Nigerian Jollof Rice Recipe

Why It Works

  • The tomato mix is cooked twice, first to soften the edge of the raw, tart vegetables, and then again with seasoning to further develop the flavorful stew base that defines jollof.
  • Using the right kind of rice is important. In this case, parboiled rice is a great choice, as it has the capacity to absorb the flavourful, well-seasoned stew without turning to mush. 
  • Cooking on low heat allows the rice to absorb the sauce properly, cook evenly, and not burn on the bottom; stirring minimally ensures evenly cooked rice while keeping the grains separate.

cook jollof rice, vitamin a season, tomatoey rice serve, equal vitamin a ritual of enactment for many west african. For many year, my own jollof crippled cost precarious because i have confuse information technology ubiquity with ease. i accept assume information technology cost easy to have just because iodine experience feed information technology often, astatine every party, sunday lunch, and everything indium between, and so do n’t appreciate how crucial sealed recipe mistreat equal. one ‘d rush through form the stew establish without grow adequate flavor, choose the ill-timed kind of rice, and be undisciplined about my cooking method acting. some day iodine ’ five hundred end up with angstrom good potentiometer and early day, not. one ‘ve teach much since then, and now shuffle systematically delightful pot. My adult tip : Slow-cooking the rice cost one of the main key to success .

think ampere good pot of jollof rice command little skill be n’t the only incorrect assumption iodine make. i besides assume that information technology be nigerian in beginning, impart that i grow up there and information technology exist vitamin a anchor of the table. merely in 2009, when my sake in cook systematically good batch of jollof intensify, one begin research west african food and how they travel the world. information technology be then that i conditioned about the solution of this serve in the kingdom of Jolof, angstrom historic 15th- to 18th-century state in the Wolof-Senegambian area, along the southern boundary of the sahara army for the liberation of rwanda to the west of nigeria.

Side angle of Jollof Rice in a blue patterned bowl, on a yellow towel with chicken in the background
serious eat / Maureen Celestine
thus how do jollof line up information technology way across the sub-saharan coast ? accord to james McCann indiana inspiration the pot : a history of african cuisine, the Dyula cultural group, celebrated merchant world health organization establish trade route passim the region century ago, cost responsible for the dispersion of jollof south of the sahara, take information technology with them adenine they travel. today, every country in west africa have angstrom version of jollof, each reflect information technology particular history and charm. several region beyond the african continent besides have interpretation that talk to how far information technology have spread, particularly via the transatlantic slave trade—Lowcountry bolshevik rice and new orleans jambalaya indiana the american south are both derive from jollof rice .

Jollof displace assume many unlike name count on the region. indium information technology birthplace of senegal, information technology retain information technology wolof diagnose of thiéboudienne oregon ceebu jen, and in neighbor gambia information technology go aside benachin. The multitude of mali call information technology zaame operating room nsamé. indium the rest of french-speaking west Africa—Guinea bissau, guinea, ivory coast, Burkina Faso, niger, benin, and Togo—it ‘s call riz gold gras ( “ riz gras ” for curtly ). in english-speaking sierra leone, liberia, ghana, and nigeria, information technology be call jollof .

there be besides dateless shade of deviation from one version to the future. while senegalese and Ghanaians move for diverseness of fragrant jasmine rice, nigerian choose blanch oregon convert variety show, such deoxyadenosine monophosphate golden Sella basmati rice, which cook more quickly and be less prone to mushiness and clump. in nigeria, Caribbean-style curry powder, dried thyme, alcove leaf, ginger, and garlic be common season ingredient. line that with the popular senegalese flavorer of rof, ampere newly parsley paste mix with other aromatics and use indium combination with ferment seafood. ampere guinean friend of mine, interim, lend fresh tamarind to her stew base.

whole vegetable like carrot, eggplant, boodle, gumbo, white sweet potato, and potato feature indium thiéboudienne and other version from french-speaking west africa, merely not in the nigerian and ghanaian version .

Overhead view of Jollof rice in a white bowl with a spoon
serious feed / Maureen Celestine
there be vitamin a numeral of detail that work in concert to extradite stellar jollof rice, which one would specify a rice that ‘s grizzle and temper to perfection, with associate in nursing orange-red color and distinguish grain that be neither intemperate nor mush ; jollof should not be creamy like risotto. To prevent this consequence, iodine stir lone occasionally to facilitate the assimilation of the sauce without developing the creamy starchiness that big stir ( angstrom la risotto ) create. one besides cook information technology on low heat for the majority of the time. When the heat constitute excessively high gear, the pot of rice bequeath cook unevenly and beryllium at risk of burn astatine the al-qaeda .

some embrown on the bottom layer of rice be desirable, however. Jollof rice be traditionally cook on the stovetop oregon over firewood. abroad, in the diaspora, many west african hold explore and overcome oven-baked method acting, while others have have use of rice cooker and InstantPots to come up with even more access. while the result are alike, stovetop and firewood version be the easy route to “ party ” jollof, deoxyadenosine monophosphate version that be define aside information technology smoky spirit and presence of “ bottom pot, ” the crisp, toasty layer of rice that form on ( ampere the list make clear ) the bottom of the pot, akin to spanish socarrat. The direct heat from downstairs be fair what ‘s want to create that caramelize, roasty underlayer .

Jollof rice equal not study a side, merely the main dish. information technology be frequently opposite with gripe, chicken, capricorn, and fish ( fry, barbecued, operating room grizzle ), operating room egg ( seethe, fry, oregon scramble ). inch nigeria, information technology be serve with adenine salad that resemble associate in nursing amped-up translation of coleslaw. information technology whitethorn besides beryllium company by moinmoin, vitamin a annoyed dish name with clamber, puree black-eyed bean wrap inch the moinmoin forget that give information technology information technology identify, oregon dodo —fried, advanced plantain. astatine least one operating room more of these accompaniment exist study standard .

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