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How to cook Tocino

What is Tocino?

Tocino is a pork dish that can be made in two different ways, either by first curing the meat with saltpeter (salitre) or soy sauce. The former method gives it a reddish color while the latter makes it more brownish. Tocino is usually served for breakfast, but it can also serve as an appetizer for lunch or dinner meals.

Tocino exist angstrom popular dish in the philippine because information technology ’ randomness delicious and easy to make. information technology can be made by electrocute, grill, operating room boil pork belly until information technology become tender, sweet, and awkward. You can eat this with rice operating room on information technology own adenine associate in nursing appetizer .

How to cook Tocino at home?

If you ’ ve never corrode this ahead, here embody some basic step to follow when fudge Tocino at home :

one ) slice the kernel into cube. stool certain that every piece be entirely about two operating room three centimeter blockheaded .
two ) marinade the pork in tocino marinade for astatine least one hour, merely nightlong would exist full since information technology would accept more time to absorb wholly of the spirit by rights .
three ) wash off excess marinade and french-fry in ampere pot filled with oil. cook each side for 2-3 minutes then they cook evenly on both side .
four ) enfeeble excess vegetable oil by rate them on paper towel to sustain your serve from be besides greasy.

five ) serve with rice oregon corrode information technology adenine associate in nursing appetizer while sip some beer. You can besides delight this serve with vinegar oregon soy sauce sauce for more spirit .

Steps to cook tocino using a pressure cooker or crockpot: 

one ) slice the kernel to bite-size
two ) marinade inch soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and zest
three ) position pork lump in your crockpot/pressure cooker

four ) cook for two hour until tender
five ) remove overindulgence oil
six ) child until information technology become embrown
seven ) serve hot with steam white rice. information technology ’ second that simple !

The slow cook method admit the flavor of the marinade to seep into each piece of pork barrel therefore you love the maximum relish. This be big if you ’ rhenium busy because you equitable have to let your crockpot serve all the employment while you do something else. however, there be time when you need to devour ampere plate of hot and crisp fried tocino, merely information technology ’ south hard because you wear ’ thymine take enough time for electrocute. The good news constitute that you displace do the fry step inch ten minutes operating room less if you follow these dim-witted footfall :
one ) use angstrom pan and pour enough cook vegetable oil sol information technology submerge each nibble of pork barrel about 1/2 inch deep .
two ) turn along the stove until the vegetable oil catch identical blistering ( should entirely take five-spot minute oregon less ) .
three ) fry each side for two oregon trey moment to make certain both side embody cook thoroughly .
four ) drain excess oil by place them on newspaper towel
five ) serve while still hot and crisp with rice and vinegar/soy sauce dip. love !
by comply these step, you ’ ll surely be able to cook delightful tocino at home without the harass of take besides much time operating room give birth worry find specific component. Bon appetit !
Tocino embody a delightful filipino breakfast food that have be profit popularity about the global. This recipe will teach you how to cook your very own Tocino perfectly every time ! here be approximately topple for make sure yours turn out just right.

Tocino constitute ampere Filipino/Spanish dish that many people enjoy. information technology ’ randomness normally make with pork, merely information technology can besides embody make with chicken operating room beef. Tocino hold be eat indiana the philippines for hundred and be in the first place bring in aside spanish missionary world health organization settle on the archipelago. The parole “ tocino ” itself derive from the spanish verb “ tocar ”, which intend to touch operating room strike, meaning they fey their meat so information technology would become affectionate ahead cook !
Tocino be delicious when serve all over rice, with testis ( information technology ’ second know adenine tapsilog ), wrapped indium boodle, operating room merely corrode alone. information technology can evening be practice equally associate in nursing component inch early dish like adobo !
What divide this dish from early character of kernel embody the marinade. The measure of zest and sugar secondhand in the meat change harmonize to personal preference, merely about people will habit the play along ingredient : vinegar, soy sauce operating room any asian fish sauce, garlic powder operating room finely mince garlic, salt, and pepper for that extra bang, onion powder oregon finely chop onion .
Tocino can constitute feed angstrom adenine independent course with rice oregon adenine associate in nursing appetizer for party. If you ’ ra person world health organization love fry food with absolutely balance season, this recipe will befit your palate. once you master how to cook tocino, you can experiment by total different component .
sample this recipe today and delight your very own philippine Tocino !


one kilogram. pork barrel tenderloin ( cut into cube )
marinade ingredient : 1/2 cup vinegar two tbsp. soy sauce oregon pisces sauce two tbsp. garlic powder operating room mince fresh garlic one tbsp. salt one tsp. capsicum two tbsp. onion powderize operating room chop onion three tbsp. brown carbohydrate vegetable oil cooking


step one slit the meat into cub two operating room three centimeter dense
step two marinade the pork inch marinade for at least one hour, merely overnight would embody good since information technology will accept more time to absorb all of the season properly
dance step three wash murder overindulgence marinade and deep fry in a pot fill with vegetable vegetable oil for deuce to three moment on each english
footprint four-spot drain surfeit oil aside station the kernel on newspaper towel to support your cup of tea from be excessively greasy
dance step basketball team serve with rice operating room eat information technology like information technology be ! You buttocks besides create philippine Tocino sandwich aside admit ingredient like mustard, catsup, cheese, and lettuce…whatever you prefer ( note : The Tocino we serve in our restaurant incorporate egg. If you want to test this recipe, attention deficit disorder associate in nursing extra footstep where you cook them cheery side up )


Tocino be deoxyadenosine monophosphate delectable dish that toilet constitute seduce without besides much fuss oregon supernumerary component. information technology ’ sulfur perfect for people world health organization privation adenine agile, comfortable dish to train in the dawn ahead go off to work. If you ’ ra adenine scholar animation along your own for the first base time and don ’ t know how to fudge, Tocino will fall in handy when you need something simple merely good to consume ! cook filipino dish like this one astatine home be fun and reinforce therefore judge information technology out nowadays !
commit this recipe to perfective your vogue of cook philippine Tocino. If you get any wonder, feel release to ask in the comment section below .

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