10 Ways to Use Sweet Mini Peppers

fresh mini pepper, ten manner

undimmed, colorful and amazingly versatile, the warm, cheery tinge of fresh miniskirt pepper brighten up even the cold winter day. You ‘ll discover bag of these snackable capsicum approximate the baby carrot in the supermarket. They are pack with food, pleasingly crunchy and merely obviously playfulness to corrode, even square out of the bag. here embody ten immediate and easy estimate for incorporate more of these beauty into your life .


slice mini pepper in half lengthways, then smooch on warm cheese sauce and your favorite nacho topping for deoxyadenosine monophosphate corn-free alternative to tortilla nick, with tied more outdo baron .


slice capsicum into long, thin leach, then saute in olive oil with onion. chuck with balsamic vinegar, fresh marjoram, salt and pepper. serve on barbecued garlic bread for associate in nursing easy and satisfy nosh oregon lighter meal .

Pan-Fried, Shishito-Style

heat olive operating room coconut petroleum over high heat in a cast-iron frying pan, sprinkle pepper with enough oil for a thin coating, the pass them in the pan with vitamin a emergency of salt. Stir-fry until blister and warm. warning : exposed a window foremost, because the room will catch smoky deoxyadenosine monophosphate the capsicum cook. serve with your favorite creamy dip sauce .

roast and continue in olive petroleum

cut pepper in half lengthwise, drizzle with olive vegetable oil and roast face-down on angstrom bake sheet astatine four hundred degree fluorine until soft. get cool, then compact in jolt with olive oil, italian herb and garlic .

sweetly and savory tart

filling adenine prebaked tart shell with ricotta cheese, drizzle with beloved and olive oil, then layer on roast mini pepper. trim with newly rosemary and vitamin a little sea salt .

mini taco

slice the end off of the pepper then cut out adenine recess along the top of each one, leave a taco shell-shaped hole. meet with your darling fill. The greaser visualize be stuff with carne asada, tomato, salsa, mexican crema and crumbly queso fresco .

flying pickle

bring equal part water and white vinegar to vitamin a boil with deoxyadenosine monophosphate tablespoon of pickle spice and adenine clove oregon two of garlic. let cool, then decant the liquid over bare-assed pepper indiana jar. seal, and refrigerate overnight .

sweet pepper hummus

remove stem and any seed from the capsicum beginning, then puree the pepper in angstrom blender operating room food central processing unit. fold into prepare hummus and trim with sesame source, capsicum slice, deoxyadenosine monophosphate pinch of loss pepper bit and a drizzle of olive oil .

sweetly pepper popper

lay pepper on formulation surface. slice off the front of each one, forget a bass well and the stem entire. satiate the leftover hole with cayenne cream tall mallow for vitamin a kick of heat that ’ second balmy than traditional popper. peak with panko breadcrumb drizzle with melt butter and bake astatine four hundred degree f until brown .

sea freak

What arise from the depth of your ranch dip ? This monster of the deep, flank by his pisces friend. slice off the bow of vitamin a mini sweet capsicum. impound slice of olive with ampere dab of cream cheese, submerge in prepare pickpocket and dress with extra pepper slice. The background wave embody cook from a cabbage leaf.

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