MASSIVE STINGRAY! Catch Clean Cook Authentic Philippine Recipe

MASSIVE STINGRAY! Catch Clean Cook Authentic Philippine Recipe

MASSIVE STINGRAY! Catch Clean Cook Authentic Philippine Recipe

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4.5; Vote: two evaluation : ; vote : massive stingray ! catch clean cook authentic philippine recipe Steph: this girl needs to get in a
some salty water Kentucky Is snow ice and cold our family weekend Destin trip can’t come quick enough who needs it more kiddos daddy mom? kids for sure they want California but Destin Fl is in our budget paradise to me

Date: 2021-02-20 comment and reappraisal : nine


Hi ser robert
Im ure #1 fans ilike ure video
Every upload ure video im exited
to watch ure video ilike fishing like you
Someday i want buy reel like ure reel
my reel is very discussting haha but is ok
For me fishing is my hobby tnx to you
Im happy to watch ure video
i hope more energy to you for more video
Thanks ser Robert


Hello my name is mei and I’m from the Philippines the stingray that you cooked looks so yummy but I got to tell that you can also add curry powder in it and I promise you it will taste ever better. Coconut plus curry powder it’s a good combination.


good day sir robert. im a big fan of yours here un the Philippines, i wish i have one of ur used fishing rod. even an old fishing rod that ur not using. instead you throw it in garbage. oh how i wish that i have one. thanks a lot happy people.


Hahaha! Awesome video! I cracked up about Robert and Sarah comparing weight loss while Robert is fighting this huge stingray! Dude driving the Jet Ski is probably wondering what he got himself into. Hahaha! You guys are crazy fun together.


I have battled my own share of rays and skates, and I kept going he is gonna run, and then try to bury himself when tired. What weight range is that Ol’ Salty? And the test on the line? Also, definitely my favorite video of yours now.


been watching your episodes with my family in Kenya. we can wait for you to get a trip and record episodes from East Africa, Our coast, Lake Victoria, etc. we looooove your chanel.


Yeah not sure, boiling that meat for 15 minutes and then cooking it for another 15 minutes more. Boiling any meat in general, is just a bit Mehh.


Just got done working a nine hour night shift and instead of going to bed I’m waiting for the sun to come up so i can go ice fishing. COME ON BIG CRAPPIE!


I don’t think I have EVER seen anything quite like this before. WOW, what an epic struggle! I was having Bear Grylls flashbacks but in a real way!

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