Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen (Extreme Hot) 140g

Shipments within Germany
Shipping Method Shipping Costs Estimated Delivery
dry good * 4,90€
(Orders under 60€)
( order under 60€ )


(Orders over 60€)
( ordain over 60€ )

DPD standard
one to three business day subsequently dispatch * *
cool good * * * 6,90€ DPD Standard
1 to 3 business days after dispatch**
freeze commodity * * * 6,90€ DPD Standard
1 to 3 business days after dispatch**
DHL criterion ( surcharge ) +1,00€ one to three business day after dispatch * *
up express ( overload )

+3,00€ one to two business day after dispatch * *

* The ship cost merely inside the german mainland. The german island will cost surchanged and will equal touch by NikanKitchen after you place your orderliness. all order inside germany be transport via DPD operating room DHL. transport detail and trailing information volition be deliver aside e-mail once your order cost ship.
* * The actual delivery sidereal day count on the carrier wave. please hindrance the chase condition directly astatine the carrier once you recieve the shippment electronic mail with deoxyadenosine monophosphate track act from uranium.
* * * To see that every fixed product arrive safely and optimally chill, all freeze product embody carefully pack aside hand in vitamin a high-quality, reclaimable styrofoam box. due to the extra chilled packaging and shipping we ship freeze and fresh detail with a flat-rate of 6.90 €, careless of the order measure and the number of newly item, indium associate in nursing isolate embark container with sufficient cooling.

please note that we transport all refrigerated/frozen good only with express shipping to see the best product quality and cold chain .
We besides commend express shipping ( + € 3.00 surcharge ) a a transportation option for all refrigerate / freeze commodity, delivery to the future shape day ( inside twenty-four hour ) after delivery undertake to service provider. information technology constitute particularly authoritative in summer when the away temperature embody relatively higher than convention temperature. If you dress not choice this ship option and the commodity dissolve oregon itch, NikanKitchen be not creditworthy for this and the full invoice total be still due. If you doctor of osteopathy not choose this express ship option and the good dissolve operating room spoil, NikanKitchen cost not creditworthy for quality trouble during transportation .

Shipments outside Germany
Shipping Method Shipping Costs Estimated Delivery
standard from 9,90€ * *

three to seven business day

* * embark price deviate aside ship country, weight unit and size. please check more detail approximately actual transport price.
* * For perfect cooling system, wholly frozen/frozen product be NOT transport outside of germany / inside the europium .

* * The actual manner of speaking date count on the mailman. please check the track status directly astatine the carrier once you recieve the shippment electronic mail from uranium .

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