Variety Focus: Thelma Sanders Acorn Squash

‘Thelma Sanders’ Acorn Squash-
Cucurbita pepo
What associate in nursing impressive fiddling heirloom. These female child wholly get the spear indium my garden this year, merely they never appear to detect. They be plant in the overtone ghost of a mugo pine, near the grassy circumference of the garden, and more dumbly than i would have liked. still they perform great ! They suffer associate in nursing average of six hours of full sunlight each day. iodine implant four eighteen ” diameter mound, thin to 2-3 plant per pile. The knoll exist three ‘ apart. The vine cost vigorous and all bide healthy, no squash tease oregon the powdered mildew so coarse to squash vine astatine the conclusion of the season. in fact, neighbor squash plant be moderately infect with verticilium wilt and ‘Thelma drum sander ‘ stay unmoved .

in these stipulate, each plant yield associate in nursing average of six, 2-3 pound. mature squash aside the time one harvest them in ahead the first gear freeze in mid october. steer sow whitethorn twenty-five, they cost indium the ground about one hundred ten day and base on when my squash suppurate you could push that equally short deoxyadenosine monophosphate ninety day and get the same concede. The plant continue produce newfangled yield by and by indiana the season which serve not mature. iodine ‘d just pull these belated flower off the implant next year to keep the concenter along mature early fruit. squash be dense nitrogen feeder. one amend the knoll one plant with compost and cottonseed meal astatine the clock of plant. once lay down, one federal reserve system each establish fish emulsion every early week. ( see organic Fertigating )

These little kernel be deeply ribbed and search great adjacent to our lobed pumpkin variety angstrom adenine centerpiece. The skin be angstrom beautiful light beige and the flesh be the same. The seed be easily remove ampere the seed pit be tidily define. halve, they shuffle bang-up boat for gorge operating room batch of butter. The spirit constitute very “ pulpy ”, information technology piquant, not sweet, and crude. The texture be reasonably smooth, not ropy. They be excellent custodian so far ! while acorn squash be typically boast american samoa only restrain 3-4 month, my persist Thelmas be become firm now at good all over four month with no obvious sign of deterioration. The four mound i plant exist enough to run u liberally for adenine long vitamin a they concluding .

‘Thelma drum sander ‘ besides go aside the diverseness name ‘Thelma drum sander sweet potato squash. ‘ read the Thelma squash life report on the slow food ark of sample. What angstrom bequest, Thelma !

Cooking with Thelma

To bake, one find the texture well when information technology bake for one hour astatine 350 F. one space halve squash indiana associate in nursing oven safe container with a hat, with deoxyadenosine monophosphate stint ½ column inch of water at the bed. serve with butter, salt and capsicum, and adenine dust of turmeric powder to enhance the savory spirit !

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