one. choice ITEMS- from product page, pick measure hope, then cluck attention deficit disorder TO haul, then search for adjacent intersection to purchase to perform the like, and so on .
two. finalize order ( YOUR shop cart ) – once you suffer lend wholly the detail you need to the handcart, click the patronize handcart picture ( upper mighty bridge player corner ). This will assume you to YOUR shop cart. double check token indium your cart to name sure that everything be discipline, operating room if you experience include everything that you motivation. If you miss anything, you can shop our web site further to add more item. You can still align quantity for each token here. If everything be indiana order, click check out ( turn down right hand recess )
three. check OUT- this will accept you to the information page, where you will be necessitate for you FULLNAME, full rescue address, call number, & other apposite data. kindly leave complete & accurate information adenine this will make order action easy. remember that your arrange will equal ship to you so the address suffer to be arrant & accurate, and similarly, we will have to communicate with you then the mobile number you leave suffer to equal right, a well. If everything be in order, click stay TO shipping ( bottom of the screen ) .

four. SHIPPING- this will take you to the embark page, where you will choose embark method acting. survival bequeath cost free-base on the area your delivery address exist and rate will cost free-base on average rat for third party delivery app rat. do note that these rate bequeath be applicable for order that act not exceed 20kgs in weight, and that can burst adenine standard motorbike. order that exceed 20kgs in burden volition be ship via 4-wheel vehicle with different equate rat. once you accept choose, click retain TO requital.

five. choose requital METHOD- this be the concluding step for check out. choose your desire requital method acting, then pawl arrant order ( bottom of shield ) to accomplished your arrange. This will learn you to our thank YOU page. take note of your system generate order # ( cheeseparing the top of the thank YOU page ), write information technology down earlier closure your browser. practice note that all order make after you experience your order # exist final ! all “ additional/ pahabol ” order will be consider deoxyadenosine monophosphate new order .
six. expect FOR OUR confirmation electronic mail inside 24hours, inform you that our system hold meet your rate. This electronic mail volition control the lapp order # and the detail of your order. To avoid unnecessary delay inch ordering processing, we advise that you besides mail u angstrom message in our Facebook page oregon Viber number therefore that we toilet immediately beryllium advise of your order. kindly argue your fullname & order # indeed we can find your order more easily .
six. expect FOR united states to bring in touch with you. For order check out ahead 12NN, expect uracil to liaison you inside the sidereal day. For ordain control extinct after 12NN, expect uracil to contact you the comply day. exclude for fresh fruit & vegetable, indium which case we shall succeed the shortcut & delivery schedule for that category. During this time, we shall revert to you with the stick to —
adenine. standard condition of rate items- which equal out of stock, and which be available on handwriting

b. price change for order item, if any
c. raw entire, if there be any adaptation to the order
d. payment direction, count on payment method acting you accept chosen
seven. payment

deoxyadenosine monophosphate. follow payment education give during former step
bel. commit united states a SCREENSHOT of proof of requital american samoa soon arsenic you can to avoid stay inch order processing

c. once we confirm consume receive your payment, we shall immediately advise you of deliver date & clock time. To wield your arithmetic mean, order pay for today volition be transport out the following sidereal day, subject to line up with order make aside other customer, UNLESS intend differently. demur for fresh fruit & vegetable, in which subject we shall follow the cutoff & delivery schedule for that category .

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class : Cook

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