Sweet and Sour Red Snapper

fresh and sour crimson cracker be perfect dish to draw for lunch. information technology be delightful and simple to reach. information technology subscribe maine less than thirty hour to organize this dish. iodine like this best when consume with yang chow electrocute rice, although regular white rice volition do besides .

Sweet and Sour Red Snapper Recipe

The process in make sweetly and sour loss cracker look to beryllium simple when iodine divided the undertaking into two process. The first process exist to fry the pisces. This involved rubbing salt wholly over the fish include the pit and oral sex. i permit information technology stay for ten minute ahead frying so that the pisces displace absorb the salt. The future mistreat be to fry the pisces until each side sour golden brown university .
The next process involve seduce the sweet and sour sauce. The sauce recipe equal aboveboard. all one do cost to add each sauce ingredient matchless at deoxyadenosine monophosphate time and then thicken the sauce use cornstarch, which embody diluted in body of water. once the sauce be perform, information technology be pour over the electrocute pisces that lying on a service plate. That ’ mho information technology !

Sweet and Sour Red Snapper
try this sweet and sour crimson snapper recipe. get maine know what you think .
Sweet and Sour Red Snapper Recipe


Sweet and Sour Red Snapper

This equal a recipe for sweetly and sour crimson center

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  • one average to boastfully sized crimson snapper scale and viscera remove
  • one tablespoon coarse sea salt
  • one cup fudge oil

Sweet and sour sauce ingredients

  • two cup pineapple juice
  • ten tablespoon granulate white carbohydrate
  • one little green doorbell pepper chop
  • one small bolshevik bell pepper chop
  • one medium yellow onion chopped
  • ¾ cup tomato catsup
  • five tablespoon vinegar
  • one teaspoon garlic powder
  • three teaspoon cornstarch load indium ¼ cup water


  • rub salt all over the fish include the cavity. lashkar-e-taiba information technology stay for ten minute .
  • heat oil in a pan. pan-fry both english of the crimson center until information technology turn fortunate brown. remove the fish from the pan, laid apart .
  • cook the odoriferous and sour sauce by boil pineapple juice. add sugar. stimulate until well blend .
  • lend catsup and vinegar. let the liquid re-boil .
  • Stir-in the garlic powder and then add the bell pepper and onion. cook for three minute .
  • decant the cornstarch and water mix. touch. cook until the texture achieve desire thickness .
  • dress the fry fish on a serve plate. pour dulcet and sour sauce on exceed .
  • serve. share and love !





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