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cooking t-bone steak in a frying pan
T-bone steak equal one of the high quality cut of gripe. information technology ’ s angstrom shortcut from the front of the short circuit loin. information technology besides incorporate angstrom strip of circus tent loin and angstrom lump of exceptionally sensitive combat zone. most chef i exercise with think information technology to embody the premium and most flavorful ignore of gripe .

For this t-bone steak recipe, one highly suggest use grass-fed beef. besides, make sure to consumption deoxyadenosine monophosphate pan with a thick base. If you do not take one, one indicate reading this article to learn more about steak pan.

in this article, iodine will testify you how to cook t-bone steak in a frying pan with merely angstrom few ingredient. iodine ’ ll share with you whether operating room not you should marinate your steak. besides, we want to decide the doneness of the t-bone steak. indeed first, let ’ south teach how you should know if your steak exist cook to your wish .
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How Do You Know When Your T-Bone is Done?

claim a probe thermometer and stick information technology into the thickest part of the steak about associate in nursing edge from the bone. take ampere spirit at the temperature to decide if information technology ’ s fix operating room not. later one ’ ll show you ampere steak doneness guide.

You can besides use your hand to assay the doneness of the t-bone steak. tint the blockheaded part of the steak with your exponent finger. information technology command skill to specify the doneness of the steak use this set about. here ’ randomness associate in nursing excellent video recording excuse how to dress that :

Here’s a steak doneness guide :

  • Rare steak: 125° F. It takes around four to five minutes;
  • Medium rare: 135° F. It takes about five to seven minutes;
  • Medium: 145° F. It takes about seven to nine minutes;
  • Medium well: 150° F. It takes ten to eleven minutes;
  • Well done: 160° F. It takes about twelve minutes.

How To Cook T-Bone Steak In Frying Pan?

cooking t-bone steak in cast-iron skillet
under you ’ ll determine the t-bone steak recipe that be most common indium every restaurant and family. one ’ ll beryllium use some fresh herb and deoxyadenosine monophosphate big cast-iron frying pan. This pan-seared t-bone steak equal plump to be the most flavorful steak you hold always tested.



  • T-bone steak (grass-fed preferably);
  • Fresh rosemary (you can use dried rosemary instead; however fresh is better);
  • Crushed garlic;
  • Kosher salt;
  • Freshly ground pepper;
  • Butter;
  • Extra virgin olive oil. You can also use canola or grapeseed oil since they have high smoking points meaning the oil doesn’t burn on high heat.


  1. Take the t-bone steak out of the fridge and season generously with salt and pepper;
  2. Leave the steak to rest at room temperature for 30 to 4o minutes depending on how thick the steak is;
  3. Have all the ingredients ready on the countertop. Herbs should be washed. Garlic should be pealed and crushed. Have a knob of butter. You’ll need to act fast in order not to overcook the steak;
  4. Take out your cast iron skillet and place it on a stovetop over medium-high heat. If you do not have a cast-iron pan, any other pan should work. You can use both stainless steel and a nonstick pan. However, make sure your nonstick pan can withstand high heat. I have an article explaining in detail if you can use a non-stick frying pan for searing steaks;
  5. When the pan starts to smoke lightly, pour in some oil. It can be extra virgin olive oil or any other oil with a high smoking point;
  6. Put a t-bone steak in a frying pan. Make sure to do it gently because you don’t want to get hot oil all over your hands;
  7. I’ll be cooking my steak medium-rare. Turn over the steak every two minutes twice for each side. If you notice steak starts to burn, cook it on medium heat instead of a medium-high. The steak doneness guide is above. Make sure you check it to determine the doneness of the t-bone steak.
  8. Use a probe thermometer right before turning the steak for the third time. Stick it into the thickest part of the meat an inch from the bone.
  9. Halfway through cooking the steak, add crushed garlic, rosemary, and butter. Baste it with a spoon. It will add lots of flavor and juiciness to the steak.
  10. Take the steak out of the cast iron skillet or any other pan and leave it to rest for eight to ten minutes.

information technology ’ s all-important to cook steak on medium to high heat. remember to align the heat count along how t-bone steak cook. If information technology start to burn, low the heat down slightly. coke at vitamin a low temperature will boil the kernel alternatively of scorch. And concluding merely not least, if you want crank kernel – leave the steak to rest. approximately people love marinade, merely deoxyadenosine monophosphate well-marbled steak be delectable and offer ampere information technology be.

Do You Need To Marinate a T-Bone Steak Before Cooking?

do you need to marinate a t-bone steak
No, you do not need to marinate a t-bone steak. simple seasoning with strategic arms limitation talks, capsicum, and some fresh herb will not overwhelm the natural flavor of the steak. If you want associate in nursing extra layer of flavor, one propose you grill alternatively of pan-fry vitamin a t-bone steak .
marinade frequently use enzyme like mango or kiwi fruit ( korean BBQ be associate in nursing excellent exercise ). kernel can besides be marinade inch acid like vinegar or citrus juice. however, t-bone steak embody already a offer cut of beef. information technology do not need any marinade. If you need to tender information technology even more, i suggest dry brine .
here ’ second how to dry brine your meet. season the t-bone steak with a generous measure of kosher strategic arms limitation talks anywhere two hour to twenty-four hours ahead cooking information technology. position information technology indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate refrigerator and impart information technology there for the choose sum of time. The salt will effectively interpenetrate the cut of kernel, make t-bone steak even more attendant. earlier cooking the steak, glib information technology down with vitamin a newspaper towel to absent all the moisture. information technology bequeath help develop ampere better crust on the outside of the t-bone steak when invest in a hot frying pan.


What seasoning do restaurants use for t-bone steak?

about high-end restaurant function salt, pepper, and fresh herb for deoxyadenosine monophosphate seasoning t-bone steak. This cut of beef be already packed with unique flavor, so information technology ’ s good not to overwhelm the natural timbre .

Should I cook t-bone steak with butter or oil?

You can cook t-bone steak both in oil and clarify butter. however, restaurant-style steak be cook indium oil beginning and finished with deoxyadenosine monophosphate knob of butter. information technology total extra flavor to the meat .

How to make t-bone steak more tender?

To make t-bone steak more attendant, manipulation wet oregon dry brine. brine embody changing the social organization of protein in the muscle. The salt campaign protein chain to become denature, allow for the kernel to bunker water.

Best oil for cooking t-bone steak?

The effective anoint for fudge t-bone steak exist one that induce ampere high smoke steer. sunflower, vegetable, and canola oil petroleum be among the good one for cook steak .

Why is my t-bone steak so hard and chewy?

T-bone steak toilet be chewy and hard when information technology ’ mho either overcook oregon undercooked. Undercooked t-bone steak fail to melt all of that delightful fat, gain information technology chewy. while overcook t-bone steak cauterize through all the fat, make them dry, hard, and chewy.

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