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The Sims 4 Island Living Guide

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The Sims 4 Island Living Game Guide

Special Thanks to Ines for the PDF’s!

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Box Art


Game Summary

research a blowy earth drenched in sun, sandpaper and endless fun as your Sims make their own paradise in The Sims 4 Island Living. Whether they contribute to the conservation feat or prefer living off the power system, your Sims can take the plunge and enjoy what this alone culture has to offer. Embrace traditional events, wear native invest styles or sip on some kava.



The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack adds one new Aspiration for survival in Create-a-Sim. This aspiration grants Sims both a reward and bonus trait .

Image Name Description
Beach Life This Sim wants to take it slow and enjoy beach life.


Aspiration Rewards

The Sims 4 Island Living adds a raw aspiration reward to the game. When completing aspiration milestones in the game, Sims can earn enough points to purchase newfangled rewards .

Image Name Description Cost Acquired by..
Mermadic Kelp Eat this to turn into a Mermaid! 500 Points Rewards Store



The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack adds six brand new traits for Sims. Two of the traits can be selected in Create-a-Sim, one is earned by completing the new Aspiration, two are from completing the Conservationist Career, and one is inherited .

Image Name Description
Child of the Ocean Answer the call of the ocean! Sims with this trait will prefer water related activities and feel closer to denizens of the sea.
Child of the Islands These Sims experience a spiritual connection to islands of Sulani. Honor the islands by partaking in their culture, summon powerful elementals and reap the rewards of their blessings—or the consequences of their disfavor.
Sulani Mana (Inherited Trait) This Sim is imbued with Sulani’s elemental energy due to their heritage. They can increase the quality of plants as well as summon Volcanic Bombs. (From Elemental Heritage)
(Reward Trait)
Sims who are Laid-Back never become tense. (From Completing the Beach Life Aspiration)
Master of the Sea (Reward Trait) A Master of the Sea becomes friends with dolphins and mermaids faster, and can maneuver around the ocean much more easily. (From Completing the Conservationist Career – Marine Biologist Branch)
Natural Speaker (Reward Trait) Sims that are Natural Speakers have been empowered by nature with instinctive charisma. Being friendly is second nature. These Sims find it easy to Enthuse and Spread Awareness of their cause to other Sims, and find that their grant applications tend to get accepted. (From Completing the Conservationist Career – Environmental Manager Branch)


Create-a-Sim Fashions

Female Adult/Teen/Elder15 Hairstyles and Hats, 18 Tops, 12 Bottoms, 8 Outfits, 4 Pairs of Shoes, 9 Accessories, 1 Set of Teeth, 4 Tattoos, 2 Makeup

Female Children2 Hairstyles and Hats, 4 Tops, 6 Bottoms, 5 Outfits, 3 Pairs of Shoes, 3 Accessories

Female Toddlers1 Top, 3 Bottoms, 9 Outfits, 1 Accessory

Male Adult/Teen/Elder7 Hairstyles and Hats, 13 Tops, 12 Bottoms, 1 Outfit, 2 Pairs of Shoes, 5 Accessories, 1 Set of Teeth, 4 Tattoos, 2 Makeup

Male Children1 Hairstyle and Hats, 2 Tops, 5 Bottoms, 2 Outfits, 2 Pairs of Shoes, 2 Accessories

Male Toddlers1 Top, 3 Bottoms, 1 Accessory

Hairstyles and Hats











New Game Additions

This section includes details of the newfangled gameplay available with The Sims 4 Island Living. Images have been sized down in most cases, indeed pawl the images for a larger horizon.

New Music Genre/Radio Station

The Sims 4 Island Living adds the newfangled “Island Radio” music writing style to the crippled. You can listen to the new music and stations in plot via the stereophonic and loudspeaker systems .



Club Activities

If you own The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion, Island Living adds ten-spot new Club Activities and Club Requirements. The postdate options are available when picking golf club requirements and activities .

  • Traits
    • Mermaid
    • Child of the Islands
    • Child of the Ocean
  • Careers
    • Diver
    • Fisherman
    • Lifeguard
    • Conservationist
  • Activities
    • Conservationist Activities
    • Dive in the Ocean



New Collectibles

The Sims 4 Island Living includes the stigmatize raw “ Seashells ”, “ Buried Treasure ” and “ Underwater Photos ” collections, and adds sword new collectibles to the already existing Gardening and Fishing Collections. Below is a detail number of all the new collectibles.


Seashells are a new collectible acquired by Fishing, Diving, and “ Combing the Beach ” for Seashells. There are 13 Seashells to collect in Sulani in order to complete the collection .

❗ The “Ordinary” Conch Shell has a special “Blow Conch” interaction on it. When used around Mermaids it will invoke a reaction. (Even when not in their “Merform”)

Image Name Rarity Value Description
Scallop Shell Common §10 It’s the classic scallop. Birthplace of delicious sea morsels and tiny goddesses alike.
Scallop Shell Common §15 It’s the classic scallop. Birthplace of delicious sea morsels and tiny goddesses alike.
Small Conch Shell Common §20 A small seashell that is easy to pick up, even on the move. Fair warning, they can go really far when thrown.
Small Conch Shell Common §30 A small seashell that is easy to pick up, even on the move. Fair warning, they can go really far when thrown.
Tulip Shell Common §40 Rough on the outside, smooth within. Just like the grumpy old sweetheart that used to live inside.
Tulip Shell Common §50 Rough on the outside, smooth within. Just like the grumpy old sweetheart that used to live inside.
Moon Snail Shell Uncommon §80 These moon snails sometimes come out at night to look up at the big light in the sky and long for the time when they can converge, become whole, and ascend to their true home.
Moon Snail Shell Uncommon §90 These moon snails sometimes come out at night to look up at the big light in the sky and long for the time when they can converge, become whole, and ascend to their true home.
Sea Urchin Shell Uncommon §60 This unassuming sphere once housed the hedgehog of the sea. Watch out when swimming in the ocean or you might feel the uncomfortable sting of one of these.
Sea Urchin Shell Uncommon §70 This unassuming sphere once housed the hedgehog of the sea. Watch out when swimming in the ocean or you might feel the uncomfortable sting of one of these.
“Ordinary” Conch Shell Rare N/A Nothing to see here. Just a plain old boring conch shell. Definitely doesn’t provoke a response from the aquatically inclined.
Abalone Shell Rare §120 These shiny shells are sought in surf and sold at shore. Generations of paleontologists have supported themselves by selling these seashells on these sea shores.
Abalone Shell Rare §130 These shiny shells are sought in surf and sold at shore. Generations of paleontologists have supported themselves by selling these seashells on these sea shores.
Plaque N/A N/A Well done! The Elder Crustacean Court has sent you this plaque to commemorate your gallant service in the ongoing battle against the mollusks.



Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure is a modern collectible acquired by Fishing, Scuba or Free Diving for Treasure, or “ Combing the Beach ” for Seashells. There are 18 classify Treasures to collect in Sulani in decree to complete the collection, each with a unique report description .

Image Name Rarity Value Description
The Eyes of Sulani Common §60 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Eyes of Sulani Common §50 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Eyes of Sulani Common §90 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Fingers of Sulani Common §100 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Fingers of Sulani Common §130 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Fingers of Sulani Common §140 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Heart of Sulani Common §185 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Heart of Sulani Common §205 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Heart of Sulani Common §265 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Eyes of Sulani Uncommon §550 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Eyes of Sulani Uncommon §295 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Fingers of Sulani Uncommon §385 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Fingers of Sulani Uncommon §610 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Heart of Sulani Uncommon §425 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Heart of Sulani Uncommon §810 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Eyes of Sulani Rare §890 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Fingers of Sulani Rare §1,000 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
The Heart of Sulani Rare §1,200 Each Treasure has a long and unique story behind it. Read the full description in game.
Plaque N/A N/A The Sulani Preservation Society officially recognizes you as a collector, archiver, and protector par excellence of Sulani Islands historical artifacts.




The Sims 4 Island Living adds 14 stigmatize new pisces to the Fish Collection. The raw fish are exclusive to Sulani, but can distillery be taken to other worlds for cook, ridicule, and mounting. Catching these new fish types depends on location and skill level .

❗ The Sims 4 Island Living introduces some new ways to fish. Sims can now Fish directly off boats and even use the “Spearfish” interaction on the Diving buoy.
❗ The Sims 4 Island Living also introduces a new “fish trap” item that can be purchased from the beach shack vending machine. When left in the ocean near schools of fish, Sims can set a trap and then return to retrieve fish at a later time.

Image Name Rarity Description
Celestial Grouper Common They are primordially hunters, they lie on the bottom and surge forward, preferring juvenile surgeonfish and crustaceans. Alternatively they may hover motionless in the water column before attacking. (Level 1 Fishing Skill)
Clownfish Common Thirty species are recognized: one in the genus Premnas, while the remaining are in the genus Amphiprion. In the wild, they all form symbiotic mutualisms with sea anemones. (Level 3 Fishing Skill)
Mahi Mahi Common Surface-dwelling, ray-finned fish found in off-shore temperate, tropical, and subtropical waters worldwide. Also widely called dorado and dolphin. (Level 3 Fishing Skill)
Neon Angelfish Common Neon…Shinier! Glossier than your garden variety Angelfish. (Level 3 Fishing Skill)
Bluefin Tuna Uncommon Bluefin are the largest tuna. (Level 7 Fishing Skill)
Butterflyfish Uncommon Although some species are dull-colored, most wear intricate patterns with striking backgrounds of blue, red, orange, or yellow. (Level 5 Fishing Skill)
Fighting Plakat Uncommon Pronounced pla-COT, they are a short-finned variety of Betta Splendens. They were originally selected out of rice paddies in Thailand and Southeast Asia and bred for their fighting abilities. (Level 4 Fishing Skill)
Parrotfish Uncommon Parrotfish are colorful and voracious herbivores that spend up to 90% of their day eating algae off of coral reefs with their beak-like teeth. And they defecate sand, keeping beaches beachy. (Level 4 Fishing Skill)
Golden Mahi Mahi Rare They are distinguished by dazzling colors, in this case GOLD! (Level 10 Fishing Skill)
Green Plakat Rare They are quite intelligent as fish go, and they can even be trained to recognize their owners and do tricks. (Level 6 Fishing Skill)
Leopard Shark Rare Harmless to humans, the leopard shark is caught by commercial and recreational fisheries for food and the aquarium trade. (Level 8 Fishing Skill)
Royal Sabrefish Rare How Royal? We are not sure. (Level 9 Fishing Skill)
Scorpionfish Rare Members of the scorpionfish family are experts at blending in with their surroundings, making them excellent ambush predators in their habitat. (Level 8 Fishing Skill)
Swordfish Rare They are a popular sport fish of the billfish category, though elusive. (Level 9 Fishing Skill)




The Sims 4 Island Living adds 4 brand new harvestables to the Gardening Collection. The new harvestables are single to Sulani, but can still be taken to other worlds for cook and plant. Sims can purchase the newly harvestables from the beach trail vending machine, or by harvesting them in the crazy .

Image Name Rarity Value Season Description
Taro Root Common §1 Spring and Summer Don’t eat this raw! Boil, fry, mash, or bake this starchy tuber for a slightly earthy and sweet taste.
Coconut Uncommon §3 Spring and Summer If you’re willing to make the effort to crack the hard husk, you’ll be rewarded with creamy fruit and juice inside.
Kava Root Uncommon §3 Spring and Summer Found in the Sulani Islands, fresh Kava Roots are used to improve a drink best served for social events.
Pineapple Rare §3 Spring and Summer You can forgive the misleading name, as if apples grew on pine trees.



Underwater Photos

The Sims 4 Island Living introduces 10 new Underwater Photo collectibles. Underwater Photos are taken using the limited “ Take UnderWater Photos ” interaction on the dive buoy. While they do not have their own dedicated collection in the bet on, Sims can still collect them to display in their homes. All photos are worth §200 .




The Sims 4 Island Living adds 10 mark new food recipes. Sims can either make the recipes at home, purchase them at a food bandstand, or cook them with the Sulani BBQ Searer. With the exception of the Coconut Cake which can be baked at home, the early recipes require the BBQ Searer or must be purchased at the new food stands .

❗ Although Blackened Swordfish is shown as a new recipe in the game code, I have not been able to figure out how to cook it. It is unknown if it is a live recipe in game.

Image Name Skill Level Ingredients/Other
Coconut Cake Level 3 Cooking Can be cooked at home on the oven.
Fish Sandwich N/A Found in Zee’s E-Z Poke Stand.
Poke Bowl N/A Found in Zee’s E-Z Poke Stand.
Fish Stew N/A Found in Zee’s E-Z Poke Stand.
Pan Fried Fish N/A Found in Zee’s E-Z Poke Stand.
BBQ Salmon N/A Found in Jess’ Big Island BBQ Shack.
Tropical Vegetable Plate N/A Found in Jess’ Big Island BBQ Shack, and can be cooked with the Sulani Volcanic BBQ Searer.
Kalua Pork Plate N/A Found in Jess’ Big Island BBQ Shack, and can be cooked with the Sulani Volcanic BBQ Searer.
Pork Adobo N/A Can be cooked with the Sulani Volcanic BBQ Searer.
Blackened Swordfish N/A N/A




The Sims 4 Island Living adds 2 brand new drink options. Sims will need to purchase a particular Kava bowl to create Kava, and reach Mixology Level 6 to create Lotta Cocolate .

Image Name Skill Level Other
Kava N/A Created with the Kava Bowl.
Lotta Cocolate Level 6 Mixology Created at a Bar.



Food Stalls

The Sims 4 Island Living includes two new food stalls that are found in the populace areas of Sulani, or in buy mood. Each of the food stalls have different offerings, but both allow Sims to purchase some of the new food recipes .

❗ Food stalls on a residential or commercial lot include the “Hire Vendor (§100)” interaction. This brings an NPC salesperson to the stall to sell the food items.
❗ The Zee’s E-Z Poke Stand also includes a special “Bring Your Own Fish” interaction which allows Sims to purchase any of the dishes at a discount in exchange for using fish from their inventory.



Kava Bowl

The Sims 4 Island Living introduces the particular Kava Bowl. This bowl is used to prepare the raw Kava beverage that comes with the game. Sims can prepare Kava with or without Kava Root, but having the ingredient lowers the price .




The Sims 4 Island Living adds some new random events available to Sims living in Sulani .
When a family moves to Sulani, they will be greeted by the friendly locals of the neighborhood with a particular Island Welcome Wagon. The neighbors will welcome you with Kava, a special, relaxing drink in that is a staple of the polish .

Sulani locals might visit Sims at their home from time to time, and might even bring over some plates of extra food they had made during the Extra Food Event .
other events that occur are exclusive to Ohan ’ ali Town, where Sims can join in on local anesthetic festivities and events. The following events will spawn in Ohan ’ ali :

  • Beach Bonfire — Sims will party around the bonfire.
  • Family Fun Day — Sims and their families will spend some time at the beach, doing activities such as swimming in the ocean, swinging on the swing set, and playing in the sand.
  • Fishing Competition — Sims are able to fish with each other at the designated fishing spot, and are able to have the fish they caught prepared for a meal at the food stall.
  • Flowers and Music — Sims are able to enjoy guitar playing and fire dancing while surrounded by vibrant flora.
  • Island Celebration — Sims are able to enjoy food from food stalls, play the guitar, paint on the easels, and dance around the bonfire.
  • Town BBQ — Sims will drink Kava and eat a BBQ Feast prepared from the Barbecue Pit.
  • Town Potluck — Sims will bring over food they have prepared to share for a feast.

once the environment of Sulani has been conserved enough to the luff where it is fully boom, a Turtle Hatching Event may occur at Mua Pel ’ am. here, Sims are able to watch and cheer on pamper turtles as they hatch from their eggs and enter the ocean .


Elementals are ghosts native to Sulani that can be found on the island. Elementals are protective of the land they inhabited when they were alert, so they like to see the Sulani acculturation and geography thrive .
Sims with the Child of the Islands trait have the ability to Summon Island Elements in Sulani, which will trigger an event called “ Commuting with Sulani Elementals. ” This will make a few Elementals appear for the Sim to interact with. however, this event alone lasts a few hours, and once it is over, the Elementals will disappear .

Those who have the Child of the Island trait may besides “ Ask For Judgment ” to see if the Elementals approve of how they honor the island ’ sulfur traditions. If a Sim follows the island ’ mho customs and helps conserve the environment, they are likely to please the Elementals with their particular association to Sulani .
Elementals and offspring to Elementals have the inherited Sulani Mana trait. This trait allows them to use their elemental energy to increase the quality of plants and summon Volcanic Bombs .



Island Spirits

Lots with the Island Spirits draw trait, such as the Hoapili residency in Ohan ’ ali Town, frequently experience visits from clusters of light known as Spirits .

Sims can “ Commune ” with Spirits, which may give them a positive moodlet that can death up to two days. These moodlets include the +1 “ Island Energy ” Energized moodlet and the +1 Confident “ Island Luck ” moodlet. Once the moodlet is applied, the feign Sim will have an episodic blue energy appear around them until the moodlet wears off .

❗ If a Sim does not want to receive a mood boost, they can simply use the “Release Spirits” or “Banish Spirits” interaction.



Death by Drowning

The Sims 4 Island Living has added a fresh means for Sims to die by Drowning. Sims who swim in the ocean with low motives have a high chance of drowning. The ghastly harvester will then come to take away the Sim ’ mho person and leave their urn floating on lifebuoy .

❗ Drowning can occur in any part of the ocean just like it can in swimming pools. Sims who are uncomfortable with very low motives should get out of the ocean as soon as possible to avoid drowning.



Death by Fire

The Sims 4 Island Living has added a new way for Sims to die by Fire. Sims who use the “ Try to Touch ” interaction on Volcanic Bombs run the prospect of burning to death .



Waterfall Woohoo

The Sims 4 Island Living introduces a new Woohoo localization for Sims. Any Sims that are in a romanticist relationship can use the Waterfall area to “ Woohoo ” or “ Try for a Baby ” .

❗ The waterfall is located in the Mua Pel’am Neighborhood near the volcano.



Part Time Careers

The Sims 4 Island Living introduces three brand new partially prison term career options : Lifeguard, Fisherman and Diver .The new careers are found in the careers menu with all the other wide prison term and partially time career options. Sims can hold multiple partially time careers, and if there is a schedule battle, they ’ ll be asked to quit the career with conflicting hours .



Diving Career

Grab your snorkel and get to work ! Being a loon is all about exploring the depths of the ocean floor .

The raw loon career has only one shift option : 5pm-8pm. Sims have to use one of the deep water system bouys to purchase Diving Gear to receive a promotion in this career. As of the fourth dimension of writing this guide this is a little glitchy, indeed wait until it directs you to buy the items. I found if I already owned the item it didn ’ triiodothyronine constantly detect the purchase and I couldn ’ thyroxine get the promotion. ( This career is not available for Teen Sims. )

Level Rank Pay Promotion Task Promotion Bonus
1 Snorkel Guide §45/Hour Purchase Diving Knife
2 Scuba Instructor §59/Hour Purchase Treasure Tool Scuba Dive Tank
3 Sunken Treasure Hunter §70/Hour Mermaids Love Treasure Chest



Fisherman Career

Relax by the water and let the fish total to you. It ’ south all about how you catch ’ em ( hook, occupation, and sinker ) when you ’ re a fisherman !

The fisherman career has a choice of two shifts : 5am-9am or 9pm-1am. This career is perfect for the early dame or the nox owl. Sims besides get to dress in some hip fishing waders as they head off to work. ( This career is not available for Teen Sims. )

Level Rank Pay Promotion Task Promotion Bonus
1 Goldfish Hunter §33/Hour Reach Level 2 Fishing
2 River Wrangler §40/Hour Reach Level 4 Fishing Life of Fish
3 Deep Sea Fishing Master §48/Hour Swordfish-Mounted



Lifeguard Career

Sunscreen, whistles, and the episodic shark are all partially of everyday life as a Lifeguard. Love float, base hit, and yelling at boisterous children trying to drown each other ? This is the part-time career for you !

The lifeguard career has a choice of two shifts : 8am-12pm or 5pm-9pm. Sims with the Lifeguard Career have a modern interaction that allows them to patrol the area. This seems to mean strike a confident perplex that makes you look busy. I guess if you ’ re going to be a lifeguard, you should get to look aplomb while doing it. Speaking of looking cool, you ’ ll unlock brand newfangled swimsuit options once you reach floor 2. ( adolescent Sims will entirely have the option of the 5pm-9pm fault. )

Level Rank Pay Promotion Task Promotion Bonus
1 CPR Dummy Stand-In §33/Hour Reach Level 2 Fitness
2 Wave Watcher §40/Hour Reach Level 4 Fitness New Clothes
Lifeguard Life Preserver
3 Prolific Whistler §48/Hour Oversized Lifeguard Beach Towel



Odd Jobs

Looking to earn a little excess income ? Pick up you telephone ( or log on to your calculator ) and put your skills to work with all raw Odd Jobs. And like any good gig economy, your job performance is rated out of 5 stars. Having a higher rat will grant access to better paying odd jobs. You can find your current ace Rating at the top of the Odd Jobs dining table .
Having a higher Odd Jobs evaluation will grant access to higher paying gigs. Two Sims with different ratings may see different jobs when they check the Odd Jobs Board. Odd Jobs are available from 8am-8pm and reset casual. Any of the Odd Jobs a Sim selects or completes during the day will not be accessible to other Sims .

There are two main types of curious jobs, based on when the subcontract begins. The beginning type are listed as “ Begins ASAP ” and the authoritative thing to note is the recommend skill ( found at the bottom of each number ). once selected, a Sim will just disappear for a few hours as they head out to do the odd subcontract. It ’ south significant to make certain Sims suffer the minimal recommended skill .
The future character of odd jobs are listed as “ Needed By ” and the important thing to pay attention to is the job description. These listings are normally in search of a specific detail like a coconut. Once an item is acquired, use the mailbox to send it to the client and complete the curious job. These listings often give a match days to complete the request, but Sims can only have one active leftover job at a time. therefore until they fulfill the request or cancel the odd job, they will not be able to work any extra odd jobs .
To select an odd occupation, snap on the list you want then click the check mark button in the bottom right. The Odd Job details will then appear in your Sim ’ s career control panel .
If Sims select a “ Needed By ” job, tax details are at the bed of the Odd Job detail panel. once Sims complete all the listed tasks, they will get a notification of their performance and be paid for the work. To cancel an Odd Job, snap on the pan can icon in the Odd Jobs control panel .
once an curious job is completed, Sims will receive one of the watch feedback reviews : Great Success, Success, Failure or Critical Failure. They ’ ll be notified of their give, any tips received, and whether or not their Odd Job ranking went up or gloomy. From there, choose a new curious subcontract, or go about your day.




Mermaids are the newest mysterious life sentence state that come with Island Living. No Sim is more connect to the sea than Mermaids. They might seem like an average Sim on nation, but when they are in water, they reveal their fishy, lepidote buttocks. They besides have special powers that set them apart from human Sims .




The Sims 4 Island Living adds the new “ Mermaid ” life express. digression from being able to find Mermaids throughout the game, and turning into one as you play, players can besides use the new “ Create-a-Mermaid ” feature of speech in CAS to make a Mermaid family immediately .

❗ Only Sims aged Teen-Elder can become Mermaids.

just like human Sims, Mermaids can be created and customized from head-to-fin. however, because Mermaids are a particular life state, they do lack some features like shoes and pants ( the fin replaces those ), but have extra features like Fin and Pupil Customization .

Mermaids can be customized using Hairstyles, Clothing, and Accessories available within the plot, but MerSims besides have their very own default “ Mermaid Form ”. This allows for customization of the “ Mermaid look ” when performing Mermadic actions within the game .
Both “ sides ” of a Mermaid can look the same by using the “ Copy Mermaid Form to Sim ” and “ Link/Unlink Sim Form with Mermaid Form ” options to carry over their looks .

❗ The Mermaid Form is not optional, so you will not be able to have Mermaids walk around with a fin when they’re not in water, nor will you be able to have them swim in the water without a fin. With the exception of the lower half of their body (shoes, pants, fin, etc), the Mermaid Form can be customized separately from the Sim form.



Becoming a Mermaid

Mermaids can be created directly from Create-a-Sim, but a human Sim can become one if they desire by consuming the extra Mermadic Kelp. Mermadic Kelp can be obtained in a number of ways. The easiest way of obtaining it is by purchasing it in the Rewards Store for 500 atonement Points. Mermadic Kelp will appear in the Sim ’ s stock .

❗ Mermadic Kelp can also be found through other means like fishing, diving for treasure, requesting a dolphin retrieve treasure, and exploring the cave in Mua Pel’am.

once a Sim has acquired Mermadic Kelp, they will need to consume it in ordering to to turn into a Mermaid. After eating Mermadic Kelp, Sims will receive the 24-hour +3 Energized “ Strange Sensations ” moodlet. Once the moodlet is activated, the Sim will need to enter the ocean and officially transform into a Mermaid. If they don ’ triiodothyronine enter the ocean within the 24 hour moodlet bridge, the Sim will remain human .

❗ MerSims can also produce Mermadic offspring. If two Mermaids Try for a baby, the baby will have Mermadic powers once they become a Teen. If only one parent is a mermaid, there’s a 50/50 chance of the offspring becoming a Mermaid.



Mermaid Hydration

once you have a Mermaid in the family, you ’ ll motivation to care for their needs. In stead of a hygiene necessitate, Mermaids have the Hydration Need. Showering, bathe, naiant, and drinking water can all fulfill this motivation and keep Mermaids glad .

Mermaids with low hydration will receive a +2 Uncomfortable “ Dried Scales ” moodlet, and once the hydration barricade is closely depleted, the Mermaid will receive the +3 Uncomfortable “ Dehydrated ! ” moodlet and start to smell. Hydration is very significant for Mermaids.

Mermaid Powers and Abilities

Mermaids are able to do more in the ocean than homo Sims. They can sleep on the water, interact with sea life, dive in deep water without aqualung diving gear, call other Mermaids by blowing into a conch blast, and swim actually fast. Mermaids are limited in some aspects, though. For example, they can not snorkel at buoys, and they get sad when they eat a fish or opinion a wax pisces on the wall. What Mermaid would want to eat their friends ? !

extra abilities digression, Mermaids besides depend on Hydration to fuel their special powers and interactions. Using hydration points, Mermaids can affect the temper of other Sims, change the upwind, and interact with especial Dolphins .
The follow powers and interactions are available through Mermaids :

  • Mermaid’s Kiss (-30 Hydration Points) – This will give the receiving Sim a +1 Happy “Aquatic Breath” moodlet.
  • Aquatic Lure (-30 Hydration Points) – This action can be performed at fishing spots to increase the quality of fish.
  • Summon Ocean Threat (-30 Hydration Points) – This will cause a dark cloud to form under a Sim while they are in the ocean, which will pull them down under the water. This will give the receiving Sim a +3 Uncomfortable “Deep Sea Entity” moodlet, and might even cause them to drown to death.
  • Siren’s Lullaby…
    • Aegean’s Question (-30 Hydration Points) – This will give the receiving Sim a +2 Tense moodlet.
    • Charmer’s Lullaby (-30 Hydration Points) – This will give the receiving Sim a +2 Flirty moodlet.
    • Inspiring Berceuse (-30 Hydration Points) – This will give the receiving Sim a +2 Inspiring moodlet
    • Night’s Requiem (-30 Hydration Points) – This will give the receiving Sim a +2 Sad moodlet.

With the Seasons expansion carry, Mermaid Sims can besides affect the weather .

  • Call Clear Skies (-75 Hydration Points)
  • Call Rainstorm (-75 Hydration Points)
  • Call Thunderstorm (-75 Hydration Points)

Mermaids besides have extra abilities while in the ocean .

  • Sunbathe
  • Sleep
  • Call Over Azure Dolphin (-30 Hydration Points)

last, Mermaids tend to befriend dolphins easier than early Sims. Once they get to know a dolphin better, they might become soulmates .

Becoming a Human

If a Mermaid decides that the Mermaid life style is not for them, they can change into a human by consuming two pieces of Mermadic Kelp. After eating the first base piece of Mermadic Kelp, the Mermaid will receive a 4-hour +1 “ Heightened Sensations ” moodlet. Once the moodlet is activated, the Sim will need to eat a second piece to become human. If they don ’ triiodothyronine eat the second nibble within the 4 hour moodlet span, the Sim will remain a Mermaid .



Ocean Life

The Sims 4 Island Living introduces a tropical ocean life have to The Sims 4. From building sandcastles, to spearfishing, the Island Living Expansion Pack adds numerous fresh features and interactions for Sims to experience and enjoy .



Ocean Swimming

The Sims 4 Island Living introduces swimming in the ocean. This interaction is entirely potential in the world of Sulani, giving Sims the ability to swim around in unlike parts of the universe .

The play along interactions are available in the waters of Sulani :

  • Swim Here
  • Swim Around
  • Swim With…
  • Back Float
  • Wade Here
  • Skinny Dip
  • Skinny Dip With…
  • Ride Here (Requires Water Vehicle)
  • Play in Ocean (Toddlers)
  • Wade Here (Toddlers)
  • Sit Here (Toddlers)

Beach Towels

The Sims 4 Island Living introduces Beach Towels to the game. Sims Aged Child and older can use these towels to relax, nap, or sun .



Beach Activities

When Sims are not napping on beach towels and swimming in the ocean, they can partake in diverse beach activities available when clicking on the backbone. Sims of all ages can enjoy some of what Sulani ’ second beaches has to offer .

Sims can use any of the follow interactions when clicking on sand :

  • Build Sand Sculpture
  • Build Sand Sculpture With…
  • Beachcomb (Seashells or Trash)
  • Play in Sand (Children)
  • Sit Here (Toddlers)

When build up sandpaper sculptures, Sims will create one of 5 types of sculptures. They can then use the “ Monster Stomp ” interaction, or if the sand slowly blows away, Sims can then use the “ Restore ” interaction on the sculpt to bring it back to its original shape .

When using the beachcomb interaction, Sims will find random buried treasures and the newly seashells available for solicitation. This interaction will yield some of the rare treasures that Sulani has to offer. Sims can besides opt to beachcomb for trash if that ’ s their matter .


There is nothing more relax than the strong rays of the sunlight on your skin. now Sims can click on a loiter chair, pool float, or beach towel and choose to sunbathe. There are three options for sunbathing : “ Sunbathe in Current Outfit ”, “ Sunbathe in Swimwear ” or “ Sunbathe in Nude. ” Mermaids besides have a fourth option to “ Sunbathe in Open Water. ”

❗ Island Living introduces realistic suntan lines. This means if Sims sunbathe, they should choose their outfit carefully as tan lines will appear in the shape of their clothing.

There are a few exceptions to keep in mind when it comes to sunbathing. Sims won ’ thymine be able to sunbathe bare if there are any children around, and Child Sims can not sunbathe at all .
Sims besides won ’ thyroxine be able to sunbathe if the sunday is not out. ( This besides applies to cloudy days or during regretful weather if you have The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion installed. ) last, there are certain skin types – peculiarly the more abnormal shades of blasphemous, green and grey – that will not tan or burn .
Mermaids may be able to sunbathe in one shape but not the early based on their bark tone. other Occult Sims like Vampires and Aliens, will not be able to sunbathe in either of their forms as they will receive a notification that states “ This Sim ’ randomness skin is incapable of tanning. It must have some weird properties. ”
It ’ s significant for Sims to keep an eye on how farseeing they are sunbathing, or the sun might turn from ally to foe. One way to prevent cauterize is to keep an eye on Sims. When a red aura appears with a tense “ Starting to Burn ” moodlet, cancel the sunbathing action. bankruptcy to cancel the sunbathing action results in the uncomfortable “ Burning ” moodlet, which means it is besides belated for the Sim to stop the sunburn .
Sims can help prevent burns by choosing the “ Apply Sunburn Protection ” self-interaction. This will protect Sims for 12 hours, and rather of burn off, Sims will stop sunbathing once they ’ ve achieve that perfective sun-kissed search. perfect tans are not always perfect with pranksters around though…
Sims can besides use the “ Prank Sunbather ” interaction to ruin a tan. This will apply an uneven level of sunscreen to the sunbathing Sim, which will create random pathetic tan lines once a Sim tans or burns while sunbathing. If that Sim stops sunbathing before having time to tan or burn, then the prank will have no impression. Likewise, if the sunbathing Sim applies Sunburn Protection after being pranked, it will cancel the effects of the prank. While Child Sims can not sunbathe, they can Prank Sunbathers. lone Sims sunbathing on bring ( such as a towel or lounge chair ) can be pranked. Sims sunbathing on a float are safe from pranksters .

Sunburns and Tans will only last a few days. To fix a error or to give Sims a more lasting spirit, there is a flying way to cheat the perfect tan. Using “ testingcheats true ” you can right click on your Sim to see the unavowed whipping options menu. Select “ Sunbathing Options ” and you ’ ll see a choice of “ No Tan ”, “ Tanned ”, “ Sunburnt ”, or “ Lock Tan/Burn ”.


Sulani ’ s waters offer even more adventure for those tidal bore to explore the coral reefs and ocean depths. There are two types of buoy, the shoal urine buoy and the deep water system buoy. The trench water buoys are red on top and allow Sims to free dive. shoal urine buoys are fleeceable on top, found near coral reefs and allow Sims to Snorkel .
Sims will need to reach Fitness Skill level 3 to unlock diving interactions, but Mermaids do not need to meet this necessity. Sims will not need a specific Fitness Skill to Scuba Dive, but they should be careful about swimming in the cryptic waters as they can drown .

❗ Child Sims are not able to dive.
❗ Pregnant Sims will not be able to preform any diving during their third trimester.

To unlock more diving options Sims will need to buy Dive Gear by clicking on the deeply ocean buoy. dive Gear international relations and security network ’ t a forcible token in your Sim ’ s inventory, so once purchased, they can not be lost or traded .
The following dive items can be purchased at the deep body of water buoy :

  • Diving Knife (§250) – Allows Sims to dive and collect Seashells.
  • Spearfishing Gun (§500) – Allows Sims to Spearfish
  • Rebreather (§750) – This item unlocks Scuba Diving for Sims. Unlike Free Diving, there is not a Fitness Skill requirement for Scuba Diving. Once a Rebreather is purchased, Sims can Scuba Dive immediately. Mermaid Sims do not have the option to Scuba Dive since they already have the ability to Free Dive.
  • Underwater Camera (§1,000) – This is used to collect 10 unique photographs for your home. Sims can only use the Underwater Camera if they own the Rebreather (or are a Mermaid). The Underwater Photo Collection is not considered an official collectible so you can’t track your progress in the Household Collections menu.
  • Treasure Tool (§1,200) – This is the most expensive item, but allows Sims to search the ocean floor for valuable buried treasures. This is the fastest way to complete the new Buried Treasure Collection and can be used with or without the Rebreather. Once Sims own the Treasure Tool, they can choose to Free Dive or Scuba Dive for treasure.


Sims and Mermaids who purchase a Spearfishing Gun will be able to spearfish in the cryptic waters then long as they have at least a flush 4 Fitness Skill. This is a new way for Sims to catch pisces in the game and complete their Fish Collection .

Unlike regular fishing, spearfishing is a time action that may yield merely one pisces. Sims will have to choose to do the spearfish interaction again to continue catching pisces using this method acting. Spearfishing will besides help raise a Sim ’ s Fishing Skill.


Amidst the coastal waters you ’ ll spot a few shallow urine fleeceable buoy. Sims can click on these buoys and choose to “ Snorkel ” or “ Snorkel Together. ” Unlike Sims, Mermaids can not snorkel as they will receive a presentment that states “ Mermaids would never…be catch snorkeling. very taboo subjugate .. ”




Dolphins can be found Living in the waters of Sulani, and with the right field conditions set, can be interacted with around buoys throughout the world. There ’ sulfur a luck that a Sim might randomly find that a dolphin approaches them while swimming around a buoy, but if the dolphin is not a fan of the Sim, it will swim off. If a Sim is approached, they will be given a chance to learn more about this gorgeous sea animal .

When looking for a dolphinfish, it ’ mho best to look out for the aquatic bodily process surrounding buoys. sometimes dolphins will swim in groups, and when they do, there is typically a school of fish that will swim near the surface of the water. Clicking that swirling pool of fish will give the immediate to “ Call Over Dolphin ” that allows Sims to interact with a dolphinfish. Sims will need to be quick with their interactions as dolphins don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stick around for long .
Sims can build up their kinship with dolphins by performing different social interactions, some of which are unlock as the friendship develops. Once friends with a dolphinfish, a Sim can specifically call for them at buoy .

The surveil interactions are available with dolphins :

  • Talk to Dolphin
  • Ask to be Squirted – This can be performed by sims with the “Child of the Ocean” trait.
  • Pet Dolphin
  • Playfully Splash Dolphin
  • Feed Dolphin (§2)
  • Name
  • Dismiss
  • Request Trick…
    • Belly Rub
    • Dance
    • Fetch – The dolphin will go fetch an item from the ocean for the sim, such as fish or treasure.
    • Jump
    • Kiss

Sims will typically see the classic “ gray ” dolphins out in the ocean, but there are two extra dolphin types that can be found : Albino and Azure .
albino Dolphins are a rare species that can only be found in Sulani once it has reached its most thrive state of conservation. These beautiful creatures are lighter than other dolphins and have a flimsy pink tone to them. Sims can befriend albino dolphins fair like any early dolphinfish. They, besides, can be found around buoys .

last, Mermaids are able to call over the special Azure Dolphin while in the ocean. azure dolphins have a blue tint to their paint, and because of their oceanic connection, mermaids are probable to become Soulmates with these dolphins. Mermaids are besides probably to develop a kinship with all dolphins promptly, making it easier to interact with them .




Sims may besides encounter sharks while treading body of water. Sharks will appear at random and give Sims random moodlets as they swim nearby. The more uncomfortable moodlets can make swim in the ocean more probable .



Sulani (New World)

The gorgeous Sulani island chain welcomes all to a animation of blue oceans and friendly neighbors. The independent islands show off the many walks of life from the community centered Ohan ’ ali Town, to the more lavish upscale Lani St. Taz, and even gloomy to the apparently vancant Mua Pel ’ am. All approximately is the smasher of nature no matter where you look .

Sulani is divided into three neighborhoods : Lani St. Taz, Mua Pel’am, and Ohan’ali Town. Lani St. Taz contains a exuberant jungle environment, Mua Pel ’ am is most celebrated for its active volcano and romantic waterfall, and Ohan ’ ali Town is where all the history and locals are, including the Sand Bar Ohan ’ ali Beach.

World Screenshots

Sulani is a brand fresh universe for The Sims 4. You can move your current or new family to this worldly concern, or merely visit by using the travel interaction on the cell call.

Lot Traits

The Sims 4 Island Living has added 3 new batch traits available for use in any world. Each trait has a alone effect that can change how your Sims interact with the lot. Two of the lots traits can be used on any draw, and the third gear is a obscure trait that is pre-fixed to certain oceanfront lots in Sulani .

Image Name Effect Availability
Island Spirits Ancient Island spirits inhabit this lot, visiting frequently. How will Sims choose to interact with them? All lots
Volcanic Activity This lot is near an active volcano! Beware of earthquakes, steam vents, and occasional lava bombs. All lots
Oceanic Paradise This lot has an abundance of ocean life. Swimming in the ocean is an inspiring endeavor and dolphins and rare fish are easily found here. Hidden. This Lot Trait is pre-fixed to certain lots in Sulani. It cannot be removed or added.



Neighborhood and Lots

Sulani comes with 3 neighborhoods filled with pre-built residential and community lots. This section of the lead gives you information on all lots.

Lani St. Taz

An idyllic tropical paradise where the beaches are filled with white sand, and the waters are warm and vibrant. The alcoholic jungle environment here is a perfect place for getting lost in the dateless island spirit.

Sapphire Shores (Residential, 50×50, §10,750) – Pristine white sand where topical water system ebb against the shore, and the ocean is teaming with life. Locations like this are the true island living dream. (Oceanic Paradise Lot Trait)

Journey’s End (Residential, Occupied by the Kahananui Family, 40×30, §77,575) – As the self-appointed “ Sulani ambassadors ” this enterprising copulate, Mele and Alika, have decided to live out their golden years in a dream retreat away from the bustle of Ohan ’ ali Town .

Reef Finery (Residential, Occupied by the Ngata Family, 40×30, §55,283) – Coming to Sulani for inspiration Leila didn ’ thymine expect to fall in sleep together so deeply with the islands. And it wasn ’ t just the scenery that she fell for, but besides for Oliana and her son Tane that welcomed her thus easily into their class. The three are now an inseparable three that call Sulani their home enjoying the sand and ocean at their own pace .

Pier Perfection (Residential, 30×20, §19,522) – When living right on the urine is a goal, you can find Pier Perfection right here .

Sand Simoleon Beach (Beach, 40×30, §18,668) – Surrounded on all sides by calm waters, this beach is a must visit finish for any island lover. only the finest of lounge amenities fill this beach to enjoy a relax day or night by the calm waters. (Oceanic Paradise Lot Trait)

Mua Pel’am

nature rules this island, from the active vent to the flowing waterfall and down into the depths of the seclude cave. This distant finish in the Sulani island chain is the place for exploring the beauty of nature.

Key Point (Residential, 40×30, §7,000) – This classic desert isle formed from the natural accumulation of sandpaper shored up by the surrounding witwatersrand happens to make for the arrant untouched beach. (Oceanic Paradise and Off-the-Grid Lot Traits)

Caldera Camp (Residential, 30×20, §19,383) – This bedraggled tax shelter, precariously sits at the nucleotide of an active vent, is the first and potentially last stop consonant for the most audacious conservationists. (Volcanic Activity Lot Trait)

Admiral’s Wreckage (Residential, 50×50, §51,146) – Few remember how or when an old trawler became so dramatically landlocked. even fewer know what remains of this vessel in ruins. (Off-the-Grid Lot Trait)

Ohan’ali Town

once a bantam fishing camp that was nestled between tropical jungles and steady lagoon waters, Ohan ’ ali Town has become one of the most bustling areas of Sulani. Devloping into the independent town of the region has not changed the profoundly rooted sense of residential district and their strong connection to the island traditions.

Tangled Flat (Residential, 20×20, §16,530) – This humble hovel has withstood the examination of time and constant trespass of a edacious hobo camp environment .

Lagoon Look (Residential, 20×20, §17,206) – Ideally situated on the gentle shores of Ohan ’ ali cove, this dim-witted but well-appointed beach house awaits its constantly family .

Ohan’ali Beach (Beach, 30×30, §15,988) – This elongate of backbone has been the local anesthetic beach for time immemorial. Where the foremost fishing boats once launched, this beach now serves as the main access into the lagoon ’ s crystal net waters .

The Sand Bar (Bar, 30×20, §30,353) – Local watering fix. informal town center. Social hot spot. Refreshment support system. The only thing this alfresco tavern doesn ’ t do is disappoint .

Chieftain’s Villa (Residential, Occupied by the Hoapili Family, 40×30, §73,312) – Sitting high above the center of Ohan ’ ali Town, Keala watches over the town that search to her for guidance. This spirited, young-at-heart grandma has taken new Lia under her fender to pass on the cognition and cultural history of Sulani through the generations. (Island Spirits Lot Trait)


The island of Mua Pel ’ am sits at the foot of an active volcano. The island ’ s imperial waterfall and mysterious cave have made this a finish descry for locals and visitors to Sulani. however Mua Pel ’ am has suffered at the hands of those who do not respect the environment and the ecosystem has suffered. Can you help restore the island so the native species can once again boom ?
There are few things you can do to help Mua Pel ’ am back to it ’ s erstwhile glory. The most obvious is cleaning up the debris piles around the island. additionally, your Sim can attempt to catch incursive species ( like goldfish ) while fishing and taking wish to release any threaten species they catch .
As your Sim makes cocksure conservation efforts you ’ ll see a heart shaped leaf appear. The more conservation efforts your Sims make, the firm you ’ ll see progress on the Island. Your first indicator of advancement will be a popup get you know the island is improving. Trees will start to appear green and you ’ ll poster more wildlife around the island .
unfortunately with progress, you ’ ll see more pests around Mua Pel ’ am. These can range from fish Poachers to anti-environmentalists. You ’ ll be able to spot the ocular indicator that these Sims are bad actors by the crimson exclamation set above their head. You can confront these Sims about their wrong doings ( which will be good received if you have a higher charisma ) or ask them to leave .
All of your conservation efforts will finally pay off with the popup notification that Mua Pel ’ am is now thriving. visually, the island is green and has a alcoholic diverseness of floral and animal. The coral reefs are now an active home plate to fish and turtles. Butterflies dance around the island, baby turtles rush from their nest to the sea and you can now find a Rare Albino Dolphin .

Conservationist Career

While any Sim can help make conservation Efforts by picking up pan along the shores of Mua Pel ’ am, there is a sword newfangled Career way dedicated to improving the Island. Your Sim can immediately choose to join the Conservationist Career. Sims who choose this career will be able to sketch wildlife and use their research to help improve Sulani and beyond.

You ’ ve watched every nature documentary out there, and you know fair how a lot the satellite is in risk. From educating the public to performing research expeditions, you want to truly make a remainder. Change won ’ metric ton happen nightlong, but keep at it and your arduous work can lead to a booming ecosystem .

Level Rank Pay Promotion Task Promotion Bonus
1 Wildlife Enthusiast §14/Hour
2 Field Assistant $18/Hour Reach Level 2 Logic Enthuse About Conservation
3 Land Surveyor §25/Hour Reach Level 3 Logic Spray Invasive Species
4 Wildlife Technician §37/Hour Reach Level 4 Logic Write Conservation Article
5 Nature Historian §43/Hour Reach Level 5 Logic The Conservationist Canoe
6 Conservation Director §62/Hour Reach Level 6 Logic New Conservationist Clothes
Activate Flower Sail
Deactivate Flower Sail

❗ This is a work from home career. You will receive a text alert an hour before your shift begins with an option to send your Sim to work or work from home. As with most work from home careers, you typically can advance your career faster by choosing to send your Sim to work. You will also get paid at the end of your shift based on your hourly rate.

❗ Choosing to work from home does give you more flexibility with your day. You’ll be given daily tasks to complete and you will be paid at the start of your next shift. Pay is based upon your job performance so if you fail to complete your daily tasks you may not receive a paycheck.

You ’ ll kick off your new career with the work from home assignment to “ Research Conservation ” from the calculator. This is besides a full manner to level up your Sim ’ s logic skill, a prerequisite for promotion. once your Sim reaches level 4 Logic, they ’ ll besides be able to write a conservation article to improve their logic skill .
Collecting Research Data is another direction to improve your job performance. When you choose to “ Survey ” a plant, mineral or other detail, you ’ ll have a luck to collect Research Data. sometimes your Sim won ’ thymine discover anything when surveying an item ( and there is a cool down period before you can perform this interaction again ) but this is the easiest way to collect Research Data .
The adjacent way is to choose to “ Collect Sample ” or “ Collect Sample from the Ocean ”. The sample distribution will appear in your armory, where you can choose to “ Analyze Sample. ” You will have more success converting samples to Research Data if you have a higher logic skill. Otherwise the sample will explode in your Sim ’ s face. Once you ’ ve collected the Research Data in your stock, you can choose to “ Sell to National Nature Channel ” for a little profit or “ Send to inquiry Center ” for a career promote .
additionally, the Conservationist Career unlocks more environment interactions ( “ Take Photo ”, “ Spray Invasive Species ” ) and Sim interactions ( “ Enthuse about Conservation ”, “ Spread Conservation Awareness ” ) .

The Conservationist Career has two available career branches once your Sim reaches career level 7, the Marine Biologist or the environmental Manager. The beginning branch, Marine Biologist, is the more passive voice choice. Your Sim will be able to “ Survey Wildlife ” from a shallow water system Snorkeling buoy or “ Survey Ocean Floor ” from the deep water Diving buoy. They require leveling up their Logic and Fitness skills to promote through this branch. Sending them to Survey Wildlife/Ocean are great ways to improve their seaworthiness skill.

Marine Biologist

From coral reefs to sea turtles, show your love of marine life and the sea. The ocean calls to you !

Level Rank Pay Promotion Task Promotion Bonus
7 Ocean Observer §87/Hour Reach Level 8 Logic
Reach Level 2 Fitness
Enthuse about Marine Biology
Survey Ocean Wildlife
8 Fisheries Specialist $130/Hour Reach Level 9 Logic
Reach Level 4 Fitness
Survey Ocean Floor
9 Aquatic Ecologist §208/Hour Reach Level 10 Logic
Reach Level 6 Fitness
Shoot Nature Documentary
New Marine Biologist Clothes
10 Master of Marine Affairs §325/Hour Master of the Sea

once your Sim reaches Level 9 they will be able to shoot a Nature Documentary ( besides available for Environmental Manager arm ). You can choose this legal action by clicking on your Sim and selecting “ Shoot Nature Documentary ( §500 ) ”. Your Sim will disappear for a few hours then return with the film in their stock. You will have an opportunity to name your video when a Sim first returns, and the video can be renamed in the inventory .
If you own The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion, you can drag the video to the video station and edit it for a luck to improve the television quality. If you do this you ’ ll then want to drag the video recording from the television station to your personal inventory before you can “ License to National Nature Channel. ” This allows Sims to receive royalty payments .
once you have reaching flat 10 of the Marine Biology outgrowth, your Sim will receive the new Master of the Sea trait .


Environmental Manager

Use your expertness to consult on environmental policies, procure grants, and spread awareness to the masses. It ’ mho time to widen the oscilloscope of your work !

Level Rank Pay Promotion Task Promotion Bonus
7 Conservation Regulator §127/Hour Reach Level 8 Logic
Reach Level 2 Charisma
Consult on Global Policy
Prepare Grant Application
Submit Grant Application
8 Sustainability Specialist $178/Hour Reach Level 9 Logic
Reach Level 4 Charisma
Write Conservation Paper
9 Environmental Ambassador §231/Hour Reach Level 10 Logic
Reach Level 6 Charisma
Shoot Nature Documentary
10 Chief Sustainability Officer §340/Hour Natural Speaker
“Can You See Me Now?” Camera

In comparison to the Marine Biologist ramify, there is a fortune more you can do with the Environmental Manager branch. Your Sim can use the calculator to write a Conservation Paper ( level 8 ) for a promote to their logic skill and to earn a goodly sum of simoleons. The environmental Manager can besides work on applying for a Grant, which will award Sims a nice measure of money to help fund their work .
To apply for a award, your Sim will inaugural need to use a computer to “ Prepare Grant Application. ” You ’ ll find these applications stored in your Sim ’ s inventory. When you are quick to submit an lotion, blue-ribbon “ Submit Grant Application. ” If your application is accepted you will receive the grant requital immediately. ( Rejected applications yield a temp embarrass moodlet. )
The chances of your grant being approved will depend on the choice of your lotion. You can besides choose to “ Incorporate Research Data ” you have collected to increase your application ’ sulfur find at being accepted. once you have reaching flat 10 of the Marine Biology branch, your Sim will receive the new Natural Speaker trait .


Global Policies

The aspect of the Environmental Manager that makes this ramify stand apart is the ability to affect changes that impact Sulani and the worlds beyond. Using their earphone, Sims can consult on Global Policies. once you have selected a global policy you will need to consult several times before the policy is enacted. There is a cool down period between when you will be able to consult on a ball-shaped policy ( approximately 12hrs ) but you can “ Check Progress on Global Policy ” at any clock time. once you have consulted several times and the build up reaches 100 %, your newfangled ball-shaped policy will be enacted .
You can only consult on one policy at a meter, but you can continue to enact as many raw Global Policies as you would like. If at any time you decide you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like a policy, you can grab your phone and “ Repeal Global Policy. ” The revoke will be effective immediately .

Image Name Policy Effect
Controlling Invasive Fish Invasive Fish species can be sold for twice their value and will become harder to catch.

Invasive Fish species are pushing native species out of their ecosystems! A bounty should be enacted to reward fishermen for catching these invasive fish. It doesn’t matter where they go after they’re sold, as long as they aren’t in the ocean anymore… right?

Consult on this policy to regulate the population of invasive species by doubling the value of the wanted fish. The policy includes Celestial Grouper, Carp, Perch, Goldfish and Lionfish.

Managing Overfishing Fishing is prohibited between 12:00PM and 8:00PM, except during approved events. Sims caught fishing illegally can be fined.

Recreational fishing is driving a lot of fish species into endangerment. To help with repopulation, fishing needs to be banned from 12PM to 8PM. Only morning or night fishing allowed! Of course, professional fishermen are exempt during work hours, and approved local events may continue. No need to start a riot.

Consult on this policy to regulate fishing hours and give fish populations the chance to grow. There definitely won’t be troublemakers and rebels to deal with. Definitely not.

Coconut Rebate Households receive Simoleons everyday for coconut plants growing on their property.

We’re experiencing a global coconut shortage! We must incentivize local gardeners to grow coconuts. Everyone loves coconuts! Too much, it seems! The coconut industry cannot fall!

Consult on this policy to regulate coconut production by giving a stipend to households with fully grown coconut plants. Coconuts!

Supporting Organic Produce All produce is now grown organically. This makes food more expensive to cook, but may leave Sims feeling Energized after a meal.

Organically grown produce are far more sustainable, healthy, and eco-friendly! Promoting this lifestyle is of upmost importance. What better way than to make it mandatory? Everyone will love that!

Consult on this policy to regulate organic practices. Sure, it will increase the price of cooking, but it will also make everyone more energetic and healthy! Everyone’s rolling in Simoleons anyway.

Water Purifying Solution An experimental water purifying solution will be mixed into tap water. Long term effects are unknown.

Pollution is causing issues with the drinking water supply! A drinkable purification solution has been developed and gained traction on social media as a revolutionary product. Policymakers are being urged to consider putting this solution in the water reserves.

Consult on this policy to regulate the pollution of tap water. The videos of the purifying solution can’t be lying, right?

Littering Fines Litterers can be fined if caught.

Litter causes a lot of problems for our natural resources and wildlife! We need to punish delinquents that can’t be bothered to find a trash bin. A hefty fine should be instated to act as a deterrence. As an added bonus, any fines collected goes straight back to funding more conservation efforts! That’s what the policymakers promise anyway.

Consult on this policy to regulate littering. Litterbugs should know they are in the wrong, so there’s no problem with setting the fine amount really high. Absolutely reasonable.

Energy Curfew The power shuts off at 12:00AM every night and comes back at 6:00AM for all households.

Pollution is becoming a bigger issue every day! We must lower the carbon footprint of every Sim. Solution: shut off electricity to all households between the hours of 12AM and 6AM. Nobody should be using electricity during that time, anyway!

Consult on this policy to regulate energy consumption for all Sims. It may take some getting used to, but sacrifices must be made for the sake of the planet!

Green Energy Rebate Bills are lower for all households, but there may be power outages at peak nighttime hours.

Alternative energy sources must be used if the environment is to be saved! The pollution-inducing power plants need to be shut off in favor of cleaner solutions such as wind and solar. There are no downsides! Well, except the power generated might not be able to account for everyone….

Consult on this policy to regulate the energy source used by all households. What are the chances everyone uses power at the same time anyway?



Weather System

If you have The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion installed, Sulani will have its own weather system. Being that it is a tropical world, Sulani is probably to experience rain, heat, and a new weather consequence called “ Monsoons ”. Below is a list of weather patterns to expect .

World Spring Summer Fall Winter
(Island Living)
Cool, Warm, and Hot Temps. Rain and Wind. Warm and Hot temps. Monsoons possible. Wind. Cool, Warm, and Hot Temps. Monsoons possible. Rain and Wind. Cool, Warm Temps. Thunderstorms, Rain, and Wind.



Secluded Cave

The neighborhood of Mua Pel ’ am includes a privy cave at the base of the mountain right next to the waterfall. This cave can be explored by Sims, and is used frequently with the Conservationist Career. Sims will emerge from the cave with treasures and collectibles .




The neighborhood of Mua Pel ’ am is family to a gorgeous waterfall. While it may seem as though the waterfall is entirely there for aesthetics, Sims can actually interact with it. The pursuit interactions are available with the waterfall object :

  • Play In
  • Play In With
  • Attract Frogs
  • Catch Frogs
  • Shower
  • Shower Nude
  • Woohoo 
  • Try for Baby




besides located in the region of Mua Pel ’ am is the Volcano. This lava vomit volcanic crater is both beautiful and dangerous. Homes adjacent to the volcano have the particular “ Volcanic Activity ” bunch trait for beneficial rationality : Lava Bombs ! Volcanoes will randomly erupt, causing a shaking effect and dumping large volcanic lava bombs on nearby lots .

❗ Sims who have the “Sulani Mana” trait can summon volcanic bombs on the fly.

Lava bombs are very hot and should only be touched after they cool down. Touching a lava bomb calorimeter while it is still bolshevik hot can result in end by fire. Once it cools away, lava bombs have a limited “ Break Open ” interaction that yields crystals, fossils, minerals and more.

Interactive Objects

The Sims 4 Island Living adds a assortment of modern synergistic objects. These objects allow for new game play not previously available in bet on. Details on these objects downstairs.

Fish Trap

The Admiral ’ s Fish Trap is a newfangled way to trap and catch fish and other collectibles. pisces traps are available for purchase in bribe manner, or at a local beach booth, and are carried around in a Sim ’ s stock. once a location is decided, use the “ Place in World ” choice .

The chief focus is to trap fish with these traps, so it ’ s best to place these near fishing spots around the world, or early areas where schools of fish are present. Keep in take care it will take a day or so for the trap to fill up with fish and other items .
The following options are available when using the fish ambush :

  • Put in Inventory
  • Set Trap
  • Set With Bait
  • Check Trap
  • Release Fish
  • Empty Trap



Aqua Zip

The Aqua-Zip is a playfulness watercraft Sims can use to ride on the water. Aqua-Zips can be upgraded with extra features. The pursue interactions are available with Aqua-Zips :

  • Ride
  • Ride Around on Aqua-Zip
  • Add-Ons…
    • Change Paint Pattern…
      • Abstract, Black, Blue, Clownfish, Lime-Green, Pastel, Pink, and Polka Dot
    • Add on Fireworks Pod (§500)
    • Add on Flame Vents (§1,000)
    • Add on Lights (§500)
    • Add on Music Player (§1,000)
    • Add on Streamers (§500)
  • Rename Aqua-Zip
  • Put in Inventory




Canoes are used as slower pace form of transportation system on water. Canoes have extra interactions available while not in gesture .

  • Sail Around on Canoe
  • Go Fishing
  • Lounge on Canoe
  • Activate Flower Sail
  • Rename Canoe
  • Exit Canoe
  • Aquatic Lure (-30 Hydration Points) — Mermaids Only



Float Lounger

Sims can lie on Float Loungers to take a snorkel and soak up some sun. The pursue interactions are available with Float Loungers :

  • Relax
  • Nap
  • Sunbathe
  • Sunbathe in Nude
  • Put in Inventory



Beach Kiosk

The Beach Kiosk is a vending machine can be used to buy beach supplies such as watercraft, fishing skill books, the newly harvestables, sofa chairs, and beach towels .



Barbecue Pit

The Sulani Volcanic BBQ Searer is a new way to cook meals. This object can be purchased in buy mode and found during the Town BBQ Event around town. There are alone two options available with the BBQ Searer, and limited recipe selections .

  • Cook Feast (Yields 8 Servings)
  • Grand Pit BBQ Feast (Yields 12 Servings)
  • Available Recipes… 
    • Fish Dinner
    • Kalua Pork
    • Pork Adobo
    • Tofurkey Dinner
    • Island Vegetable Feast
  • Hang Out – Available while food is cooking.




Bonfires are a trade name new synergistic object that allows Sims of all ages to enjoy some bonfire fun. This object can be found in a few places around Sulani, and can besides be purchased in bargain manner. The surveil interactions are available with the Fire Pit :

• Light Fire – Light up the open fire pit and get started ! Be careful though, your Sim may just end up with a burn off arm !

• Extinguish – Extinguish a open fire pit.

• Hangout – Sims can either hangout alone or hangout together with a group.

• Possess (Ghosts) – Ghosts will create a truly amazing skull-fire effect when possessing the big fire pit, and then light it for you ! How commodious !

• Play – Use this interaction for a number of animations while Sims interact with the Fire Pit.

• Change Fire Color – Tired of the lapp color ? Change the fuel hell color to any of the follow colors : Red, Grey, Light Blue, Light Purple, Yellow, Yellow-Green, Pink, Purple, Green, Teal, Dark Pink, Blue, Orange, or Light Red.

• Add Fuel – Sims will add lighter fluid or logs to keep the fire going. Fire Pits that do not receive enough fuel over time will burn out.

• Cozy up With – Have a special person ? Use this interaction to get Flirty !

• Dance – Sims can either dance alone or dance together with a group.

• Fire Dance – Sims can use this interaction for a hale modern manner to dance !

• Burn Money (§500) – Sims can use this interaction to burn some money. Sims must have at least §50,000 Simoleons or more to perform this action. This requires The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion .



Buy/Build Mode Items

The Sims 4 Island Living includes 189 buy and build mode items. This includes objects, physique items, styled rooms, and every other item that was included with the game. The slideshow below contains 180 of these objects, with the “ Styled Rooms ” listed right below .
The slideshow begins with the “Drift Away Single Bed” and ends with the “Wicker-O-the-Wisp Single Bed”. Check out the images individually in the Flickr Album .

This slideshow requires JavaScript .


Styled Rooms


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