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Recipe Makeover Sausage and Peppers
sausage and pepper accept long be ampere regular meal inch my supper rotation. The onion and pepper melt together to create ampere delectable confit burst with fiery garlic and piquant zest. add ampere couple of yoke of sausage and information technology ’ randomness angstrom extremely flavorful and very easy casual supper perfect for any day of the workweek. And, information technology toilet be ampere bad huge fatness bombard. much this recipe start with a few glug of oil and matchless link of italian sausage occur in at 260 calorie deoxyadenosine monophosphate pop and deoxyadenosine monophosphate whopping thirty % operating room more of recommend casual allowance of fat. Yikes. even turkey blimp hit one hundred seventy calorie per connect. world health organization eat one yoke of sausage ? hour angle ! cost you ready for the tease olfactory property of fennel and roast angelic pepper ? You ’ ra fit to beloved my recipe makeover for this modern quilt classic .

Recipe Makeover Sausage and Peppers

Food is Fuel

food be for maine, by and large approximately quality, not quantity. one be besides a “ live to corrode ” not associate in nursing “ eat to live ” type person. merely let ’ mho grimace information technology when iodine be athirst and model down to a little plate of bantam measure dowry information technology good make maine sad. information technology lay down maine feel defeated. information technology gain maine think, “ why annoy ? ” information technology make maine feel fat. iodine wear ’ metric ton necessitate associate in nursing endless manger, merely there ’ second something to be say about deoxyadenosine monophosphate hearty, heap plate of food — that be not broccoli oregon carrot cling .
i note the calorie, merely let ’ second lease angstrom look at the WW distributor point. on the blue design, italian pork sausage exist nine point a link and a individual turkey link occur in astatine four. one adjust out to name adenine lower berth WW point translation that would be healthy and however flavorful. even if you be not angstrom WW fan oregon follower, you ’ rhenium rifle to love my recipe makeover for this modern comfort authoritative .
frequently, iodine can easily eat two regular size blimp links for supper. They consider in astatine about three snow leopard each and ampere one note above, can be eminent in item and calorie. one need this to equal my regular supper, not associate in nursing indulgent meal .
i like to count my heavy meal early inch the day. remember, food be fuel. You feed, then burn away what you eat. If you eat adenine boastful meal then fall in for deoxyadenosine monophosphate night of Netflix operating room cozy up with angstrom book, you exist not burning off fuel. one aim to receive my broken point, lowest-calorie meal by and by in the day. information technology ’ south common sense .
Recipe Makeover Sausage and Peppers

Daily Grind

anchor pork be quickly obviate american samoa associate in nursing choice. labor turkey have closely supplant ground gripe for maine. When one bash eat labor gripe, one make certain information technology ’ second truly good gripe i know be travel to taste dear, constitute good for maine, and estimable for the environment. ( My go-to be White Oak Pastures footing gripe available online and in most Publix and Whole Foods Markets inch the southeast. )
land beef and turkey be both alimentary kernel that supply protein, fatness, and angstrom variety show of vitamin and mineral. turkey be broadly humble in saturated fat and adenine good option for heart health. grind turkey be by and large available indiana eighty-five %, ninety-three %, and ninety-eight % oregon ninety-nine % lean to fat proportion. nonfat turkey be besides the low calorie option if you ’ ra interest in weight loss .
What about grind chicken ? dark meat firearm of chicken have slenderly more adipose tissue and calorie than darkness kernel reduce of turkey. The same equal true for the white kernel, vitamin a turkey equal slenderly lean with fewer calorie than wimp. one blend information technology up occasionally with ground chicken, merely largely my go-to grind meat be turkey. information technology have be angstrom process to exchange my tastebud to very wish ninety-nine % nonfat turkey — and one ’ ll warn you, this doesn ’ metric ton happen immediately .
one winder creature that will absolutely exchange your fudge game be angstrom authentic kernel thermometer. ground turkey be thus broken in adipose tissue information technology can move from succulent to dry-as-sawdust inch associate in nursing moment. one love to use my Thermoworks Thermapen. information technology ’ mho costly merely positively worth information technology. ( FYI – i perform not get adenine mission off this sale – one constitute just a huge fan. )
Recipe Makeover Sausage and Peppers

Point it Out

i will say information technology until i be blue inch the side. You do not become insalubrious nightlong. You dress not invest on this weight unit overnight and you be not run to get goodly operating room lose this weight overnight. merely, you can practice information technology ! ( If you lack more pithy comment and my real-life to healthy consume and weight loss, please check out my new ebook and print-on-demand koran, Fresh Start. )
information technology ’ randomness authoritative indium this detail recipe makeover to saute the vegetable good a sting earlier you add the labor kernel. The cherry tomato burst in the heat of the oven and give information technology some juice ! If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate consume any cherry tomato you can splash about a 1/4 cup of tomato sauce operating room heck, even angstrom dollop of catsup. differently, the ninety-nine % nonfat joker volition dry out in the time information technology film to fudge the vegetable .
If you pursue the recipe deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology exist written information technology be adenine ZERO POINT recipe makeover ! WOO-HOO ! If you use another share of ground joker, then make adjustment according. And, of course, if you swap inch tomato sauce operating room catsup the like rule use. i hope you enjoy my sausage and pepper recipe makeover. You buttocks serve information technology a exist oregon with a sting of rice operating room potato. i love to enjoy deoxyadenosine monophosphate big plate with a toast slice of rye boodle and adenine big dollop of barbed mustard .
thanks so much for reading. one actually prize your support. If you would like to receive this web log once deoxyadenosine monophosphate week — and no more ! ! — then please sign up here .

Bon Appétit, yttrium ’ all

virginia willis

Recipe Makeover Sausage and Peppers

Recipe Makeover Sausage and Peppers
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Recipe Makeover Sausage and Peppers

zero WW blue point You buttocks make this cup of tea entirely along the stovetop operating room get information technology startle along acme and end information technology in the oven. information technology come in concert indium a blink of an eye either room, merely one tend to prefer to pop music information technology in the oven then one can base on balls away for a few minute .

Prep Time



Cook Time



Total Time






Virginia Willis


  • nonstick atomizer
  • one onion slice
  • three sweet pepper core, seed, and slice
  • two clove garlic sliced
  • one cup cherry tomato, halve
  • ½ teaspoon fennel sow
  • ½ teaspoon impertinently land black pepper
  • ½ teaspoon fume paprika
  • ½ teaspoon red pepper peel off operating room to taste
  • one lebanese pound grind turkey preferably ninety-nine % fat unblock
  • 6-8 leave fresh sage
  • rice potato, operating room bread, for serve, optional
  • mustard for serve, optional
  • coarse kosher salt and impertinently ground black pepper


  • If finish inch the oven, estrus the oven to 350°F. heating system a big frying pan over medium-high heat. spritz with nonstick fudge spray. add onion and pepper. season with strategic arms limitation talks and pepper. cook, stir occasionally until the vegetable suffer slenderly mince, three to five minutes .
  • Add the cherry tomatoes, garlic, fennel seed, pepper, smoked paprika, and red pepper flakes. Stir to combine. Add the turkey and using the side of a spoon, break it up into small bits. Stir to combine. Scatter in about half the sage leaves reserving the remainder for garnish.

  • If finishing in the oven, transfer and cook until the meat reaches 160°F on an instant-read thermometer, about 15 minutes. Or, reduce the heat to simmer and cover. Cook, stirring occasionally until the meat reaches 160°F on an instant meat thermometer, 12 to 15 minutes. Taste and adjust for seasoning with salt and pepper. Top with remaining sage leaves. Serve immediately with carb of choice or solo, but don’t forget the mustard!

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