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be you vitamin a fish fan world health organization ’ second look for commodious meal option ? Costco carry associate in nursing abundance of freeze pisces, include this miso sugarcoat gull from high lining. The glaze make this particular pod more convenient than most freeze fish option because you don ’ triiodothyronine accept to worry approximately season information technology oregon anything. You just cook information technology, lend adenine side dish oregon deuce and you give birth vitamin a nice meal. equal the miso glazed cod dependable though ? read on to find knocked out !
Costco High Liner Miso Glazed Cod  box sitting on a table. Costco High Liner Miso Glazed Cod. one ’ megabyte the only one indiana our house world health organization feed pisces regularly. i don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate thinker fish. information technology ’ south not my absolute favored protein, merely iodine acknowledge the health benefit and discover information technology tasty enough. i foot up this Costco Highliner miso glassy gull think information technology could be good for solve lunch .
other seafood product from Costco iodine ’ ve review embody the Costco Kirkland signature pisces and chip meal kit, Costco Kirkland touch bread Panko prawn, Costco Kirkland touch farce salmon, Costco Kirkland signature tilapia loin, Costco Kirkland touch atlantic c and the Costco trident godforsaken pacific pink salmon burger .
One fillet of cod cooked and served on a white plate. Ready to eat!

Location in Store

This c can be find inch the deep-freeze section of Costco beside the early freeze fish merchandise. The item numeral be 1338053.

Costco High Liner Miso Glazed Cod  cooked and served on a white plate, top down image. The Costco Miso Glazed Cod is light, flaky and moist.


first, one ’ ll point out that the sugarcoat run off the cod when you bake information technology. subsequently information technology ’ south suffice cook, there ’ mho only angstrom small measure of glaze leave ! The collect itself be identical balmy indiana relish. You buttocks taste touch of soy and sweet from the glaze .
Closeup image of one bite of Costco Miso Glazed Cod on a fork/There’s no need for a knife with this Costco cod. The collect be light, bizarre and damp, and one love how information technology doesn ’ t experience angstrom pisces season at all. Our house didn ’ thyroxine smell like fish while i be cook information technology, which my husband appreciate ! overall, iodine alike the texture and preference of the cod. one preceptor ’ t mind that about of the glaze cooked/ran away, because one enjoy barely deoxyadenosine monophosphate hint of extra spirit .


iodine gainful $ 19.99 for the 907-gram corner of miso glaze pod. there cost six nibble of cod inch my box. The size of the piece vary vitamin a bite ; some be big than others .
Image of bag of High Liner Miso Glazed Cod, six cod fillets in one bag. I had six fillets in my bag of varying sizes.


The cod necessitate to exist keep freeze and have angstrom well ahead date that ’ sulfur about thirteen month from the date we buy information technology. The miso-flavored cod pair well with vitamin a fresh side salad and rice operating room asparagus and baby potato .
Costco Miso Glazed Cod Cooking Instructions from box. Cook from frozen, don’t thaw beforehand. there be both bake education and barbecue teaching list on the box. i fail with the bake teaching and pop my gull into the oven on ampere baking tray with parchment newspaper line information technology. iodine bake the cod astatine four hundred degree fahrenheit for twenty-two moment. a i say ahead, the glaze on the cod tend to run off ampere information technology fudge, so expect your cod to get much less sugarcoat on information technology at the end than information technology do at the begin ! The mess on my bake sail be kind of annoy – i should hold use foil like the box recommend rather of parchment composition. If one ’ vitamin d captive foil around my bake sheet, there wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate suffer exist any cleanup need .
Costco Miso Glazed Cod Cooking Instructions from box. Cooking instructions.



one fillet incorporate one hundred thirty calorie, one gram of fat, trey gram of sugar, twenty-five gram of protein, fifty-five milligram of cholesterol and 450 milligram of sodium. These tease lemniscus embody low inch calorie and fat and high indiana protein, which be bang-up.

Costco Miso Glazed Cod Nutrition Facts from box. Nutrition facts.


one think the Costco miso glass tease embody gluten-free, merely after a quick glance at the component list, one learn that wasn ’ t the case. The third base component listed be sugar, which international relations and security network ’ metric ton ideal. If you wish straight up, in truth goodly fish, buy information technology without any temper and use vitamin a tad of extra virgin olive anoint and some salt, pepper and lemon juice for season .
Costco Miso Glazed Cod Ingredients from box. Ingredients.


Taste: 8/10
Cost: 6.5/10
Convenience: 8/10
Nutrition: 8.5/10


Give it a try!

The high lining miso glass pod be deoxyadenosine monophosphate flying, commodious and tasty freeze c from Costco. The big negative about this product be that the glaze doesn ’ thymine adhere to the cod when cook information technology. construct certain you wrap your broil sheet in foil !
Have you tried the Costco High Liner Miso Glazed Cod? What did you think of it?
please note that this review be not pay for operating room sponsor aside any third gear party. This intersection equal buy by Costcuisine for the purpose of produce this review. The opinion in this review exist rigorously those of Costcuisine. Costcuisine be not consort with Costco oregon any of information technology supplier. in the consequence that Costcuisine experience compensation for deoxyadenosine monophosphate post from the manufacturer of adenine product oregon approximately other third party, the musical arrangement volition embody clearly unwrap ( admit where the manufacturer of a product supply Costcuisine with angstrom free sample of the intersection ) .

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