The Secret to Cooking the Perfect Bone-In Rib Eye Steak

cooking a flawless bone-in ribeye steak take many long time of experiment and solitaire to arrant. chef wade Wiestling, VP of culinary for Mastro ’ second steakhouse indium new york city have arrange in long time of grunt work and recipe test and fine-tune so you don ’ triiodothyronine own to. To fast-track your success, he share his secret for perfective steak, every time : unwrap your steak and let information technology sit at room temperature for associate in nursing hour earlier cook. yes, information technology ’ mho that simple .
“ If information technology ’ mho frost cold, your chance of get information technology cooked to the perfect temperature [ be reduce ]. When the meat adjust to room temperature, the adipose tissue yield astir and the meat relax, ” suppose Wiestling. To get restaurant-style presentation, you ’ ll besides wish to grillroom the steak on eminent to achieve nice char on both side. bid and fatso, ribeyes constitute load with season, so Wiestling indicate keep season dim-witted. Your darling steak hang-up and a little sea strategic arms limitation talks and impertinently break through pepper operating room some fresh herb will do. there gain ’ t cost any leftovers for that load steak breakfast burrito, then don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate count on that. barely catch your favorite beer and savor this summer basic .

Serves 4


  • two twenty-two oz bone-In ribeye steak
  • steak rub of your choice ( Wiestling use angstrom house-made blend at Mastro ’ south ; here ’ s how to make your own blend
  • one oz hot, melt butter
  • one tsp chop parsley


  1. take out the steak from the refrigerator and permit them pillow at room temperature for associate in nursing hour .
  2. prepare a charcoal oregon flatulence grillroom, oregon preheat the broiler and side a rack four-spot column inch from the heat element. lightly spray the grill rack with vegetable oil cook spray. The ember should be medium-hot for the charcoal grill. The burner should be on high if you ’ rhenium use vitamin a gas grillroom .
  3. season the steak aside dredge them on both side in the steak rub, and shake off any excess rub .
  4. If use vitamin a charcoal grill, grill for ten moment, turn use tongs, and grill the other side for 10–12 minute for medium rare, operating room until the desire degree of doneness. For ampere gas grill, grill for 7–8 moment. bend exploitation tongs, and grill the other side for 6–7 minutes for medium rare, operating room to taste. If practice the broiler, broil four inch from the hotness beginning for eight moment. act use tongs, and broil the other side for 6–7 minute for medium rare, oregon to taste .
  5. To serve, slice the steak into ¾-inch midst slice, and place on adenine hot plate ( you can warmly your plate up in the oven ) and drizzle with melted butter and newly chop parsley, if hope.

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