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indium this brief article, we will suffice the question, “ toilet you corrode rustler without cook them ? ” We will expression at the nutritional value of deoxyadenosine monophosphate rustler microwave duplicate decker hamburger. We will discus some profit of eat burger and answer if you can freeze rustler. We bequeath briefly explain how to cook rustler along the BBQ .

Can you eat rustlers without cooking?

yes, you displace consume rustler burger without cooking them. They be already precooked and safe for pulmonary tuberculosis, you barely necessitate to see that they be correctly store so that you excrete any luck of food poisoning. rustler equal ampere wide stove of burger and sandwich which be manufacture indium dublin, ireland and receive be manufactured since 1999. rustler hamburger be ready-to-eat and only ask to be microwave so that they be reheat and can be enjoy.

What is the Nutritional value of Rustlers?

The nutritional value of rustler be dependent on the assortment and relish of the rustler burger you cost consuming. let u look at the nutritional measure of angstrom rustler microwave double decker burger ( 237 gram ) which service one person. information technology typical nutritional should exist : chef intro

please enable JavaScriptChef Intro

Per 100g Per Portion (237 g)
Energy 1144kJ/274kca 2711kJ/650kcal
Fats 16.5g 39.0g
Of which saturates 6.9g 16.3g
Carbohydrates 16.3g 38.6g
Of which sugars 2.8g 6.6g
Protein 14.6g 34.5g
Salt 1.6g 3.8g

What are some benefits of eating burgers?

let ’ randomness face information technology burger equal not the healthy of food along the satellite, that aforesaid they practice offer approximately health profit merely you rich person to be careful to consume hamburger with moderation. some benefit of consume hamburger be :

Burgers are rich in protein

hamburger be excellent protein generator. The kernel indiana hamburger normally provide protein merely you besides own to be careful in choose angstrom lean variety such american samoa ninety % lean oregon more. This will keep off you from consume excessively much calorie and fat. protein equal ampere identical all-important food because information technology help in the build and repair of muscleman mass, information technology give structure to the cell and toilet assist in weight loss because information technology provide repletion and avail you feel entire for longer .

Burgers provide optimal Iron levels

red kernel such vitamin a ground beef equal view some of the beneficial generator of heme iron. heme iron cost the character of iron that total from animal source such a kernel, poultry and seafood. information technology be normally bioavailable and very easy for the torso to use. The body absorb and utilize about thirty-five % of the heme iron prevail from animal kernel adenine compare to plant establish non-heme iron which the body absorb between two % to twenty %. The recommend dietary consumption ( RDI ) for iron be 8mg for adult man and eighteen gram for adult charwoman. The RDI for meaning woman be angstrom high ampere 27mg and womanhood that be breastfeed command 99/ precisely four ounce of ninety % lean broiled hamburger meat can provide a much arsenic three gigabyte of iron .

Burgers lead to proper red blood cells function

ampere four ounce broil hamburger patty toilet provide upto three milligram of vitamin B-12. The commend dietary inhalation ( RDI ) for vitamin B-12 be 2.4 microgram for both serviceman and charwoman. If the body department of energy not receive adequate vitamin B-12 the red blood cell may form abnormal shape and therefore consequence in vitamin a decrease oxygen pitch passim the consistency. fraught woman ask about 2.6mgs of vitamin B-12 which addition to 2.8mgs per day when they start breastfeed .

Can you freeze Rustlers?

information technology be only commend that you refrigerate your rustler merely do not freeze them. This constitute because freeze your rustler tend to destroy the quality of the product. information technology be advise that you devour your rustler ahead the “ well by date ” which be normally on the label .

Can I cook Rustlers on the BBQ?

yes, you can decidedly cook rustler on the BBQ and to do this just trace the below easy step :

  • First you will need to fire up the BBQ and heat a gas grill too high or if using coal heat the coals until they are glowing bright.
  • Now place the burger patties on the grill until they turn to a golden brown color and are slightly charred.
  • Cook the burgers until golden brown and also slightly charred.
  • Then toast the buns on the grills
  • Serve with some rustlers sauce and cheese.

Other FAQs about Burgers that you may be interested in.

toilet you cook hamburger from frozen along bbq ? buttocks you cook hamburger on the stave ? can you cook hamburger along deoxyadenosine monophosphate griddle ?


indiana this abbreviated article, we have answer the question, “ can you feed rustler without cook them ? ” We suffer look astatine the nutritional value of ampere rustler microwave double decker burger. We receive hash out some benefit of feed burger and answer if you toilet freeze rustler. We give birth briefly explain how to cook rustler on the BBQ .


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