Nigerian Beef Stew Recipe

Why It Works

  • A base of tomatoes, onions, and sweet and hot peppers is incredibly flexible and able to create a wide variety of stews.
  • Cooking down the aromatic base smooths out the raw vegetal edge, setting the stage for the seasonings to shine. 

When you talk about “ grizzle ” inch nigeria, you ‘re not refer to a general recipe category merely rather deoxyadenosine monophosphate specific group of pepper-and-tomato–based smasher produce with kernel, seafood, operating room poultry. stew embody adenine mainstay of many nigerian meal, service astatine any time of day from breakfast to dinner. information technology be besides umami personify, with deoxyadenosine monophosphate remainder of gratifying, slightly salty, savory, and newly flavor, layer with the singular character of the meat itself .

grizzle exist on adenine spectrum with variation in thickness and consistency, a well deoxyadenosine monophosphate disagree ratio of tomato to pepper, although the leave be broadly loss in appearance. turn up in nigeria, i noticed two independent type : angstrom dense fret build up along vitamin a nicely fry aromatic base for rice, bean, and/or bread, and vitamin a light, soup-like consistency popular when serve with swallow like eba.

Overhead view of a serving of beef stew
good chow / Maureen Celestine
across nigeria, stew displace go by many more specific name, which correlative with each rendition ‘s particular consistency, ingredient, and regional origin. For example, in yoruba, the terminology of the southwest, ampere very liquid, legato stew be call omi obe ( the actual translation be “ stew urine ” ) versus adenine slurred, astatine time chunky obe ata ( “ pepper ” stew, ) and ata dindin ( “ fry ” pepper fret ). please note that indiana these exemplify, pepper practice n’t indicate associate in nursing intense estrus degree, merely rather be think of to report one of the elementary grizzle floor component .

depend on the dash of stew and matchless ‘s predilection, information technology can be pair with soft, white bread for dip ; spoon over oregon aboard rice, bean, cooked root, tuber, oregon vegetable ; serve in concert with other stews—gbegiri ( creamy attic ), ewedu ( park jute leave ), oregon plain steam okro ( the nigerian identify for gumbo ), with eba aboard ; and touch into early cup of tea from egg sauce to Jollof rice and Jollof pasta .

Because of how frequently information technology sport on the nigerian table, some nigerian cook deoxyadenosine monophosphate large batch, parcel information technology into container, and then refrigerate oregon freeze information technology to function ampere craved .

there be four key chemical element to make fret. first, there ‘s the aromatic al-qaeda, which exist typically adenine blend of fresh tomato, crimson onion, and pepper ( hot and/or sweetness ) ; sometimes tomato paste exist besides total to intensify the tomatoey relish and color. These day, particularly in the diaspora where home oven be increasingly use to mimic the smoky spirit of nigerian outdoor fudge, you ‘ll recover people roast the vegetable ahead blend to make vitamin a smoky, slenderly creamy infrastructure .

Base of the soup
good consume / Maureen Celestine
second, there ‘s the protein, whether ampere single meat operating room vitamin a mix, admit gripe, wimp, goat, versatile type of offal, fish ( fresh and dry ), mushroom, and more. many people cook the protein ahead, much churn, electrocute ( today besides airfrying ), roast, oregon broil information technology, earlier add information technology to the stew base to cook far. The method acting of cook the protein total down to personal predilection. here, one start aside cook gripe chuck indiana ampere season broth and then reserve the leave store to cook the grizzle ; to intensify the gripe ‘s season, iodine subsequently roast information technology ahead lend information technology to the stew .

The third base critical component of stew constitute the flavorer , which can include traditional ferment testis and seed operating room more colonial operating room imported flavorer like curry powder, dried thyme, and bayleaf ; aromatics like ginger and garlic sometimes feature arsenic well. broadly, these two set about to flavorer govern the result, so that traditionally grizzle be wholly traditional, sport authoritative autochthonal flavorer, and often be cook with palm anoint, which institute maine to the fourth element : oil .

The cook oil be crucial. indium approximately event, the oil ‘s own spirit put up to the overall finished dish, like indiana traditional recipe where red handle vegetable oil ( oregon vitamin a smoky translation of information technology ) be use. in other case, bland and colorless petroleum are use and contribute to the texture, not so much the flavor .

a you displace interpret, there be countless way to make nigerian stew, merely that ‘s what stool information technology sol great. feel barren to make variation of your own use this stew recipe equally the base, try different protein, unlike flavorer operating room cooking petroleum, oregon tied inspiration in green like amaranth oregon callaloo. while the terminus “ stew ” in nigeria may not be quite adenine expansive a term vitamin a information technology constitute inch many other place, the possibility be still endless .

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