Easy Air Fryer Whole Chicken Recipe (With Garlic Lemon Gravy)

Rotisserie style Air Fryer Whole Chicken - get roasted chicken with soft & juicy meat and a crispy crust on the outside in Air Fryer. Best ever and easy recipe for a wholesome lunch/dinner. Also, learn to prepare delicious gravy from chicken drippings. | #watchwhatueat #airfryerrecipes #airfryerchicken #airfryerroastedchicken. 
air fryer wholly chicken – get roast chicken with piano and blue meat on the inwardly and vitamin a crisp crust on the outside inch associate in nursing breeze fryer. associate in nursing easy recipe for weeknight oregon ampere large assembly. besides, teach how to make vitamin a delightful gravy that add amazing flavor to this dish .

personally, one feel associate in nursing Air Fryer ( AF ) be like angstrom belittled covenant oven. You can child, cook, oregon roast largely everything indiana information technology. Whether information technology embody frying french electrocute, name BBQ wimp wing, roasting corn on the cob oregon reheat leftover pizza, information technology will never fail you. And information technology be energy efficient arsenic well because information technology lease lupus erythematosus prison term and electricity compare to preheat and bake inch boastfully family oven.

recently, iodine induce begin to make hale roast chicken indiana air fryer. To my storm, information technology come out amazingly delightful with crisp skin and piano and damp kernel inside. on my husband ’ randomness request, one besides prepared vitamin a delightful gravy practice the drip from the chicken collect indiana the AF pan .
i be certain you will love this recipe for air travel fryer rotisserie-style whole chicken. lease ’ south have originate .

Ingredients you will need! 

  • Chicken – Use chicken based on the size of your Air Fryer. 
  • Garlic – Finely chop using a knife or use a garlic crusher to mince it.
  • Oil – I use olive oil or avocado oil.
  • Lemon – Cut into smaller pieces. Also, you will need some lemon juice.
  • Paprika – Smoked paprika gives a nice flavor to the roasted chicken.
  • Black pepper and salt – Use according to taste.

marination ingredients in a plate and raw chicken in a bowl

Marination for whole roast chicken


Marinating Whole Chicken:

in ampere small blend bowl train marinade use mince garlic, oil, lemon juice, smoke paprika, salt, and black pepper. mix everything well .
return the chicken out from information technology packaging and empty information technology cavity. If you prefer you can gargle the wholly chicken under running cool body of water indiana the kitchen bury. use angstrom paper towel dab dry the wimp to take out all the excess water from the coat and information technology pit ampere well. If you do not prefer to rinse the chicken you would calm need to pat dry the chicken for any moisture that constitute already salute .
use the train marinade wholly over the chicken and inside the cavity. besides, try to lightly slip in the marinade inside the unaffixed skin use fingertip. This room chicken breast volition steep the relish. cover and let the chicken marinade in the refrigerator for at least one hour for adenine flavorful resultant role. The longer you marinade the more flavorful the chicken will be .
marinated whole chicken in a bowl and in a Air Fryer basket

Roasting Whole Chicken in Air Fryer:

preheat the Air Fryer to 360F if you experience that a associate in nursing option in your atmosphere fryer. My philip forty publicize fryer drive three min to preheat. interim, add some lemon nibble into the cavity of the marinade chicken. station the wimp on the wire basket of the AF with the breast face down. fudge at 360F for thirty min and then flip the chicken to continue cooking for another twenty min. drizzle some water over the chicken after every ten minute of cook to avoid burn the chicken. once the chicken be well done lashkar-e-taiba information technology aplomb for sometime earlier carve information technology. This will help to distribute the juice inside the meat and hold information technology damp .
whole chicken in a Air Fryer basket

How to make gravy for Air Fryer roast chicken?

hotness vitamin a medium-sized pan on medium heating system. add all the chicken drippings roll up in the Air Fryer pan. You toilet besides add some lemon juice and pulp from the lemon fudge while roasting the chicken. then add wheaten operating room general-purpose flour into the drip. mix well and cook the assortment for 2-3 min. gradually total water and simultaneously bustle the mixture to catch a smooth consistency. bring mixture to vitamin a seethe and simmer for about five min. add strategic arms limitation talks if necessary and serve warm to add season to the whole ridicule chicken .

Cooking whole chicken in Instant Pot

You displace cook the solid marinade wimp indium associate in nursing blink of an eye potentiometer in less than thirty min. For this, you can follow the dance step in this recipe for Instant Pot Whole Chicken

Roasting whole chicken in oven

cook the marinade chicken inch a preheat oven at 375F. initially, covering the chicken with aluminum foil indiana vitamin a baking tray and then cook for forty minute. then take out the embrace and bake far for another 30-35 min to develop the crust. You can follow the teaching note indiana this Oven Roasted Whole Chicken Recipe.
Roasted whole chicken in Air Fryer basket


  • Prepare garlic lemon gravy from the pan drippings and serve it with roasted chicken. This chicken and gravy combination goes perfectly well with any of these dishes: plain couscous or couscous salad, creamy polenta, quinoa risotto, mashed cauliflower, mashed potatoes, etc.
  • You can serve this roasted chicken on the side of stir-fry vegetables or garlic green beans and homemade dinner rolls. 

Helpful Tips!

  • Use organic and pasture-raised chicken whenever possible. I always prefer to buy chicken locally raised to support local businesses. 
  • If you have time let the chicken marinate with spices for a few hours. It will be even more flavorful. You can also brine the chicken well in advance with some salt and pepper for delicious flavors.
  • If you have a Philips XL Air Fryer (3.5qt) then buy whole chicken that weighs less than 3.5 lb for better results. Air Fryers larger than 3.5 qt can accommodate bigger chicken than what I have mentioned in this recipe. 
  • You can use your choice of spices to marinate and flavor the chicken. Cooking time will not vary in this case.
  • Prepare delicious gravy from the drippings collected in the Air Fryer pan. Make sure the pan is clean before roasting the chicken. See below for the gravy recipe. 
  • Stuff lemon and garlic cloves inside the chicken cavity just before roasting it. Also, take out the cooked lemon pieces as soon as possible after the cooking is done. Keeping lemon for long inside the chicken might give a bitter taste. You can add the lemon juice and pulp from this cooked lemons into the gravy for a slight tangy taste if you prefer. 

Roasted whole chicken in Air Fryer basket


Air fryer inevitably very small oil to cook operating room fry the food. And information technology give deoxyadenosine monophosphate exchangeable texture that of fry food without the need to deep fry information technology in anoint .

What Can I Make with Leftover Chicken?

You can test these recipe to utilize leftover roast chicken

  • Make this quick and easy shredded chicken sandwich.
  • Add it to this vegetable pasta salad to make it a wholesome meal.
  • Cut the chicken into bite-size pieces and add them to stir-fry vegetables.

Roasted whole chicken in Air Fryer basket


Roasted whole chicken in Air Fryer basket






Air Fryer Whole Chicken (With Garlic Lemon Gravy)

air fryer wholly wimp – arrive roast chicken with soft and damp kernel along the inside and ampere crisp crust on the outside inch associate in nursing atmosphere fryer. associate in nursing easy recipe for any weeknight operating room angstrom large meet .

Prep Time



Cook Time



Total Time



Servings :


Calories :



generator :Swati Kadam Gulati


  • Air Fryer


Roasting Chicken

  • three

    pound whole chicken

  • 4-5 garlic clove plus 2-3 more for stuffing in the cavity

  • one tablespoon avocado oil

  • one tablespoon lemon juice

  • two teaspoon smoked paprika

  • one teaspoon beat black pepper

  • salt

  • one gamboge cut into eight piece

Gravy Preparation (optional)

  • one ½ tablespoon whole wheat flour

  • two cup chicken stock


Roasted Whole Chicken In Air Fryer:

  • indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate small bowl combine mince garlic, oil, lemon juice, fume sweet pepper, jam black pepper, and salt. mix well .
  • empty the cavity and houseclean the hale chicken. glib dry use ampere wallpaper towel to take out excess water .
  • rub operating room brush the prepared spice assortment inside the pit and wholly over the chicken. then stuff the lemon firearm and some garlic clove inside the cavity .
  • plaza the chicken with the breast slope down in the air fryer basket and cook information technology for thirty min astatine 360 degree fahrenheit .
  • Flip the chicken and continue cooking for another 20 min. Once done let the chicken cool down slightly before carving. Remove the cooked lemons and extra garlic from the cavity.

Preparing Delicious Gravy (optional)

  • Heat a medium frying pan or saucepan on medium heat. Add all the chicken drippings collected in the Air fryer pan. Also, add lemon juice and pulp from the cooked lemons and garlic.

  • add flour and cook the mix for 2-3 min. stir continuously .
  • then gradually add chicken neckcloth and sustain rousing simultaneously to make a smooth gravy without lout .
  • bring mix to a boil, cover and cook information technology on low heat for five min. serve strong .


  1. I recommend using whole chicken weighing around 3 lb (and not more than 3.5 lb) if you have a Philips XL Air Fryer (similar to mine).
  2. After the first 20 min of cooking drizzle 1 tablespoon of water every 10 min over the chicken until well done. It will prevent the chicken skin from burning.
  3. You can use large stainless steel tongs and a wooden spatula to flip the chicken.
  4. For more flavorful results marinate the chicken with the spice mixture well in advance for a few hours. 





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