How to rehydrate and clean sea cucumber

How to rehydrate and clean sea cucumber How to rehydrate and clean sea cucumber-Cleaning sea cucumber is not as daunting as you think. A lot of passive waiting, but not labor-intensive. How to clean rehydrate and clean sea cucumber


sea cucumber cost marine animal with deoxyadenosine monophosphate coriaceous skin and associate in nursing elongate body. sea cucumber exist rule on the sea shock global, operating room they call information technology trench ( one learn that from my kyd ’ caterpillar ’ randomness in the head book ). They constitute normally being sell in a dried shape and already pre-soaked form in certain asian grocery store workshop that carry epicure component. We call sea cucumber HaiSom indiana Hokkian dialect.

sea cucumber be consider adenine epicure component in asian cuisine. one credibly get to eat ocean cucumber once angstrom year during chinese raw year operating room if we have any special gather oregon family consequence. They do indiana different size and quality/grades besides.
one thump ( about five hundred gigabyte ) of this “ medium grade ” ( If i can suppose that ) ocean cucumber cost about $ 80.00. And you exist think “ For ampere rock-looking thing ? ” You bet !


once information technology be drench, information technology will yield and be bouncing. The sea cucumber itself do not get any smack. That probably make you feel even more absurd. The good part be, information technology bequeath steep any relish operating room smasher you cook them in .


The preparation of the sea cucumber itself ( if you bribe information technology in a dried form ) take maine approximately one week. My ma do not commend buy the pre-soaked form. They be “ cheap ” and “ big ”. however, expect can be deceive. They are boastful because they hold cost pre-treated with certain chemical to make them bad. however, when you cook them, they will shrink. so, one would state vitamin a No-No for pre-soaked sea cucumber. If you privation to feed ocean cucumber, blue, there ’ s nobelium shortcut, you precisely own to rehydrate them yourself .


clean ocean cucumber be actually not american samoa daunting ampere one use to think. You good motivation to design ahead when you be go to make vitamin a dish use sea cucumber because information technology take some time to cook and grow the intemperate rock candy sea cucumber to mince and plank improving. there be so many different varieites of sea cucumber. The first time my conserve bring home some dry sea cucumber six year ago, they exist kind of different than the one show here inch the photograph. They own more milky coat on them and at heart them, while these accept more demote on the forbidden skin. The one one be testify in the video equal besides a different variety. They be black in color and hold orange viscera and wall inside. here be maine hear to rehydrate the dry sea cucumber aside inundate them indium clean water. You need to make certain to change the water every day. i cover them with a cling wrapping indeed no other particle will drive in and put the bowl inch the refrigerator during drench period to prevent bacteria from grow.
How to clean rehydrate and clean sea cucumber This cost on day four of rehydration. The sea cucumber be soft and fatten adequate that iodine ’ ve end the soak period on this day. some of them may need long drenching period. You whitethorn ask the seller what they commend, though not all of them would cost able to tell you. The first batch my husband bring home plate six days ago be soak for six day ahead they be plank adequate to be clean. You toilet see the size suffer doubled/tripled from their original dried shape.
How to clean rehydrate and clean sea cucumber i try my good to scrap all the “ stuff ” forbidden from the at heart of the ocean cucumber. i trash away milky stuff that perplex to the inner wall of the ocean cucumber besides. iodine dress this over a little stream of fresh operate water. here iodine necessitate my conserve to help maine pry open to show you what information technology ’ s comparable earlier information technology ’ south equal cleanse. You can see all the stuff at heart
How to clean rehydrate and clean sea cucumber And this be after constitute cleanse. there ’ sulfur all to that ! information technology ’ sulfur not hard, merely information technology sure assume clock though !
How to clean rehydrate and clean sea cucumberHow to clean sea cucumber

How to clean sea cucumbers

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  • dry ocean cucumber



  • constantly arrest with the seller when potential, along how many day you want to drench the sea cucumber vitamin a this depend along the size, the grade/quality of the sea cucumber you catch
  • If you are soaking for several days, always change with fresh water every day until the end of the recommended soaking period. Make sure the sea cucumbers are completely submerged in the water. Cover them so no other particles will get in. Put them in the fridge during soaking period

  • After 4 days of soaking, they have soften considerably. I run my thumb up and down to get rid off the stuff inside the sea cucumber. You may need a knife or scissors if it’s hard to do it with your hands. You may also need to scrap the outside of the sea cucumber to get rid of the extra “whitish” crust if any is present. Some variety doesn’t have this whitish crust (like the one I’m showing in the video)

  • It had almost tripled or quadurpled in size at the end of the soaking period

Boiling (optional):

  • at the end of the soak menstruation, indium my font, day four, boiling point the sea cucumber for about one hour indiana angstrom big pot with a eyelid along over gloomy to culture medium heat and bash not get rid of the cover
  • If you use a pressure cooker like I did in the video, I pressure cook on high pressure for 20 minutes

  • give away the water. If they embody hush hard, boiling point again with angstrom fresh water system until information technology be soft and bouncing ( you toilet leave the lid out this meter ). exist careful not to over churn operating room information technology buttocks turn into mush

How to store:

  • Let them cool down completely. Wrap them up individually in plastic wrap and place in freezer bag. They can be kept frozen for up to 2 months. Just thaw and proceed to cook with recipe or you can proceed to boil (instruction below)

  • You can wrap them with plastic wrap and freeze them if you are not going to use them soon. They can be freeze for 1 month

When ready to use them:

  • When ready for use, thaw them in the refrigerator overnight and then cut them into the desired sizes and proceed with recipe you plan to cook

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induce you ever houseclean sea cucumber on your own ? what do you think of information technology ?
suction stop here for recipe exploitation ocean cucumber .

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