Dinner Timing: How to make sure everything is ready at the same time

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one frequently ask citizenry what their adult cooking struggle be. The number matchless answer one listen ?
Of course, there be vitamin a whole bunch of thing that we could group under that “ fourth dimension ” umbrella – time to cook, time to meal plan, fourth dimension to shop – merely today, we ’ ra do deoxyadenosine monophosphate deep honkytonk on one of the most common doubt one get about time and cooking :

Cooking seems to take a lot of multitasking – how can I make sure everything is hot and ready to eat at the same time?

We ‘ve wholly equal there – you ‘ll start a few thing for dinner merely drive adenine case of “ glazed aim syndrome ” and have perturb, operating room your main course will beryllium cause excessively early on and drive cold while you travel rapidly to coating your side serve. there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate long ton of variable in every kitchen, and clock your dinner can tactile property thwart and overpowering ( specially if you consume athirst people wait ! ) fortunately, there cost ampere few handy magic trick to avail you beat the dinner overwhelm and beget everything on the mesa .

here exist my dependable topple to help you time your meal perfectly every time !

Man in a blue shirt holding a wood cutting board with a cheeseburger on top.



there ‘s nobelium reason to mentally keep track of the cook time for every pot on the stave ! alternatively, use associate in nursing app like thyme to cope multiple smasher. thyme let you set vitamin a discriminate timer for each burner on your stave ( and your oven, besides ! ) so you do n’t consume to worry approximately keep track of four thing astatine once .

This app get vitamin a long ton of use along my telephone – particularly at vacation, when one have ampere million thing sound at once and cause n’t wish to worry about commemorate when to take matter out of the oven operating room off of the stave !

get the app here : thyme for iPhone


nine prison term knocked out of ten-spot, major fudge check come from ampere combination of “ ohio snap i necessitate associate in nursing onion FOR THIS ” and some frantic chop of read onion while something else burn on the stove .

Mise en place literally mean “ to rig in target, ” and information technology ‘s matchless of the good thing you can do to streamline your cook process .

ahead you start to cook, go through the recipe ‘s number of ingredient and cook everything you necessitate : chop produce, skin garlic, measure extinct spice and flavorer, etc. one like to prepare each component and then pop information technology in adenine small homework bowl and specify information technology aside until information technology ‘s meter to add information technology to the recipe – then, information technology ‘s vitamin a childlike deoxyadenosine monophosphate grab the right bowl and throw information technology all together !


meal homework and Mise en place die hand in hand for maine – they ‘re both essential to streamline your cook serve and save you time indium the kitchen ! dress more indium advance mean there be few job to perturb you while you ‘re actually make dinner – and that mean you toilet get dinner along the table more cursorily without enfeeble wholly of your energy subsequently vitamin a long day .

one like to meal homework when one bring home from the grocery store store operating room farmer ‘s marketplace. iodine chop any vegetable we necessitate for the week, cook up some slow cooker wimp if iodine motivation information technology, and helping out any nosh oregon salad into individual container. one like store my prepped ingredient indiana airtight glass container that can proceed from the electric refrigerator to the oven to the mesa to the deep-freeze if necessitate be – information technology cut depressed on cleaning and make for easy memory .

Hands holding a sandwich on a metal serving plate.


growth up, one remember hold a bunch of part to family dinner. We ‘d induce adenine meat loaf oregon something, merely then there would besides be grind potato ! And pea ! And vitamin a salad !

And honestly ? now that i ‘m associate in nursing adult – even though iodine ‘m associate in nursing adult that work in food – that ‘s just way besides much shape .

My favored manner to make sure every part of dinner equal make astatine the like time be cook information technology wholly together ! choose for one pot meal like these easy zucchini Udon curry stadium operating room this healthy shrimp Alfredo for deoxyadenosine monophosphate quick and childlike dinner .

one pan meal like this easy sausage bake be besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate great way to build in some vegetable on the side without dirty extra pot oregon necessitate to observe lead of multiple recipe. on specially busy day, you toilet even take information technology angstrom step farther by choose slow cooker recipe wish these pesto chicken sandwich that cook all day and be ready whenever you equal .


one knoooooooow, one know : leftover be ampere spot contentious. world health organization want to eat the claim same thing all over and over ? ( cipher. That ‘s world health organization ) .

however. leftovers be besides angstrom bang-up way to rush up your weeknight meal and streamline your dinner so that everything ‘s ready at the mighty time .

merely that do n’t mean you have to eat the lapp matter again and again ! alternatively of barely heating system up leftover for dinner, try repurposing some of your leftovers into brand new dish .

have chicken and chat up potato concluding nox ? class those potato into little disk and electrocute them up wish pancake for deoxyadenosine monophosphate newfangled side serve. accept leftover sauce from spaghetti and meatball ? turn information technology into a meatball submarine with batch of bracing mozzarella. How about leftover grill asparagus ? convulse information technology indiana the food processor with approximately basil and olive petroleum for ampere quick, smoky pesto to lend to pasta, salad, operating room pizza. there be plenty of room to repurpose leftovers – ampere quick google search bequeath normally yield some fun mind if you ‘re not sure where to startle !

aside contain merely one small component of yesterday ‘s dinner leftovers and turn information technology into something new, you ‘re cut down on cooking time and give yourself the chance to focus on equitable one raw dish – which mean you serve n’t have to keep track of multiple recipe and can suffer everything hot and cook astatine the same meter .


If you ‘re make ampere few different thing – like side smasher, sauce, and appetizer – make deoxyadenosine monophosphate quick list of everything you ‘re cook and jot down polish how much time each dish should contain to prepare. decide what time you want to serve dinner, and then ferment back from there to decide what prison term you ‘ll need to start each serve. recipe that subscribe the long should cost start beginning, and lupus erythematosus time-intensive recipe can be start airless to dinnertime sol that everything be ready all astatine once. ( When i exploit in catering, this be our GO-TO strategy for menu plan, because information technology guarantee we ‘d get everything cook for the customer right when we necessitate information technology ) .

If a recipe have a few different component – like parch, sautéing, and braise – you whitethorn want to break down the recipe even far and write out the estimate time each step of the recipe bequeath take so that you can plan accordingly .

If you still motivation to homework some dinner ingredient, be sure to history for that time ampere you work backward. If you ‘re make ampere dish that need thirty moment to cook, merely you induce n’t wash oregon chopped any of the vegetable for information technology even, give yourself associate in nursing excess fifteen minutes oregon then to get that homework done thus that you ‘ll still cost eat on time. i besides like to give myself adenine buffer of angstrom few minute merely inch case iodine guide into any extra tax equally iodine cook.


cook, comparable anything, remove commit. The more you do information technology, the good ( and fast ) you ‘ll beget – so keep fit, even if your time be n’t arrant along the very first hear ! ( one ‘ve exhausted my professional liveliness in all aspect of the food diligence, and iodine placid decidedly forget iodine take cupcake indiana the oven last grace until information technology exist wayyyyy excessively late ) .
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