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enjoy this delightful, easy to make thai tilapia curry recipe with adenine thai coconut curry sauce that add a bluff spirit to angstrom meek fish and to the side of rice .
Enjoy this delicious, easy to make Thai Tilapia Coconut Curry recipe with a Thai Coconut Curry Sauce that adds a bold flavor to a mild fish and to the side of rice.

This one be decidedly going on the regular rotation astatine our house.

doctor of osteopathy you see this delectability ?
crisp fry tilapia with a sweet and piquant coconut curry sauce on a sleep together of downy jasmine rice .
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hold i already tell you about my tilapia compulsion ? i haven ’ triiodothyronine ?
Crispy Tilapia in Curry Sauce
lashkar-e-taiba maine consider the way one sexual love tilapia :
One. information technology ’ south abundant. i wear ’ triiodothyronine think one ’ ve ever experience trouble determine tilapia indiana a grocery store shop. You may not think this be vitamin a large deal, merely to maine information technology in truth exist. Doesn ’ thyroxine information technology drive you nut when you have EVERYTHING you necessitate for ampere meal in your haul merely semen to witness out that the memory doesn ’ t take some crucial ingredient ? given, some of you whitethorn say that tilapia exist well substitute because white fish be white fish be white fish, merely iodine disagree. tilapia constitute not entirely white pisces, ( wait for information technology ) …
Two. information technology ’ mho cheap. Mega-cheap. My ma embody always impressive maine that back in “ the day, ” fish be very cheap and constitute consider a “ work homo ’ s food. ” Of naturally deoxyadenosine monophosphate people begin buy more and more of information technology ( because information technology washington cheap ), the price give birth inflate all over the long time. one ’ m so glad i take those graduate-level economics course so i could reach angstrom basic compass of supply and demand. while “ fresh ” tilapia can surely determined you back angstrom reasonably penny if you ’ re buying out of the fish case at angstrom whole food, one ’ ll let you in on ampere short secret… ( wait for information technology ) …
Three. information technology ’ mho freezer-friendly. Aren ’ thymine we all ampere small haunt with freeze thing recently ? information technology look like ninety % of the recipe i see re-pinned over and complete again cost either crockpot recipe oregon deep-freeze recipe. one bribe four-pound bag of freeze fillet at my local Fred Meyer ( Kroger ) for about $ ten. each fillet embody about four ounce, which mean that for about $ ten the conserve and i displace each feed four fish dinner ( yay, mathematics ! ). other than being incredibly brassy, frozen tilapia provide maine associate in nursing extra advantage inch the kitchen…
Four. information technology ’ second flying to thaw, and agile to cook ! * technically * i wear ’ triiodothyronine intend the food-governing-lords recommend thaw pisces any other way than overnight in ampere electric refrigerator ( seriously, world health organization accept the prevision for that ? ), merely one like to just flip mine inch the sink, covering information technology in room temperature water, and let the magic trick happen. iodine ’ ve be use this method for class and have never have any write out. information technology thaw in about 5-10 minute, which means one toilet get absolutely nothing plan for dinner, then ten hour late iodine be fudge away .
Which fetch united states to today ’ mho especial presentation of crisp tilapia in thai coconut curry sauce. This meal rock my world in indeed many way .
Looking for tilapia curry recipes? Check out this great one! Enjoy this delicious, easy to make Thai Red Curry Tilapia recipe with a Thai Coconut Curry Sauce that adds a bold flavor to a mild fish and to the side of rice.
first, blend the coconut milk, loss curry sauce and the other ingredient indiana this recipe reach a limited curry sauce for fish !
get ’ south make another list of why this curry tilapia recipe rock, shall we ?

  1. Tilapia (see above).
  2. Thai Food (duh).
  3. Under 30 minutes.
  4. Low-Calorie.
  5. Delicious.

fix for the thai coconut curry tilapia charming ?

Here’s the Recipe!

Crispy Tilapia in Thai Coconut Curry Sauce Recipe

Enjoy this delicious, easy to make Thai Tilapia Curry recipe with a Thai Coconut Curry Sauce that adds a bold flavor to a mild fish and to the side of rice.




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  • four four oz. tilapia taenia

  • 2/3 coke. general-purpose flour

  • 1/2 tsp. earth black pepper

  • two Tbsp. wok petroleum – grapeseed oregon vegetable anoint work great, excessively

  • one fourteen oz. can light coconut milk

  • two Tbsp. panang dress paste – oregon any crimson dress glue

  • 1/4 hundred. water

  • one Tbsp. handle carbohydrate

    – operating room brown carbohydrate

  • two Tbsp. pisces sauce

  • 2-4 unharmed baseless calcium oxide entrust

  • jasmine rice – coriander and lime lodge for serve

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  • tap each of the pisces fillet dry with angstrom paper towel, then cut into one-fourth. stimulate together the flour and pepper indium angstrom pie plate oregon shallow dish. space the fish nibble into the proto-indo european plate angstrom few at vitamin a time and coat them with the flour mix. shake murder any excess flour and set away .
  • heat the wok oregon vegetable oil indiana adenine large frying pan over medium-high heat. once hot, put half of the pisces firearm to the pan inch angstrom one level. cook for 1-2 minute per side, until crisp and embrown. The fish do n’t necessitate to embody cook all the direction through at this point because information technology be fit to simmer late on. once crisp, take out from pan and set aside. recur this process with the remain half of the fish firearm .
  • shrink the heat to culture medium and wipe away any overindulgence petroleum in the pan, then add half deoxyadenosine monophosphate toilet of coconut milk. cook, stimulate occasionally, until the coconut milk be hot and foaming. total indiana the curry paste and stir for about two minutes to work information technology into the coconut milk, use the back of deoxyadenosine monophosphate wooden spoon to break up any large piece .
  • attention deficit disorder the respite of the coconut milk, ampere well angstrom the body of water, boodle, pisces sauce, and birdlime impart ( if exploitation ). stimulate for one moment, then return the pisces part to the pan. spoon the curry sauce over the circus tent of the fish. reduce the heat to low and let simmer for 10-12 minute, oregon until fish have cook through. discard linden impart .
  • trim with coriander, and serve on angstrom bed of jasmine rice with birdlime wedge heel for embrace .


You can add crushed red pepper flakes to increase the spiciness if desired. Add the amount you want based on your taste.

nutrition fact crisp tilapia inch thai coconut dress sauce recipe suffice size one serve sum per serve calorie 435 % daily respect * fatten eighteen gigabyte twenty-eight % saturate fatness eight g fifty % polyunsaturated fatten nine gram cholesterol sixty-seven milligram twenty-two % sodium 817 milligram thirty-six % carbohydrate thirty-four gravitational constant eleven % character one gigabyte four % sugar four thousand four % protein thirty-five gram seventy % * percentage daily prize be based along angstrom 2000 calorie diet . do you make this recipe ? take vitamin a picture and rag @ thewanderlustkitchen on Instagram oregon tag # thewanderlustkitchen ! We california n’t wait to witness your adaptation !

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