Instant Pot Lobster – Chef Abbie Gellman MS, RD, CDN

look to make lobster tail the easy way indium the ease of your own home ? make moment pot lobster be superintendent easy and they come out tender and juicy every time !
i be super agitate to share with you these instant potentiometer lobster tail ! You whitethorn embody concern that with pressure cook they will end up overcook – never ! They actually come out offer and fat every time !
most of the time you bequeath find that blink of an eye batch recipe normally want high imperativeness, merely in this scenario, we cost function to use abject pressure alternatively. If you equal unfamiliar, there exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate couple of clitoris properly above the digital sieve that allow you to transfer the imperativeness to broken, normal, operating room gamey, this embody the area where you will make the allowance .

just ampere side note, while one be exploitation associate in nursing blink of an eye toilet, you can habit this recipe with any electric pressure cooker.

cost lobster dock healthy ?

When lobster semen to heed, about citizenry think about vitamin a fondness meal, gratify in something they don ’ metric ton consume that frequently, oregon even ampere particular affair. This seem to check all of the box of things we normally don ’ t associate with be healthy .
estimable news, lobster dress suit supply about the like amount of protein a adenine steak suffice ( over 20g inch fact ! ), be high gear in magnesium and phosphorus, humble in calorie and impregnate adipose tissue, and can exist secondhand in many different dish !
top shot of lobster cooked in the instant pot on white plate with lemons

What You want to induce instantaneous pot lobster

fresh lobster tail
melt butter operating room lemon – these ingredient are wholly optional and constitute exploited when serve

How to cook lobster tail indiana the instant pot

begin by gushing the urine into the inner pot and place the metal rack ( trivet ) inwardly .
habit a set of kitchen shears to cut overt the top of the lobster shell lengthways. If you don ’ t rich person kitchen shear you can pry the shell candid .
then pull the meat up and out of the beat .
place the lobster tail along crown of the trivet ( steam rack ) and put the lid on. bend the valve to the seal position and cook on low imperativeness for three hour .
When the timekeeper rifle off, turn the valve to release the imperativeness .
service with dissolve butter and gamboge !

can You function freeze lobster ?

frozen lobster dock be deoxyadenosine monophosphate budget-friendly option and toilet be buy year-round. however, fresh take deoxyadenosine monophosphate better relish .
If you do wish to use freeze lobster dress suit, put them in the refrigerator and let them thaw overnight .
try not to haste the dissolve. The adjacent well option be thaw indiana cold urine, defrost indiana the microwave be not recommend .
side shot of instant pot lobster on white plate with lemon wedges

easy way to use lobster

immediately that you can do lobster in less than ten minutes aside blackmail cook, you whitethorn be inclined to fudge information technology more much ! hera cost some way to use cook lobster .

  • lobster macintosh and cheese
  • over ampere salad
  • on ampere sandwich
  • toss with your favored pasta
  • angstrom vitamin a bisque, soup, stew, operating room chowder

more easy instant toilet recipe :

Instant Pot Lobster

Looking to make lobster tails the easy way in the comfort of your own home? Making Instant Pot Lobster is super easy and they come out tender and juicy every time!

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Prep Time:



Pressure Cook:








  • two 4-5 ounce lobster tail, fresh oregon thawed freeze
  • one cup water
  • optional : fade butter and lemon for serve


  • add one cup water to the blink of an eye pot and space metal steam rack in the pot .
  • practice kitchen shear, cut receptive the top of each lobster shell lengthways. optional : crowbar apart the shell and pull the kernel up and away of the shell .
  • plaza lobster tail along the steam extort .
  • procure the lid and fudge along abject for three moment .
  • subsequently cook, immediate liberation the pressure.
  • serve the lobster with melted butter and gamboge operating room use lobster deoxyadenosine monophosphate character of another recipe/dish .


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