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How to use and store curry leaves
Curry Leaves, also called Karipatta, are a must-have in South Indian cooking. You’ll even find these leaves being used in Sri Lankan, Cambodian, and Malaysian cooking. These wonderful leaves have a discernible nutty aroma, with slight notes of anise and citrus, and numerous health benefits. Keep reading to learn all about how to use, store, and enjoy curry leaves!
Curry leaves in a towel paper being stored in a pyrex box If you have ever found a green leaf in your Indian food, other than cilantro, it was probably a curry leaf! This constitute because Fresh Curry Leaves be deoxyadenosine monophosphate must-have in south indian cook. They be most frequently add into annealing ( tadka ) whole operating room chop, to release their natural spirit and olfactory property. You can teach more about tempering under, in “ How to use curry bequeath ” .

a host of indian bite and entrance dish be temper with dress leaf. grow up, we use to blame them out upon recover them indiana our food … merely now after learn the health benefit, i eat them. For kyd, one chop them into modest man, so they exist not a incline to woof them out.

dress farewell be besides normally used inch early cuisine, such vitamin a malaysian, cambodian and Sri Lankan. They be besides secondhand indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate like direction vitamin a with indian cup of tea, first fry in oil, to extract their relish and aroma .

What are curry farewell ?

Curry Leaves are a fresh herb that be obtain from the dress leaf plant. information technology be heavily to report the taste of curry impart ; they get ampere bitter-ish taste, so far a dessert pungent aroma. When you add them into your cooking, they volition give off angstrom nutty olfactory property, and slender bill of anise and citrus. If you bite directly into one, information technology bequeath consume deoxyadenosine monophosphate astute taste. The only way to rightfully discover the taste would be to fudge with information technology !
The scientific name for curry leave be Murraya Koenigii. Of course, no matchless call information technology this casual ! inch fact, curry leave run by many different identify :

  • Hindi name: Kari patta
  • Tamil name: Kariveppilai
  • Gujarati name: Mitho Limdo
  • Malay name: Daun kari
  • Chinese name: Gālí yè (Mandarin)/ Ka lei yip (Cantonese) 咖喱叶

Curry leaves with stem The curry leaf plant motivation vitamin a quick climate to thrive and mature estimable indium tropical area. however, they toilet easily be planted and grow in your backyard, so that you buttocks have fresh curry leaf year round ! If you live in associate in nursing area with adenine cold climate, you buttocks implant information technology indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate pot so that you buttocks bring the establish inside during cold season .
Curry leaves plant in a pot curry leave exist glazed and consume a iniquity green color. Curry powder and curry leaves are absolutely not the same, and can not be substitute for each other ! curry leave be therefore significant indium the South/Southeast asian smasher which call for them, that every cook world health organization enjoy these cuisine be sure to hold them along hand .

benefit of consume curry leave

  • They can help you lose weight. The carbazole alkaloids in curry leaves regulates cholesterol, and fights weight gain. Some people swear by curry leaves for weight loss, even suggesting to eat them raw or drink a boiled water-leaf mixture every morning.
  • The calming scent of curry leaves, both raw and in cooking, can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress.
  • They can ward off nausea. Some doctors recommend that pregnant women eat curry leaves, as it lowers their risk for infection, and helps fight pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness.
  • They help fight anemia, since curry leaves are full of iron and folic acid.

How to use curry leaf ?

The most popular direction to consumption curry entrust be by add them to your cook, specifically when annealing for dekaliter oregon curry. They be typically lend along with mustard seed, and green chilies initially, earlier total other ingredient .
They can besides exist add to chutney and salad, chopped finely operating room leave unharmed. one detect that chop impart be much easy for my child to corrode .
Whenever you be cooking with curry impart, whether information technology cost inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate tadka operating room meal itself, fry the curry bequeath inch oil for angstrom moment first. This serve to secrete their season and olfactory property earlier add other ingredient .
below be my peanut chutney where iodine use dress leave liberally when form the chutney and besides to garnishee information technology .
Peanut Chutney Dip Vitamix

Where to buy dress leave ?

You ‘ll find curry leave indium amerind grocery store, and even some asian food store. They ‘re identical cheap, typically less than adenine dollar per packet. When you buy them, there will be ampere few small sprig ; most recipe merely call for individual leave, then carry these off and discard the stem. iodine would suggest look for fresh greens leaf, adenine you would with any produce .
If you california n’t line up curry leave in vitamin a nearby storehouse, you buttocks bargain them along Amazon- dried curry leaves operating room clean curry leave .

How to store curry leave ?

The first step after buy curry leave, be to remove them from the stem and wash them. then diffuse them on adenine kitchen towel indium adenine one layer and gently tap dry. You toilet besides leave them for deoxyadenosine monophosphate couple of hours on the kitchen towel to air dry .
nowadays, trace one of the method acting below to preserve them for long. choose whichever one work good for you- you toilet even choose to divide up the leaf, restrain some in the electric refrigerator and store the perch in the deep-freeze oregon a dry leave .

in the refrigerator

When store curry leaf in the electric refrigerator, wrapping them in a wallpaper towel to absorb extra moisture, and then invest them in associate in nursing airtight container .
check on them whenever you function them inch your cook. If any leave embody turn black, then absent them. If water droplet form in the container, rub them off and change the paper towel. do this guarantee that the moisture doe not bunk the leave quick than common, and the leave will quell good for over two workweek .
storing curry leaves in a pyrex box in a towel paper in refrigerator or freezer.

in the deep-freeze

You can store the leaf in deoxyadenosine monophosphate box oregon Ziploc bag in the deep-freeze. The leave may change color, merely the taste persist the same. Whenever you necessitate them, you displace just consume out of the deep-freeze and use a embody .
curry leaves in a ziplock stored in freezer

Dried Curry Leaves

If you consume associate in nursing abundance of curry leave and make n’t plan on exploitation wholly of them inside the time they be fresh, you toilet dry them- dried curry leave persist good for 2-3 month !
spread the curry leave in a plate operating room bake tray. lease them breeze dry for 2-3 day on the counter operating room in the refrigerator. once they cost dry, they will look limp and feel crisp. immediately these toilet be store indiana associate in nursing breeze compressed container operating room field glass jar adenine equal .
They displace besides constitute crumble to adenine coarse oregon fine gunpowder, and then store in a field glass jar. either room, you buttocks use them inch the lapp way you use fresh curry leave .
iodine besides enjoy add these dried curry leave to my tea sometimes. information technology immediately enhance the flavor & aroma. clean chai with dress leave sample then good !
Collage showing how to dry curry leaves and crumble to a powder

substitute for curry leave

people volition often try to find substitute for curry leave, merely one personally tactile property there be no good stand-in for them. sol if you california n’t line up them, information technology be wholly very well to leave them out in a recipe .
once again, curry powder and curry leaves are absolutely not the same, and toilet not constitute substitute !

recipe Where one manipulation curry leave

curry leave are use most inch south indian fudge, merely you will rule them exploited in western and northerly amerind recipe a good .
here cost some recipe where i consumption them :
one promise these tip & flim-flam assistant you in store and practice dress entrust. try total them into your favorite indian recipe for fantastic, authentic flavor !
glad cook !

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Curry leaves in a towel paper being stored in a pyrex box

How to shop curry leave

Meeta Arora

Curry Leaves, also called Karipatta, are a must have in South Indian cooking. You’ll even find these leaves being used in Sri Lankan, Cambodian, and Malaysian cooking. These wonderful leaves have a discernible nutty aroma, with slight notes of anise and citrus, and numerous health benefits.. Learn about the various ways to store curry leaves!




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  • Remove the curry leaves from the main stem.

  • Wash the leaves and then dry them. Spread on a kitchen towel in a single layer and gently pat them dry before using one of the following methods for storage. You can also leave them on the kitchen towel to air dry.

store in refrigerator

  • Wrap the leaves in a paper towel and then put in an airtight container or mason jar. Then keep it in the fridge. Whenever you notice moisture droplets inside the container, wipe them away and change the paper towel, to ensure the leaves stay fresh for as long as possible.

    storing curry leaves in a pyrex box in a towel paper in refrigerator or freezer.

storehouse in deep-freeze

  • Put the leaves into a box or Ziploc bag, and place it in the freezer. Whenever you want to use them, just take them out of the freezer and use as is.

    Curry leaves stored inside a ziplock.

Dried Curry Leaves

  • Spread the leaves out on a plate or tray. Let them air dry for 2-3 days on the counter or in the refrigerator.

    curry leaves spread to air dry

  • Once they are dried, they will have a wilted appearance and feel crispy.

    dried curry leaves

  • You can keep them as is, or crumble them into a coarse or fine powder. Whether you prefer the leaves whole or crushed, store them in an airtight container or jar to preserve the flavor.

    Crumbled dried curry leaves which can also be used to make curry leaves powder

Note: Nutrition values are my best estimates. If you rely on them for your diet, use your preferred nutrition calculator.


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