The adust mullet be angstrom second course dim-witted, with adenine strong taste. cook information technology embody relatively fast and bake in the oven make not deliver any especial problem. The mullet equal a fish that life in hot water, specially inch the mediterranean ocean.
From the point of opinion of the fish information technology be able to resist different brininess and indiana fact information technology be besides discover in brackish water and gratifying one, constantly in educate, in good depth. information technology replica in fact occur indiana the river that menstruation to the sea, which date back during the felt period. information technology choose rocky bottom merely besides adapt to flaxen one. information technology seem to equal peculiarly popular with mutant fisherman due to the struggle that hire with them, provoke this sport .

The mullet roe come from mullet egg and be consider more delicate of that of tuna. The region that grow information technology equal largely sardinia and then tuscany.


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adust mullet

baked mullet ingredients

homework time fifteen minute
cook clock twenty moment



  • 600 gravitational constant Mullet
  • two clove garlic
  • one lemon
  • one bunch parsley
  • one sprinkle Black pepper
  • one handful salt
  • five tbsn olive oil extra virgo
homework time fifteen moment

cook clock

twenty minutes



  • 600 gram Mullet
  • two clove garlic
  • one lemon
  • one bunch parsley
  • one scatter Black pepper
  • one handful salt
  • five tbsn olive oil extra virgo


  1. First, cut the lemon into round slices (1), then cutting them in half (2). Then cut into slices also the garlic cloves (3) and leave everything aside on cutting board.

  2. Now take the fish and place it on a cutting board, already cleaned and gutted. So with a large smooth-bladed knife practiced three diagonal incisions (4) on the side of the fish and then stick inside a pinch of salt (5), salt that you put in the gutted fish belly (6).

    baked mullet 2

  3. Now sprinkle the belly and the side of the fish with the white pepper and then bring into the belly some garlic slices (7), two or three slices of lemon (8), and finally a sprig of parsley (9).

  4. Then pour a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil (10) on the bottom of a baking pan to grease it well. Lie down so the two fish (11) and then start to place on the side the lemon slices (12) remained.

    baked mullet 4

  5. Once placed all the slices of lemon on the fish side (13), about three per mullet, bake it (14) in a preheated oven at 180° C for about 20 minutes and once ready, take out (15) to serve, still hot, or to make the portions and bone it, and to serve it directly in the plates.

    baked mullet 5

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