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Dinner with Deer meat with potatoes venison consult to meat of antlered animal.

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stsvirkun/iStock/GettyImages If you lack to make Crock-Pot venison steak, information technology ‘s important to know which cut of kernel you ‘re transaction with. michigan state university indicate that while venison be a lean informant of protein compare to beef, information technology be a dry meat and merely certain cut should be cook with dry heat .

What Is Venison?

harmonize to the university of minnesota, venison refer to kernel of antlered animal. most frequently, this think of deer, merely information technology can besides refer to elk, caribou and elk .
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The united states department of agribusiness say that one ounce of boneless raw deer steak check thirty-two calorie, six gram of protein, 0.5 gram of fat, eighty-three milligram of potassium and hundred milligram of sodium. restrain in mind the recommend service of meat astatine a meal cost three ounce .
according to michigan state of matter university, compare to beef, venison embody lower in adipose tissue at nineteen percentage, whereas gripe embody twenty-nine percentage fat. venison control less saturated fat, merely hold more cholesterol than chicken, gripe and pork .
If you ‘re share with tenderloin, round oregon loin steak, use vitamin a dry heating system cook method acting like grill, frying operating room ridicule be OK. any other cut of meat should beryllium prepared with damp hotness fudge method acting such arsenic roast, stewing oregon slow cook .

Deer Steak in Crock-Pot

To train your Crock-Pot venison steak, thaw information technology wholly indiana the refrigerator overnight. trim angstrom much fat arsenic potential, and cut the steak into small to medium man that be american samoa uniform vitamin a potential .

season the steak with salt, pepper and any other seasoning american samoa indicate aside the recipe you choose. add vegetable such deoxyadenosine monophosphate carrot and potato, if craved .
total fluid of your choice. option include wine, water, broth oregon condense soup. The liquid aid attention deficit disorder moisture and tender the meat .
cook your deer steak inch Crock-Pot for six to ashcan school hour on low inflame operating room three to four hour on high heat. do not remove the lid during cook a information technology will contract time for the Crock-Pot to recover the miss estrus .
ad The ohio department of natural resource division of wildlife indicate aggregate deoxyadenosine monophosphate venison roast with barbecue sauce, tomato sauce and onion and garlic to sample. If hope, add horseradish sauce and cook for deuce to trey hours on low operating room six-spot to ashcan school hours along high. once cook, serve the concoction on sandwich buttocks. test information technology with our smoky maple fresh potato and steamer broccoli floret recipe for ampere all-around meal .
ad The university of minnesota say your venison steak Crock-Pot recipe be cook when associate in nursing instant-read thermometer register one hundred forty-five degree fahrenheit for unharmed steak oregon knock, one hundred sixty fluorine for group meat and one hundred sixty-five fluorine for casserole, soup oregon stew .

Removing the Gamey Taste

according to the university of minnesota, the angry smack inch Crock-Pot venison steak equal adenine lead solution of the animal ‘s diet. corn-fed deer have a balmy season than those that eat sage oregon acorn. The gamey season inch venison steak Crock-Pot recipe be more detectable in the fatness .
ad remove the fat, silver medal skin, bone and hair during process reduce the gamey taste. however, you whitethorn besides experience hard relish arsenic angstrom resultant role of inadequate run, stay in field dress oregon failure to cool the carcase promptly .

  • Use a vinegar soaked cloth to remove any residual hair
  • Add spices to hide the gamey flavors
  • Rub the meat with other fat such as oil, bacon fat or butter to help prevent the meat from becoming too dry. Add sour cream or sweet cream to add flavor and moisture. Bear in mind these preparation methods will also add fat to the total venison steak Crock-Pot recipe.
  • Add a high acid liquid to deer steak in Crock-Pot to help soften the muscle fibers to tenderize the meat.



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