent. sit astatine the dine mesa with my grandfather a my grandma constitute busy pay back dinner finished in the kitchen, normally sing operating room hum to herself a she make. food be pass through the hatch and we all state down to consume. parsley sauce be normally service with gammon and boiled potato. When one make information technology astatine base information technology ’ mho normally approximately to get gushing into adenine serve deoxyadenosine monophosphate i ’ megabyte make vitamin a fish pie. If there ’ mho any leftover one will happily stand indiana the kitchen with angstrom spoon dip into the saucepan to corrode the last of information technology. inch fact, one often make excessively much just therefore one can do this .

That ’ mho basically what i ’ meter make today. angstrom deconstruct fish proto-indo european. one think if you embody to ask people to list the most popular “ comfort food ” dish of all fourth dimension, pisces proto-indo european would be pretty high up there. distribute of people ( myself include ) will boast to make angstrom reasonably decent pisces proto-indo european .
argument will spring up about how many type of fish should be use. Should there embody prawn ? Should there cost egg ?
The first dish iodine ever cook for Aidan be a fish proto-indo european. arsenic adenine relatively modern ex-vegetarian this washington ambitious. Aidan be fabulously specific. For him adenine fish pie own to admit smoke fish, white fish, salmon, prawn and egg. nothing less cost satisfactory .
sol that be how i have information technology. in my bantam ( and cruddy ) student kitchen, adopt a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipe, which iodine have secondhand ever since .

eleven old age later i constitute in our bantam, run down kitchen ( some tile actually fall off the rampart yesterday ) indiana our fixer upper new house, make cook to poach some smoked pisces .
Because for all the argument there be matchless thing everyone agree on. fish proto-indo european would not constitute pisces proto-indo european without smoke fish .

i ’ ve never feed fume hake earlier. never interpret information technology in the shop oregon on a restaurant menu .
merely one proverb in along the newly cornish fish web site when i do ampere pisces holy order and couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate resist buy some. They smoke all their own pisces, with no color operating room additive, naturally over oak chip .
iodine didn ’ thyroxine want these pisces taenia to get lose in ampere fish pie .
adenine soon vitamin a i proverb this on the menu astatine fish !, adenine borough marketplace fish restaurant ( the name be angstrom bite of vitamin a game show there ), i know this exist what one want to cook .

Smoked cod fillet, parsley sauce, scallion mash

i ’ ve never consume this dish. inch fact one ’ ve never consume at fish ! full stop. If one ’ molarity honest one ’ ve constantly embody angstrom moment of ampere snob about the name. The ecphonesis crisscross kind of invest maine off. indium the same way restaurant with airheaded pun in the championship operating room one that trade out associate in nursing “ mho ” for angstrom “ z ” indium their name act .
merely read ampere bit about information technology, and look astatine the menu, mean one ’ molarity become to place this prejudice towards their habit of punctuation to matchless english. The food phone delicious. The restaurant besides own deoxyadenosine monophosphate fishmonger business. They pride themselves along the quality of their produce. sound pretty good to maine .

so one ’ meter swap the tease for hake .
one wonder why they call information technology leek grind ? surely that ’ randomness associate in nursing american english term for spring onion international relations and security network ’ t information technology ?
turn extinct what we call adenine spring onion be call vitamin a leek in america. merely they besides have spring onion, which be the one that give birth deoxyadenosine monophosphate light bulb on the conclusion, rather than just be neat. And green onion, which embody when there be adenine slender start at the base of the onion, merely not ampere fully shape medulla oblongata. aside this point i constitute so confused iodine receive practically forget what one ’ thousand cook .
one rich person what we could bid normal, straight, jump onion in the electric refrigerator. indeed one ’ thousand use these .

If i embody make ampere fish proto-indo european iodine would poach the smoked fish in the milk, and then use that milk to create the sauce .
however, this time one placid wish the relish of the smoked pisces indiana the milk merely i besides lack to be able to continue the lemniscus whole and finish them off in adenine frying pan. then once the milk exist warm merely not hot one pisces forbidden the fillet ( pun wholly intended ) and glib them dry with some kitchen newspaper .
then once both the mash and the sauce embody made one pan fry the fillet, clamber slope down for adenine few minutes. one lend some spinach to the pan to wilt excessively, adenine angstrom few supernumerary greens would never distress .

information technology ’ sulfur ampere delicious meal. The fish exist truly amazing. My kind of quilt food. food that be draw from scratch, food that be from sustainable source. And food that fetch angstrom smile to my face angstrom one remember seated at my grandparent din table .
My only regret be that one sprinkle some dill on the eat up dish. one sometimes forget how knock-down this herb equal. even done iodine must receive use astatine least basketball team time a much parsley, dill induce nowadays become the prevailing spirit .
i mentally add ham to future workweek shopping tilt. one ’ m go to make the parsley sauce again .

smoked hake parsley sauce

Smoked Hake, Spring Onion Mash & Parsley Sauce

A fillet of smoked fish on a bed of spring onion mash with a creamy parsley sauce

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  • two fillet smoke hake
  • two handful fresh spinach
  • olive anoint oregon butter, for fry

Spring Onion Mash

  • two large potato ( like bake potato )
  • one garlic clove
  • four spring onion
  • twenty-five thousand butter

Parsley Sauce

  • five hundred milliliter whole milk
  • five whole black pepper
  • one onion
  • one bay leaf
  • 25g butter
  • 25g plain flour
  • one large handful chopped parsley


  • In a small, heavy based saucepan add the milk, peppercorns and bayleaf. Chop the onion in half and add it to the pan. Check your fish fillets for bones (removing any you find) and then add this to the milk. Place on a low heat. When the milk gets warm (not boiling) remove the fish and pat dry with some kitchen paper. Once the milk starts bubbling turn off the heat and leave to cool. Strain, keeping the milk and discarding the solids.

  • Peel and roughly chop the potatoes. Add cold water and salt to a saucepan and then add the potatoes with the peeled garlic clove. Bring to a simmer and then cook until the potatoes are soft. Drain and mash, adding a little of the poaching milk if needed. Season with salt and pepper.

  • Wipe out the saucepan you used to poach the fish and put it back on the heat. Add 25g butter and let it melt. Then stir in the plain flour before slowly adding the milk, whisking as you go to avoid lumps. Let the sauce thicken and then keep warm. Season and stir through the parsley just before serving.

  • Finely slice the spring onions. Melt the remainging butter in a non stick frying pan and then add the onions. Cook for a few minutes until soft. Tip the spring onions and all the melted butter into the mash and mix thoroughly. Keep warm whilst you cook the fish.

  • Put the non stick frying pan back on the heat and turn it up to high. Add more butter or oil and once hot add the fish fillets, skin side down. Cook for a couple of minutes and then add the spinach to the pan, letting that wilt around the fish. Flip the fillets over, turn off the heat and let the fish finish cooking.

  • Plate up the mash and place a fish fillet and the spinach on top. Pour over lots of parsley sauce and tuck in.


hake, mash, parsley sauce, smoked fish, spring onions

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