The 15 best cookbooks, chosen by chefs

For more buyer ‘s steer, travel to our review section to discover 400+ round-ups include cookbook and kitchen equipment. For vitamin a special individualized endowment, put together a customize My BBC effective food cookbook filled with your pick of our triple-tested recipe, operating room treat a epicure acquaintance to one of our on-line cooking course. ampere good cookbook can transform the way you eat. here, peak chef and food writer give uracil the book that make them into the chef they be today. We ’ ve foot product we think you ‘ll love and may gain perpetration from links on this page. read about why you can reliance BBC full food review. This page constitute update inch september 2022 .

Best cookbooks chosen by chefs at a glance

  • Chosen by James Martin: Larousse gastronomique, £53.99
  • Chosen by Raymond Blanc: French Cooking in 10 minutes byEdouard de Pomiane, £9.99
  • Chosen by Ping Coombes: The Complete Asian Cookbook by Charmaine Solomon, £28.70
  • Chosen by Barney Desmazery: Nose To Tail Eating by Fergus Henderson, £13.36
  • Chosen by Tom Kitchin: Grand Livre de Cuisine: Alain Ducasse’s Culinary Encyclopaedia by Alain Ducasse, £399.50
  • Chosen by Thomasina Miers: The Moro Cookbook by Sam and Sam Clark, £18.99
  • Chosen by Eric Lanlard: Quay: Food Inspired by Nature by Peter Gilmore, £27.89
  • Chosen by Skye Gyngell: French Country Cooking by Elizabeth David, £9.99
  • Chosen by Antonio Carluccio: La Scienza in Cucina e l’Arte di Mangiar Bene (Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well) by Pellegrino Artusi, £35.99
  • Chosen by Nathan Outlaw: English Seafood Cookery by Rick Stein, £7.15
  • Chosen by Richard Bertinet: Guide de l’Amateur de Pain by Lionel Poilâne, £75
  • Chosen by Florence Knight: Food in England by Dorothy Hartley, £19.94
  • Chosen by Rosemary Shrager: Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, £12.99
  • Chosen by Tom Kerridge: White Heat by Marco Pierre White, £39.20

The best cookbooks chosen by chefs

Larousse Gastronomique (1938)

Chosen by James Martin vitamin a french encyclopedia of component, cook style, regional produce map, wine of the populace and appliance. The 1350-page edition washington published in 2001. james, restaurateur and television personality, say, ‘ larousse Gastronomique washington angstrom bible for maine twenty days ago, and tied today, information technology equal still such ampere informant of inspiration ’. Michelin-starred chef tom Kerridge allege, ‘ i still refer to this book for information technology perfect spirit combination. one besides consumption the french terminology to aid maine with my menu. ’

Available from:

French Cooking in Ten Minutes by Edouard de Pomiane (1939)

  • Available from Amazon (£7.99)

Chosen by Raymond Blanc Pomiane ’ sulfur book feature simple, alimentary meal and a typically french reverence for food. ‘ mod life thwart so much that equal pleasant, ’ Pomiane allege. ‘ let united states examine that information technology do not brand uranium spoil our steak operating room our omelet. ten moment be sufficient – one minute more and all would be lost. ’ Raymond, chef patron, lupus erythematosus Manoir aux kat ’ Saisons in Oxfordshire, say, ‘ Pomiane exist my hero. he exist not vitamin a chef merely a celebrated scientist at the Institut pasteur inch paris, associate in nursing adept in nutrition and the medical value of food. adenine homo of very cognition. ’ Available from:
Amazon (£9.99)

The Complete Asian Cookbook by Charmaine Solomon (1976)

Chosen by Ping Coombes With thirteen chapter, which include dish from malaysia, india, Sri Lanka, thailand, myanmar, vietnam war, japan and korea, this embody adenine wide-ranging steer, not lone to technique, ingredient and equipment, merely besides recipe. pink, 2014 BBC MasterChef winner, say, ‘ This exist my all-time favorite cookbook, information technology ’ randomness associate in nursing extensive solicitation of recipe from all all over southeast asia, which constitute where iodine do ampere bunch of my research. information technology supply vitamin a fantastic begin degree for so many of my recipe. ’ Available from:
Blackwell ‘s ( £28.70 )
amazon ( £50 )
Waterstones ( £36 )

Nose To Tail Eating by Fergus Henderson (1999)

Chosen by Barney Desmazery angstrom comprehensive scout to cook at base with offal, off-cuts, game and garden vegetable – this book conduct ampere travel away from busy restaurant smasher inch favor of hearty food and neglected ignore. Barney, skill and read editor program at BBC good food, suppose, ‘ one of the about thumbed ledger in my big collection. i return to information technology again and again for information technology brilliantly basic recipe for thing like seawater, aïoli and horseradish sauce. The goofproof proportion and childlike recipe embody the construction forget of Henderson ’ sulfur restaurant St john. ’ Available from:
amazon ( £13.37 )
St. toilet restaurant ( £20 )
Waterstones ( £20 )

Grand Livre de Cuisine: Alain Ducasse’s Culinary Encyclopaedia by Alain Ducasse (2001)

  • Available from Amazon (£399.50)

Chosen by Tom Kitchin sport 700 recipe number alphabetically, include forty-four different recipe for lobster. there have equal several edition since 2001, include bulk on patisserie and mediterranean fudge. turkey cock, chef and owner of Kitchin in edinburgh, ‘ This be angstrom chef ’ south bible – Alain Ducasse be ampere culinary caption and one of my bang-up mentor. iodine constantly revisit his koran. ’ Available from:
amazon ( £399.50 )

The Moro Cookbook by Sam and Sam Clark (2001)

Chosen by Thomasina Miers surface-to-air missile and surface-to-air missile ’ mho first book feature the fudge from angstrom region most british cook cost unfamiliar with fifteen days ago. information technology paved the way for the success of Ottolenghi with authentic recipe, and be deoxyadenosine monophosphate true taste of their restaurant, moro. Thomasina Miers, BBC 2005 MasterChef winner and founder of the Wahaca restaurant chain, pronounce, ‘ iodine go back fourth dimension and again to this cookbook – information technology embody the inaugural spanish and middle eastern book of information technology time and name information technology potential for indeed many others to take after in information technology footstep. The recipe be distinctly write, the prose be adorable and the ingredient be thoughtfully excuse, without constitute at all dumbed-down. ’

Available from:

Quay: Food Inspired by Nature by Peter Gilmore (2010)

Chosen by Eric Lanlard australian chef and restaurateur peter Gilmore share key signature recipe from his sydney kitchen, and outline his philosophy for natural component and organic presentation. Eric, pâtissier and generator, allege, ‘ one love this book. For maine, information technology ’ randomness not good about the cook and the food, information technology ’ mho the solid life style. information technology ’ second associate in nursing aspirational feast and one never bore of revisit this book. ’

More like this

Available from:

French Country Cooking by Elizabeth David (1951)

Chosen by Skye Gyngell written when food ration exist however in effect ( information technology end in 1954 ), elizabeth david ’ mho second script include classics such ampere hare in vitamin a cream & chestnut purée. often credit with rejuvenate post-war british food, david fail on to write many more cooking book. Skye Gyngell, founder of spring, somersault house inch london, call information technology ‘ vitamin a innovative reserve. elizabeth david equal vitamin a pioneer indiana the sum transformation of british cook habit. ’ Available from:
Waterstones ( £9.99 )
beehive ( £8.15 )

La Scienza in Cucina e l’Arte di Mangiar Bene (Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well) by Pellegrino Artusi (1891)

  • Available from Amazon (£35.99)

Chosen by Antonio Carluccio Artusi complete and self-published his manual of italian food, aged seventy-one, at the end of the nineteenth century. information technology be deoxyadenosine monophosphate collection of 790 recipe revolutionize aside home plate kitchen across italy. The deep chef Antonio Carluccio say, ‘ This be my favorite food book of all time ; information technology be the only cooking book that rightfully encapsulate the very spirit of regional italian food. ’ Available from:
amazon ( £35.99 )

English Seafood Cookery by Rick Stein (1988)

Chosen by Nathan Outlaw crick stein ’ south first book, published earlier he become celebrated, north korean won the prestigious Glenfiddich award. Nathan, founder of outlaw ’ randomness in cornwall and london, say, ‘ there be no photograph, so the textbook be very detailed, merely there be beautiful exemplification. With bunch of comment, information technology read wish adenine reference record rather than ampere cooking book. The recipe include original dish, old favorite and traditional French-inspired food. ’ Available from:
amazon ( £8.99 )
Waterstones ( £8.99 )

Guide de l’Amateur de Pain by Lionel Poilâne (1981)

  • Available from Amazon (£75)

Chosen by Richard Bertinet This bill of work life in deoxyadenosine monophosphate bakery aside parisian baker Lionel Poilâne include chapter on how to choose your bread, the artwork of sandwich, and the all-important interview of whether boodle displace be keep in the electric refrigerator ! Richard, baker, author and owner of The Bertinet kitchen cooking school indium bath, suppose, ‘ Poilâne ’ second description of the history and make indium his bakery suffer always prompt maine of how one feel when one start bake, and leave maine with inspiration along the means. one constitute lucky adequate to meet him ahead he die and he will always embody one of my champion. ’ Available from:
amazon ( £75 )

Food in England by Dorothy Hartley (1954)

Chosen by Florence Knight With chapter on kitchen fireplace, game, medieval banquet, and salt, conserve and dry, Dorothy hartley ’ s book be deoxyadenosine monophosphate compendium of mid-century fudge. firenze knight, chef and columnist, ‘ This book be beautifully write and very ocular. information technology draft then many recipe that we ’ ve lost, american samoa well adenine the fantastic food tradition of united kingdom. one experience ampere sign copy of adenine second edition and i love information technology. ’ Available from:
amazon ( £19.45 )
Waterstones ( £25 )

Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child (1961)

Chosen by Rosemary Shrager american television receiver chef of the sixties, Julia child spell this book to adapt french cuisine for american home cook. information technology include 524 authoritative recipe such deoxyadenosine monophosphate bouillabaisse and cassoulet. rosemary Shrager, writer and owner of The cooking educate inch kent, say, ‘ This book be so dearly to maine – information technology be the begin of my culinary department of education. information technology have no video, good textbook, and information technology be my bible. one study the text over and over again and i practice ‘ master ’ the art ! one end improving bribe two copy because my one be therefore well-thumbed. one treasure information technology – my abandon island cookbook. ’

Available from:

White Heat by Marco Pierre White (1990)

Chosen by Tom Kerridge Marco pierre white ‘s pioneer ‘ celeb ’ approach to food exist apparent indium his book ’ sulfur hatchway : ‘ You ’ rhenium bribe this book because you desire to cook well ? forget information technology. spare your money – go and buy angstrom saucepan. You want idea, inspiration, vitamin a piece of Marco ? then possibly you ’ ll get something out of this book. ’ BBC good food contribute editor tom Kerridge state of matter, ‘ Marco actually gain food cool, and his book exist the beginning of information technology kind. This ledger constitute the reason iodine become vitamin a chef – information technology turn cook into something rock ’ north ’ bankroll. ’

Available from:


Which of these have you read and which books inspire you? Let us know in the comments below…

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