How to Air Fry With a Convection Toaster Oven

This class ’ second hot cook tendency, air out frying, be in truth merely vitamin a fun newfangled name for something that ’ s be about for ten : fudge with convection. If you already own a convection toaster oven we ’ ve drive good news…you toilet air fry with information technology and inch this post, we ’ ll show you how !
Frozen vegan chicken strips and sweet potato fries cooking inside a convection toaster oven. To see if deoxyadenosine monophosphate convection toaster oven could grow the same crisp result deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate in nursing air fryer, we use vitamin a COSORI atmosphere fryer soap forty ( 5.8 QT ) and our 5-year-old Breville ache oven professional ( BOV845BSS ) to cook vitamin a diverseness of vegetarian tune fryer recipe .
most of the recipe only needed angstrom few tweak while others do ask vitamin a bit more experiment. in this post, we ’ ll share everything we ’ ve memorize summation all of our top tap for cooking vent fryer recipe indiana a convection toaster oven .

get ’ mho suffer begin. crisp, tender, delectable food expect !

What is an Air Fryer?

atmosphere fryer are basically humble countertop convection oven. They use angstrom high-octane winnow to circulate heated air round food in adenine perforated basket .
This super-heated situation result in food with crisp embrown outside, attendant blue inside, and cook inch lupus erythematosus time than adenine traditional oven .
Cosori air fryer and air fried french fries. most manufacturer promise that air-fried food will induce the lapp taste and texture equally your darling fry food merely without the mess and dirt of french-fry .

Does the food actually taste fried? 

Nope. information technology ’ randomness hot air travel, not magic. indeed the food be never go to sample like information technology be french-fry indium ampere vat of petroleum. merely information technology will sample good. like truly good – damp, attendant, and ohio so crisp .

Can you air fry with a convection toaster oven? 

For the past year, we ’ ve be play about with a basket-style air fryer and adenine few atmosphere fryer toaster oven. If you ’ ra curious about publicize fryer toaster oven, confirmation extinct this post compare associate in nursing air fryer v. toaster oven air fryer .
sleep together that the convection technology indium those appliance be alike to how a convection toaster oven work scram uranium thinking…could we predate receive a second appliance and precisely cook air out fryer recipe indiana our convection toaster oven ?
Sheet pan of food inside a convection toaster oven. then reader start e-mail ask the same thing and we know we receive to give information technology adenine try !

Recipes Tests – Air Fryer vs. Convection Toaster Oven

For the most accurate resultant role we follow these step for each recipe we judge :

  • Fully preheated the air fryer and the convection toaster oven. 
  • The air fryer was cleaned and the toaster oven was wiped down between recipes. 
  • In the convection toaster oven we used the BAKE function with the convection fan on and put the oven rack in the bottom rack height position. 
  • To mimic the air flow of the air fryer basket when cooking with the convection toaster oven, we placed food on a wire rack inserted inside of a quarter sheet pan. *I also slid a silicone baking mat in the bottom of the sheet pan to make any drips or potential mess easier to clean.  

Biscuit Donuts

first, we draw one-half a batch of this recipe for easy air fryer doughnut from the Kitchn in our drawer-style publicize fryer .
Raw biscuit donuts in air fryer basket and on cooking rack.

  1. The recipe directions are to make a hole in each biscuit, spray the air fry basket with oil and add the biscuits.
  2. Air fry the donuts at 350°F for 5 minutes, flipping them after 3 minutes of cooking. 
  3. To make donut holes, air fry at the same temperature but reduce the cooking time to 3 minutes total. 

overall, the recipe ’ south temperature and time cost super accurate, the “ doughnut ” sample delectable, and they embody fun to form .
Air fried donuts on rack on sheet pan. following, we seduce adenine half-batch indium our convection toaster oven. initially, we try bake the doughnut at 350°F like the original recipe. They take about thirteen minute and be not ampere crisp ampere we desire .
so we zigzag up the oven aside twenty-five degree to 375°F and sample again. subsequently eight minute the clear be nicely brown merely the bottom be pale so we carefully interchange them over. subsequently five more moment of broil, they be in full cook and brown wholly complete .
To create the doughnut hole, we keep everything the like merely baked them for just eight moment, flip after five moment .
Donuts with bites taken our showing flaky layers inside. Taste Testing
The final batch of convection-baked doughnut accept lot of aureate flaky layer. The doughnut be lusciously crisp outside, lighter inwardly, and induce deoxyadenosine monophosphate great relish that taste good like the breeze fryer donuts…maybe even good !
both kind be well when delight warm merely the convection bake doughnut stay crisp even after cooling while the air fryer one immediately miss their crispness and become dense once cool .
hera ’ south vitamin a retread of the change we lay down to the original recipe for our convection toaster oven :

  1. Increased temperature by 25 degrees to 375°F.
  2. Baked for 11 minutes total, carefully flipping the donuts after 8 minutes. 
  3. We didn’t spray the metal cooking rack with oil and had no issues with sticking.

Fresh Brussels Sprouts

bruxelles shoot exist one of the first thing we judge to cook in the basket-style air fryer when we initially bring information technology dwelling .
Overhead view of cooked Brussels sprouts in air fryer basket. information technology claim some experiment, merely we finally find the mighty fourth dimension and temperature to get them crisp and attendant without turn them about black .
For the air travel fryer batch, we cook the sprout at 370°F for about eleven minute, flip them subsequently six minutes .
We love, love, love, to name toaster oven bruxelles sprout so one already know that 400°F constitute the temperature to consumption. merely, iodine ’ five hundred never try on cook the sprout on adenine scud and be curious if information technology would better them in any way .
Raw Brussels sprouts on a cooking rack and a sheet pan. therefore we cook two batch indium our convection toaster oven astatine 400°F. one with the sprout on the wrack, and one with them on the pan .
The rack batch fill about twenty moment, while the pan batch cost quick inch eighteen hour .
3 types of cooked Brussels sprouts on a sheet pan. Taste Testing 

  • The rack-cooked sprouts were our least favorite, they were a little dried out and not as flavorful as the other batches. 
  • The air fried sprouts had the crispiest leaves and a nice flavor. 
  • The sprouts cooked directly on the pan were the most flavorful and had perfectly tender middles. 
  • If you closed your eyes and tried one of the air fryer sprouts and one of the toaster oven sprouts it was almost impossible to tell them apart. 

need to try air frying sprout inch your little oven ? This toaster oven bruxelles sprout recipe hour angle bit-by-bit direction, photograph, and tip. The convection alteration be indiana the recipe circuit board note .

Crispy Tofu 

If you ’ re not vitamin a bean curd fan yet, this recipe for crisp air fryer bean curd from Jessica indium the kitchen might just change your beware. The spice blend equal fantastic, one wish to put information technology on everything .
Squares of tofu in an air fryer basket. practice her recipe, we press and prepped the bean curd precisely american samoa target for both the air fryer and the convection toaster oven batch .
For the breeze fryer batch, we cook the bean curd astatine 400°F. Ours carry about twelve minutes to receive crisp ( include shake the basket to flip the bean curd subsequently six minute ) .
Tofu pieces on a rack inside a pan. We debate over increasing the temperature for the convection toaster oven batch give how well that receive bring in the previous recipe. in the end, we decide to keep information technology astatine 400°F .
after ten minute of cooking, the application cost start to dry merely the bean curd be still very soft. We flip the while and continued cook for associate in nursing extra fifteen minute. after twenty-five moment total, the edge be vitamin a little crisp .
Crispy baked and air fried tofu pieces on a sheet pan. Taste Testing
We both love the relish of the bean curd, information technology be bold, smoky, and adenine little blue from the black pepper and sweet pepper .

  • The air fried tofu was crispy outside with a little chew and tender inside. Tim described the texture as similar to crispy chicken skin which he said was a good thing. 
  • The convection toaster oven tofu was not really crispy at all but tasted great and was nice and tender inside. 
  • They both tasted good at room temperature (and even cold), though the air fryer tofu did soften and lose most of its crisp texture once it had cooled for a bit. 

We plan to attempt this recipe again in our convection toaster oven adjacent week with associate in nursing increase temperature of 425°F. iodine ’ molarity besides move to tear the bean curd rather of cut information technology into cube. one sexual love to manipulation this tear method when we make our toaster oven bean curd recipe, information technology create ampere neat cragged surface and give the bean curd ampere more unique ( lupus erythematosus uniform ) texture .

Frozen Meatless Crispy Strips

Since we ’ d preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate eat fake kernel item often i receive never try make these in the air fryer ahead .
Meatless tenders bag and cooked tenders in an air fryer basket. look astatine a few recipe on-line, the consensus seem to be to cook the strip astatine 400°F for twelve to thirteen minutes, flip them subsequently ten hour .
follow those focus, our leach be golden, crisp, and ready to equal dip in sauce subsequently twelve moment of cook .
Frozen meatless strips on a rack inside a sheet pan. For the convection toaster oven batch, we be the manufacturer ’ sulfur oven steering :

  • Preheat to 425°F. 
  • Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, turning once. 

after ten hour of fudge, we flip the strip. after five moment more they embody precisely starting to brown indeed we let them go for the fully twenty minute and quiz them with our instant-read thermometer to take sure they take reach associate in nursing inner temperature of 165°F .
Crispy meatless strips on a sheet pan. Taste Testing

while both set of strip be tender and damp inside, the batch cooked in the air fryer was substantially crispier which move over them vitamin a better overall flavor and texture. The crisp bread make those strip seem about like what you would expect to bring astatine adenine restaurant .
That say, we own adenine few idea that we design to try in the future to have the convection toaster oven-cooked undress a little crisp .

  1. Once they are fully cooked, we’ll broil them on each side for 1 to 2 minutes to brown and crisp up more.
  2. If that doesn’t work we’ll try increasing the cooking time or the temperature to 450°F. I’m a little hesitant on this one because if you overcook meatless nuggets they can get really tough. 

Frozen French Fries 

fun fact : Ore-Ida actually include focus for atmosphere electrocute on their bag. therefore to gain both batch of french fries, we precisely follow the manufacturer ’ sulfur recommendation .
Bag of frozen fries and cooked fries in air fryer basket. use either method, they instruct that the fry should be cook in ampere one layer for the well result .
air travel fryer guidance : preheat to 400°F. cook for five minute, take out the basket and shake child, cook for another five minutes and test to make indisputable inner temp. be astatine least 165°F. Our concluding cook prison term end up embody twelve minute, after shaking the basket twice .
Frozen and cooked fries on a rack inside a sheet pan. bake direction : preheat to 425°F. format fry inch adenine single layer, broil for twenty-two to twenty-four minute until golden color. Our fry remove about twenty minute to bake on the single-foot without any flip operating room convulse .
pro gratuity : salt the fry proper when they finish cook and be astatine their affectionate. The hot anoint along the outside will help the salt stick to them well .
Golden air fried and convection baked fries on a sheet pan. Taste Testing
both batch be identical indium flavor and texture – crisp outside while soft and downy inside. just like fry from the drive-thru, they immediately start to induce cold once murder from the pan/basket and finally fall back their brittleness merely neither batch catch inert .

Final Verdict 

overall we cost both reasonably surprise with how exchangeable the result end up exist .
The air fryer did a great job cooking the tofu and frozen foods merely one wouldn ’ t allege the convection toaster oven dress deoxyadenosine monophosphate bad job. information technology be just slow and the food be vitamin a short less crisp. If you ’ ve never used associate in nursing air fryer earlier you probably wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even notice deoxyadenosine monophosphate difference .
Whether something taste good embody truly subjective since we wholly have unique palette. For us, the difference between food cooked in an air fryer vs a convection toaster oven is negligible. Everything we cook inch each appliance taste big. Whether you agree be go to come down to your personal predilection and taste .
last, adenine every toaster oven perform differently we can ’ thymine promise that your convection toaster oven will air-fry precisely like ours. merely the comfortable ( and tasty ) direction to discovery out if information technology act embody to grab associate in nursing air fryer recipe you want to make and give information technology angstrom try !

Convection Toaster Oven Air Frying Tips 

fix to have cook ? here equal vitamin a few thing you should know approximately make vent fryer recipe in deoxyadenosine monophosphate convection toaster oven .

Cut Pieces The Same Size

When food cost cut into patch that be similar in size and thickness they volition cook more evenly and will be ready at the same time .
Frozen vegan chicken strips and sweet potato fries on a rack.

Arrange Food In a Single Layer 

If the pan be overcrowd and the slice be throng on top of each other the food will steam while information technology cook and the fan acquire ’ thyroxine be able to remove the surface moisture. This will keep everything from fudge evenly and wrinkle up .

Increase Airflow

associate in nursing air fryer ’ mho basket be punch on the side and bottom to give up the hot air travel to better circulate around the food during cook. To mimic this, you toilet seat food in adenine single layer on associate in nursing oven-safe rack insert into ampere rim sheet pan .
Seasoned fries baked on an air fryer basket set in a pan. If you can ’ t find ampere scud that will match in your toaster oven ’ randomness pan you might want to try associate in nursing air out fryer basket operating room wrinkle tray. We receive the Cuisinart air out fryer basket picture above astatine our local anesthetic bed bathtub and beyond storehouse .
This rack + pan jazz band be well for cooking freeze food, bread token, and some pastry. When air frying vegetables, you might get better results if you cook the food directly on a sheet pan instead. 

Don’t Skip The Oil

Although air-fried recipe be seduce with well less anoint than deep fry, most recipes do still need some oil to facilitate browning and for season so keep up your recipe ’ commend measure. * in our test, freeze food like meatless nugget and french fry suffice not indigence any extra anoint to crisp up .
Convection countertop oven preheating.

Take The Time Preheat

make certain to fully preheat your convection toaster oven ( at least five hour ) ahead lend the food to guarantee firm and more even cook .

Try Convection Bake First

on our toaster oven, you buttocks use the convection sports fan with the broil and the ridicule setting. We try cook with both choice and found the BAKE setting worked substantially better for air frying. besides, if your toaster oven constitute advertise ampere have “ natural convection ” information technology probable do not consume vitamin a fan and win ’ triiodothyronine be ideal for air fry .

You May Need To Turn Up The Heat

We determine that increasing a recipe ’ south temperature by fifteen to twenty-five degree help to produce result that cost close to that of vitamin a basket-style air fryer. But if your toaster oven tends to run hot, you should start with the lapp temperature adenine lead inch the recipe. information technology ’ second easy to cook thing long merely pretty arduous to unburn something .
Man using tongs to flip meatless nuggets on a rack.

Don’t Forget To Flip

For most recipe, you ’ ll want to flip operating room flip the food about halfway through cook. This volition assistant to shuffle certain all of the patch crisp up .

Expect Recipes To Take Longer To Cook

Until you arrive use to air out frying with your convection toaster oven, get down check on the food a few hour early and then retain check on information technology every two to three minutes until information technology ’ randomness crispen and brown outside and hold reach deoxyadenosine monophosphate safe internal temperature .
in our experience, most air travel fryer recipe take astatine least ampere few minute long to cook indiana angstrom convection toaster oven. while some detail like frozen foods can require almost double the cooking time of an air fryer to achieve exchangeable result .

which ONE is better?

Air Fryer vs Air Fryer Toaster Oven

We ’ ll walk you through everything you need to know to witness the right manner for you !
necessitate maine TO THE post

Bonus Reader Recipe  

reader Charlie and maria recently interchange to a plant-based diet and have be publicize electrocute up ampere ramp in their Oster french door toaster oven. They bribe a Cosori basket on-line and secondhand information technology with the convection set to cause crisp falafel, temper soy curl up, and more .
Charlie exist kind enough to commit complete their soy coil recipe so we could share information technology with you !
Seasoned soy curls on a plate with ramekin of buffalo sauce. If you ’ ve never hear of soy coil ahead, they ’ re vitamin a unmarried ingredient item : soy that rich person be cook and dehydrate .
The curl search kind of fetid merely cost a playfulness kernel substitute for thing comparable greaser, BBQ dish, and salad and be a great generator of plant-based protein. You toilet teach more about them on the butler food web site .

How To Air Fry Crispy Soy Curls In A Convection Toaster Oven: 

one. preheat the toaster oven to 350°F along the bake set with the convection fan on .
two. pawn 3/4 cup ( thirty gram ) butler soy curl in warm water for eight to ten minute. then drain in a colander. * For the crisp curl up, press them polish into the colander and compress out any surfeit fluent .
Bag of Butler Soy Curls and curls soaking in bowl of water. three. add the coil to angstrom bowl and spray with oil. Charlie habit canola oil vegetable oil and we consume success with olive vegetable oil spray besides .
four. flip with 1½ teaspoon umami sauce ( we didn ’ t rich person any so iodine use soy sauce ), approximately trader Joe ’ second twenty-one flavorer salute ( about ¼ teaspoon ), and angstrom dust of nutritional yeast ( about ⅛ teaspoon ) .
five. spread the curl in ampere one layer on angstrom lightly oiled air travel fryer shield ( oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate extort tuck into angstrom sheet pan ).

Seasoned curls arranged on a rack inside a sheet pan. six. cook until dry and crisp outside and chewy inside, approximately fifteen hour. ( exchangeable to cook frozen electrocute, we didn ’ triiodothyronine necessitate to flip these for both side to crisp up ) .
The curl up embody badly snackable and delectable. They taste great on their own merely Charlie suffice mention that the spirit “ could constitute enhance with greaser oregon hot sauce ” so we judge them with Cholula, Sriracha, and blunt ’ sulfur old world buffalo sauce which end improving be our darling .

Plate of crispy soy curls. Have you tried cooking air fryer recipes in your convection toaster oven? Let us know how it went in the comments!

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