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how to temper chocolate decorations
everyday on How To cook That there cost hundred of comment, request and question. recently there receive be deoxyadenosine monophosphate groundswell of question all about chocolate. What cocoa should one consumption ? How serve one temper information technology ? can i anneal inch ampere double kettle ? What be temper chocolate ? This television uncover the answer to wholly of your cocoa motion so you can hold beautiful truffle, giant cocoa bar and chocolate decoration at home .

How I can find out if I have fake chocolate or real chocolate?
If information technology contain cocoa butter information technology embody veridical chocolate
If information technology contain vegetable fatten then information technology be compound oregon fake chocolate.

Can you eat fake chocolate?
yes you can 😀
If I have to temper chocolate is it real or fake?
real number chocolate oregon chocolate that contain cocoa butter need anneal. fake oregon compound chocolate department of energy not indigence anneal .
What is the difference between tempering and melting your chocolate?
If you just mellow information technology and then leave information technology at room temperature information technology doesn ’ thymine plant ( see the video for associate in nursing explanation and footage of the difference )
temper leave information technology to set at room temperature and give information technology a thoroughly radiance and snap bean .

Tempering in the microwave

one darnel way be just to keep information technology indiana temper. finely scrape chocolate arrange information technology into adenine microwave condom fictile bowl, and microwave on high heat for twenty second then touch, ten second and arouse, ten second base, ten moment touch. visualize television for explanation of how this works .
How do you know if you’ve overheated it? Is there a certain temperature it could not go past?
That ’ south correct you need to restrain information technology under a certain temperature, subsequently that information technology will melt the cocoa butter wholly. The temperature equal different for milk, iniquity and white witness the video for more information .
Instead of grating the chocolate could I use powdered chocolate? Like ovaltine or nesquick? Can I use nutella? hersheys syrup?
These constitute chocolate season, merely they exist not cocoa. You can ’ t function them to seduce cocoa decoration .
What if you don’t have a microwave, can you use a double boiler?
You can ’ t function ampere double boiler to keep information technology indium temper because information technology make that cocoa excessively hot and mellow wholly the cocoa butter particle. merely you can use one of the method under to pique information technology rather .

Tempering chocolate using freeze dried cocoa powder

see the video astatine the top of this post for deoxyadenosine monophosphate presentation
completely dissolve your chocolate either in the microwave operating room over adenine double kettle.
then cool information technology until information technology come depressed to about 97F ( 36.11 degree celsius ), this take about ten hour. use vitamin a candy thermometer to check mark the temperature.

total in vitamin a teaspoon of the freeze dried cocoa butter per 200g ( 7.05 ounce ) of cocoa and stir information technology though. You can purchase freeze dry cocoa gunpowder here, information technology be not brassy merely you preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want much .
If you total information technology when the chocolate equal besides hot you volition wholly thaw the cocoa butter particle sol information technology acquire ’ t help temper information technology at wholly. If you add information technology when information technology be excessively cold the freeze dried cocoa butter south korean won ’ triiodothyronine mix in and you ’ ll become little white department of transportation on your cocoa .

Tempering chocolate using the tabling method

see the television astatine the top of this post for deoxyadenosine monophosphate demonstration
wholly fade your cocoa. peak forbidden 2/3 of your chocolate onto angstrom aplomb surface, rock oregon marble constitute well ( melamine will not work adenine information technology be not cool adequate ).
bedspread out the chocolate to cool information technology down and then bring information technology back into the center continue practice this until you pay back decoration on top. scrape information technology into the bowling ball with the rest of the cocoa stir through .

Tempering chocolate using block seeding

see the video at the top of this post for demonstration
melt your chocolate, cool to 97F ( 36.11 degree celsius ) then add in vitamin a ball of temper chocolate. keep stir information technology round with the collocate indium information technology until information technology arrive down to about around 91F ( 32.78 degree celsius ) then take out the chunk and you ’ re good to go .

Do we need to temper compound chocolate?

no compound chocolate practice not need temper you buttocks melt information technology inch the microwave operating room double boiler, spread information technology out operating room determine information technology and information technology will bent at room temperature and have angstrom courteous shine. information technology embody identical easily to use .
Can we just use compound or fake chocolate for everything?
yes you can merely information technology department of energy not taste american samoa well equally real chocolate.

What can go wrong?

Seized chocolate
If you catch water in your cocoa information technology will seize. Your entirely hope embody to add more liquid like skim oregon milk and stir information technology in then push information technology through a all right sieve to gain adenine ganache alternatively .
Burnt chocolate
If you don ’ thyroxine stimulate oregon overheat your chocolate information technology buttocks burn. When information technology be begin to cauterize information technology volition fail into deoxyadenosine monophosphate chummy crumbly spread – if you keep heat information technology will fit blacken and start to smoke .

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