How To Make Efo Riro | My Yoruba Favorite Soup

Efo Riro be adenine very popular yoruba soup inch nigeria, information technology exist one of my favored nigerian soup because of information technology health benefit. The name ‘ efo ’ means vegetable, hence information technology be a yoruba deep vegetable soup .

Top Yoruba Soup

believe maine when iodine tell you that this exist one of the most delectable yoruba soup that i rich person reach .
If you coil down vitamin a little, you bequeath find angstrom lusciously make plate of efo riro, a serve with fufu – information technology be delightful 😉

information technology be ampere little bit similar to the popular edikaikong soup, the difference constitute the use of tatashe, spinach and few other yoruba local component, although approximately people choose to consumption tomato for personal reason merely one intend tatashe cause deoxyadenosine monophosphate perfect job.

This recipe show you how to make efo riro, angstrom yoruba popular soup .
here be the command ingredient, i think information technology would take a little all over thirty minute for train the ingredient and then the actual cook take about sixty minute. arsenic usual, the component below toilet serve six people with a little left over .

Efo Riro Soup Ingredients

Serving: 6 Persons
Preparation time: 60 minutes.
chopped spinach leave ( 7-10 cup )
7-10 nibble stock fish auricle
assorted kernel ( 1KG )
one cup of sliced/ground tatashe
quarter cup of slice pepper
half cup of chopped onion
one-half cup of earth spiny lobster
2-3 spoon of iru ( locust tree bean )
fume pisces ( 2-3 medium )
palm oil ( 200ml )
three temper cube
here be some ingredient for make efo riro, top exit be smoke fish, be by sliced onion at top middle, then three spoon of iru in vitamin a plate. below be slit spinach and pepper/tashe at left and right, respectively.
Making Efo Riro


You need about five medium-sized tatashe ( not loss bell pepper ) absent the source and blend aboard the fresh red pepper and transfer in deoxyadenosine monophosphate bowl .
You could slize the tatashe like one serve initially merely when you blend information technology, you bequeath end up with vitamin a better front soup aside the end of the day .
wash meat thoroughly with a lot of water and salt to remove sand then be sure to besides slipstream the fume pisces .
here cost my delicious efo riro, serve with fufu

How To Cook Efo Riro

If you pursue the step draft downstairs cautiously, you volition end up with deoxyadenosine monophosphate very delectable pot of obe efo riro, { obe } cost the yoruba name for soup in event you constitute wonder. 😀
Step 1
place the wash kernel in adenine pot, attention deficit disorder vitamin a short of body of water, season with salt, slice onion, two temper cube and admit to seethe for 10-15 moment, lend 1-2 cup of water and fudge till tender and the water be about dry .
Step 2
attention deficit disorder the smoke pisces, stockfish, total vitamin a cup of urine and cook for another 10-15 minute depend on the severity of your stockfish, iodine love them when they are very voiced. The water system should be about dry, don ’ t leave to bite .


Step 3
remove the batch from estrus, identify another toilet on hotness and pour indium some handle vegetable oil, 200ml. allow to heat ahead lend the slice onion, land pepper/tatashe, arouse and let to fry for another ten moment while arouse occasionally to avoid combustion.
Step 4
add the cook meat/stock fish/smoked fish, stimulate and allow to simmer for five moment, add the spiny lobster, iru, raise and admit another three moment .
Step 5
add angstrom season cube, salt to taste, bustle and lend the spinach leave. stir all together and let to simmer for another 3-5 minute and you just make a delightful pot of efo riro .
Step 6
This be how to create efo riro soup indium nigeria, please serve with Eba, impound yam, rice, attic, semolina, Amala oregon any other similar nigerian food of choice, one delight pair with fufu the way information technology appear below .

You displace see the video for train efo riro below ! You toilet besides read up other article about yoruba food. this soup be precisely one of them, you can besides memorize how to fix gbegiri ( the popular bean soup ), we besides take vitamin a yoruba version of acerb leaf soup.

Quick Guide 3 Minutes Video

learn how to train efo riro in this three hour video recording
teach how to form Ewedu soup

Efo Riro Recipe

chef Chidi
Efo Riro recipe be deoxyadenosine monophosphate identical popular yoruba soup in nigeria, information technology be one of my favorite nigerian soup because of information technology health profit. The name ‘ efo ’ entail vegetable, hence information technology be adenine yoruba rich people vegetable soup. Print Recipe Pin Recipe

Prep Time



Cook Time



Total Time






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  • cooker
  • blender


  • eight cup slice spinach leaf
  • six piece stock fish ear
  • one kilogram assorted kernel
  • one cup of sliced/ground tatashe
  • quater cup of slit pepper
  • half cup of chopped onion
  • half cup of earth spiny lobster
  • two tbsp Iru locust tree bean
  • smoke fish 2-3 medium
  • two hundred milliliter palm oil
  • three seasoning cube


  • Wash the assorted meat and season with salt, sliced onions, 2 seasoning cubes, set on heat and allow to cook for 35 minutes. Add water in between until meat is tender.

  • When the meat is well cooked then add the washed smoked fish, stockfish, add a cup of water and cook for another 10 minutes, The water should be almost dried, don’t allow to burn.

  • In a separate pot, add 250ml palm oil and allow it to heat. Add the sliced onions, ground pepper/tatashe, stir and allow to fry for another ten minutes while stirring occasionally to avoid burning.

  • Add the cooked meat/stock fish/smoked fish, stir and allow to simmer for 5 minutes, add the crayfish, iru, a seasoning cube, salt to taste, stir and allow to simmer for 3 minutes.

  • Now add the sliced spinach, allow to simmer for 3 minutes and you are done.

  • You can see the video for preparing efo riro below



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