We shipped New Haven-style apizza to California. Here’s how it went.

For 83 years, sally ’ second Apizza was only available out of its storied Wooster Street location. now, you can enjoy it anywhere in the area. early this class, the celebrated New Haven pizzeria announced it had teamed up with Goldbelly, a mail-order platform that works with restaurants and chefs to ship regional foods throughout the state. “ Whether it ’ sulfur sausage in Santa Fe, fresh tomato in Tallahassee, mootz in Minneapolis, or potato in Portland, all your dreams can come truthful with Sally ’ s countrywide transport, ” Sally ’ mho posted on Jan. 30, announcing the fresh partnership. Sally ‘s offers three-packs of its 12-inch pies for $ 99, which are shipped flash-frozen with ice packs. Three varieties are available : sauce with mozzarella, pepperoni and white potato and rosemary. There ‘s besides a sampler with one of each. heating instructions are included .

But can a flash-frozen version of its celebrated pizza evoke the like nostalgic feelings as a visit to New Haven ? Would there be the same crispness to the crust, freshness to the sauce, charwoman on the bottom ?
Sally's and Zuppardi's Apizza traveled from Connecticut to the Bay Area of California. Bryan Haeffele, Robin Murena / For Hearst Connecticut Media
We decided to experiment, sending a Goldbelly package from Sally ‘s to a colleague based in San Francisco. Chris Preovolos, an associate degree product coach for Hearst Newspapers, lived and worked in southern Connecticut for 13 years. The pizza aficionado moved west seven years ago, and has been back east just once since then — and he ate at Frank Pepe ’ s Fairfield location .
We besides sent a software from Zuppardi ‘s Apizza of West Haven, which sells six-packs of its 10-inch pizza on Goldbelly ( $ 83 to $ 87 ) in varieties like mozzarella, sausage and fresh tomato .
Sally's and Zuppardi's frozen shipped pizza at the San Francisco Chronicle building in San Francisco, Thursday, March 24, 2022. Chris Preovolos
Preovolos reheated some of the pies at his dwelling, using both his conventional oven and his Ooni portable pizza oven, in which he was able to get temperatures to 650 -700 degrees. He besides loaded pies from both pizzerias into the exceed shell on his motorbike, and ride to the office to plowshare with colleagues at the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate build, where he heated them in a conventional oven .
After his smack tests, he shared his experiences with Hearst Connecticut. ( Interview is edited for length and clearness. )

How did the pizzas arrive?

CP: The pies were wholly freeze when I got them. They were packed with those big blocks of frosting, then there was insulation that wrapped all around it. One thing I liked about Sally ’ s [ box ] was that it had tape on their boxes that said “ New Haven, 1938 ” all over it. It came with these cute pizza boxes that said “ Sally ’ south. ”
A shipment from Sally's Apizza via Goldbelly. Chris Preovolos

How did you reheat them?

CP: Zuppardi ’ s [ instructions ] said 425 degrees for 10-12 minutes, but that was not the most ideal site. I tried two different things. I put one in the Ooni oven, and got it pretty hot, and it got very good char on the bottom. But I put them in freeze because I didn ’ t have time to defrost. The middle was not right. I think if you defrosted it, then put it in, I think that would be your best bet — even though they ’ rhenium already cooked .
When I put them in at 425, they came out not ampere done as I would have liked. [ I cooked another Zuppardi ’ s ] proto-indo european for 8 minutes at 550 degrees and they were better. I put them uncoiled on the rack, and the bottom was crisp. I had it high enough that there was some char on it. Everything was properly heated and champagne on the top .
wisecrack ’ second was amply cooked and charred and everything. Zuppardi ’ s were not. sortie ’ randomness pizza is so dilute that you run the risk of it getting a crackery crust [ if reheated besides long. ] But it seemed like there was less sauce, or the sauce had lost some of its fluent, moisture. You have to eat it immediately. It ’ s not like the restaurant where you get a large proto-indo european and sit there for 20 minutes and eat it. You get a stiffly, cracker-like crust.

The crust of a traditional plain tomato pie from Zuppardi's, shipped via Goldbelly. Chris Preovolos

Can you describe the taste of the ingredients?

CP: Sally ’ south sauce itself was very dear. It ’ s a good balance of relish and sweetness. It actually reminded me of being in New Haven…Even though I didn ’ thyroxine think the sauce was adenine good in the ship shape as it is having it fresh, the overall relish of it was excellent .
Zuppardi ’ second had a nice crispness to the bed, a good chewiness to the crust. The sausage was my darling. It was actually good .
The Sally ’ s potato pie was excellent. It was less dry than the red pies — the rosemary flavor was solid, the potatoes got crisp. It was the one that reminded me the most of New Haven because it ’ s sol different. That was my favorite of all of them. The garlic flavor was great. It was overall a big pie and if I were to regulate again, I would get more of those .
Sally's and Zuppardi's frozen, shipped pizza at the San Francisco Chronicle building in San Francisco, Thursday, March 24, 2022. Chris Preovolos

Does it evoke the same experience?

CP: The Sally ’ s pizza had that char on it. I was explaining [ to colleagues ] that I didn ’ t get quite ampere much black char on my fingers from eating it like I would in New Haven, but there was a identical companion feel, kind of a nostalgic thing .
Zuppardi ’ second pies were very round, whereas Sally ’ south were like that kind of any, oblong-ish, round-ish shape, which is one of my favorite things — kind of the randomness of the shape of the pizza .
We [ my colleagues and I ] were [ sharing ] stories about going to the restaurants, and there was consider over whether or not we were cutting the pizza sloppily adequate — if our pieces were besides symmetrical. It was just actually playfulness to reminisce with people. But on the flip english, I ’ ve been talking up New Haven pizza for therefore many years to people in San Francisco, that it ’ s not fair for them to try it for the inaugural prison term as a freeze pizza .
A selection of Zuppardi's shipped pizzas, reheated at the San Francisco Chronicle building in San Francisco, Thursday, March 24, 2022. Chris Preovolos

Is it worth ordering from afar if you’re missing a taste of home? 

CP: If you want a taste of New Haven, if you ’ ve been missing the taste, it ’ s decidedly worth trying, for a birthday party or something like that .
Zuppardi ’ sulfur is a better value ( at six pizza versus three ) but Sally ’ second is more of a full New Haven experience .
It decidedly is a good reminder of home, particularly if you ’ rhenium share with early people from Connecticut. I think that was the most fun about it. It started up all these conversations about southerly Connecticut that I hadn ’ thymine had with these people before.

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