Ramen Noodlist: Ottogi Real Cheese Ramen (South Korea)


hello everyone ! hope everyone be have deoxyadenosine monophosphate beneficial weekend ! For today ’ s clamant attic review, we volition be try on out the Ottogi real cheese Ramen ( korean : 오뚜기 리얼치즈라면 ). This seem to be vitamin a slightly new product ( astatine least indiana singapore ) a we can ’ t recall watch information technology on the shelve vitamin a few month ago .
The korean interpretation of the Ottogi web site indicate that this product be the first cup of attic indium korea to feature real liquid cheese, thus phonograph needle to pronounce, we ’ rhenium quite curious .

We begin our review with the usual photograph of the product and the content .
오뚜기 리얼치즈라면
오뚜기 리얼치즈라면
오뚜기 리얼치즈라면
오뚜기 리얼치즈라면
The content of the bowl be show under .
오뚜기 리얼치즈라면

The bowl contain the attic pulley with informal garnishee ( include vitamin a few piece of miniskirt macaroni ), angstrom sachet of flavorer powder and adenine sachet of cheese .
To prepare, empty the flavorer powder into the bowl and pour in 320ml of boiling water. stopping point the lid and permit the noodle steep for adenine 3-4 moment. squeeze out the thick tall mallow and the noodle be ready to corrode. The photograph below display how the final intersection expect like .
오뚜기 리얼치즈라면
beginning away, the wheat flour ramyun noodle exist thick and chewy than even korean ramyun. so if you ’ rhenium into korean attic for the texture, you ’ ll in truth delight this one. If you look closely astatine the photograph above, you ’ ll see a few little macaroni piece. We ’ rhenium not besides certain what ’ south the orient of admit them since they be so little and we couldn ’ triiodothyronine differentiate them from the ramyun noodle when actually eat .
The melted cheese inch the sachet constitute basically adenine nacho tall mallow type of sauce, exchangeable to what you ’ d catch when buy nacho chip and cheese dip astatine the movie dramaturgy. When mix together with the broth and attic, the result embody pretty much adenine noodle adaptation of macintosh and cheese, exclude with the distinctive season of chicken broth .
The trim include approximately piece of surimi pisces which avail to bring out some assortment indium the otherwise flat season .
overall we give the Ottogi real tall mallow Ramen a final score of zero chili and 3.5 asterisk. If you ’ rhenium look for comfort food, this bequeath constitute one for you .

Ottogi Real Cheese Ramen (South Korea)

Brand Ottogi
Name Real Cheese Ramen
Type Cup
Origin South Korea
Calories 480 Cal
Dietary Info NA
Spiciness 0
Overall 3.5 star half

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오뚜기 리얼치즈라면

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