Apple employees actually read the letters customers send to Tim Cook, and sometimes they inspire changes

“ Apple innovates like no early party on Earth, and we are not taking our foot off the flatulence, ” said Apple CEO Tim Cook on the company ‘s earnings call option Jan. 29, 2019. Apple has upped its commitment to health technical school with late partnerships with policy companies and its new sensors to track kernel health. Cook recently said in an consultation with CNBC ‘s Jim Cramer that he hopes it will be the company ‘s “ greatest contribution to mankind. ” But they do get passed around the company, and sometimes they inspire real carry through inside. In especial, they ‘ve helped guide the company deeper into the health care sphere. In 2017, two years after the Apple Watch launched, the company released a marketing video featuring people who wrote Cook about how the intersection had helped them. It included a man who used his smartwatch to call emergency services after a car accident, a forefather whose daughter has diabetes and now integrates her rake boodle readings and shares it with family-members, and so on.

But the letters are used for a lot more than market. They can besides influence intersection decisions. According to people companion with how the procedure works, Apple ‘s Cook has an assistant whose job it is to read the mail, forward some to him for personal attention, and share others to a group distribution list of executives on the relevant teams. They forward the letters to their reports, and so on down the chain. many of these “ Dear Tim ” letters are ultimately passed around by rank-and-file employees, according to one current and two former employees. The letters have had a particularly boastfully shock on Apple ‘s health team. After the Apple Watch launched in 2015, the company promoted a variety of features on it, including communications, entertainment, and health and fitness trailing.

But then the missives started pouring in from users, describing how the device alerted them to potentially unplayful aesculapian conditions and even saved lives. After this, Apple began shifting the stress of the watch more toward health features. One early history involved a adolescent named Paul Houle, Jr., who noticed his heart rate was doubling where it should be after football practice, prompting him to seek aesculapian care. It turned out that he had a unplayful health condition, which was already starting to cause damage. Tim Cook personally called Houle and his class after he got wind of the story, ABC News reported. Apple declined to comment at the time. One early employee described the letters as a surprise, as no one expected the heart rate tracker to pick up on irregularities that indicated more dangerous problems. Another former employee said the heart-related letters showed Apple could have a much more positive impact on health than anybody at the company had previously realized. The letters have besides been helpful in maintaining employee morale. One person recalled how the letters were particularly meaningful to engineers, who did n’t have an external-facing role and were n’t regularly suffer with users. Apple is notoriously close, sol many employees ca n’t talk much about their study, even to close friends and family.

The topic of the “ Dear Tim ” letters came improving again at a rare public event for Apple ‘s health team earlier this month. “ It was a new day for Apple when the letters started coming in, ” noted Julz Arny, who works on special projects for fitness at Apple, during a holocene gore discussion at the company ‘s San Francisco Apple Store. “ People were n’t writing love letters ( in the lapp way ) about Calendar, ” Arny explained. “ Everyone internally finds that to be so exciting. ”

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