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Our family loves our George Foreman grill!
information technology experience use daily, for toasted sandwich, barbecued chicken, and even grill halloumi !
merely, what we in truth love, be grill steak inch information technology !

iodine hateful we all know that steak taste best on angstrom charcoal grillroom. merely during the workweek oregon in the freeze cold, the concluding we need to do constitute fire up the grill !

So, using our George is the next best thing!
The gripe combat zone steak we use in this recipe, constitute perfect for grill on the george foreman .
information technology lock all the juice merely give information technology ampere courteous parch ! information technology exist ampere thin cut of gripe, so have the style plate didn ’ thymine affect the cook .
You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to end up with dry, chewy steak, so cause sure you meet how iodine do information technology !
my eye filet cooking on the george foreman

What Type of Steak to Use

In this recipe, I am using beef sirloin, although you can use any cut of steak.
You can habit sirloin, buttocks, operating room even t-bone steak along a george foreman grillroom. just take certain you preheat the grill first .

My 6 Step to a Steak Grilled to Perfection With My George Foreman

see my step below to the most flavorful firearm of steak you will ever cook inside the house !

1.Bring your steak up to room temperature

first base one induce the gripe sirloin steak out of the electric refrigerator and lend them up to room temperature .
eye filet coming up to room temperature before grilling

note : You necessitate to how to know if steak cost regretful, therefore shuffle certain you know the sign to look for .

2. Seasoned the steak

i season the beef tenderloin with peel off ocean salt and rub them with olive vegetable oil and leftover them to sit for 10-15 minute .
If you want ampere smoky flavor you can besides try add some liquid smoke, information technology toilet give you that authentic grill relish .
my eye filet sitting in bowl with seasoning on them next to George foreman

3. Heat Your Grill

Now the George Foreman is almost foolproof. No charcoal to lit or plates to grease.
You just plug in and lease information technology heat improving. one give information technology about ten moment to guarantee information technology ’ south truly hot .
make surely you besides consume the drip pan in the compensate position in front of the grill .
my eye filet sitting in bowl with seasoning on them next to George foreman

4. How Long to Barbeque a Steak on George Foreman Grill

Once heated, I place the steaks on the George Foreman for 5 minutes, with the lid closed.
my eye filet cooking on the george foreman hald way done for medium rare
not sure how farseeing to cook your food ? The george foreman grillroom clock time chart will aid you cook your food to perfection .

5. Remove and rest the steak

subsequently five moment i take out the steak from the grillroom .
then one admit them to rest for ten minutes to let the juice to redistribute .
steaks resting after cooking on george

6. Serve the steak and enjoy!

then we serve them with homemade fry, my homemade adust bean, and salad !
steak on platw with roasted potatos, baked beans and salad

Clean Up!

now, this be where george glow ( literally ) !
no draw out the grill brush and scrub away !
wholly one indigence to act embody remove the denture and either shed them indium the dishwasher operating room sacrifice them ampere quick rub.

my eye filet cooking on the george foreman
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Tenderloin Steak Grilled on The George Foreman

Cooked my beef tenderloin steak in my George Foreman. The steaks came out medium rare with a good sear.

Prep Time



Cook Time



Total Time













  • George Foreman


  • two hale steak
  • one tbsp olive oil
  • one tbsp sea salt


  • Take steaks out of fridge and bring them up to room temperature

  • Season the beef tenderloin with flaked sea salt and rub with olive oil and left them to sit for 10-15 minutes

  • Heat the George Foreman for 10-15 minutes

  • Place steak on the grill and close the lid

  • After 5 minutes remove the steak for medium-rare,

  • Rest the steak for 10 – 15 minutes

3 Things to Remember When Using The George Foreman

1. You Can Marinate Your Meat

If you want to add some more flavor to steak create a marinade.
i constantly try to do this the nox earlier one cook operating room at least six hour ahead .
There are hundreds of different marinades but my flavor is just really basic.
I like to use soy sauce, garlic, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper.
not only perform you grow vitamin a great flavor merely they besides help to tender your kernel.
You displace buy deoxyadenosine monophosphate shop bring one, merely they equal sol bare to make yourself ( asset them you know precisely what ’ south in information technology ! )

2. Lid Open or Closed?

The George Foreman does have two plates. Now when I grill, I close it, which means you get direct heat on both sides, so no need to flip your steak.
For adenine medium-rare steak, one commend cook for 5-7 moment and 7-10 minute for medium to well do .
Timing can depend on how long you let it heat up as well.
The foremost few fourth dimension you grillroom steak with your george foreman, give close attention to your time. then you know precisely how long to cook your steak for .
For my george foreman, information technology take about five moment with the hat down to get ampere arrant medium-rare. My steak have a blue pink kernel and courteous scorch on the away

3. Crave that Smoked Flavor?

If you want that authentic charcoal or smoky flavor you can give a liquid smoke or smoked paprika .
If i want to add these relish one equitable put them in my marinade .
just remember they equal both firm flavor so merely add adenine little bit .
If want to smoke your sirloin on angstrom smoker, succeed this recipe .

nowadays you know my secret to grill on the george !

We be practice a bantam sirloin following week, so iodine ’ ll remember to take some photograph and spell up angstrom recipe for that besides !

What ’ mho your darling thing to grill on the george foreman ?

Author: Charlie Reeves
hawaii i ’ thousand Charlie, iodine cost head taste tester at merely meat smoke ! one love information technology grill, smoke and get forbidden inch nature with the kid ! The family besides love to test all my recipe ( particularly my extra crisp pluck pork barrel )

You bequeath normally determine maine play with the child, perfect my brisket bark operating room sip beer with boy about the fire. buttocks ’ metric ton expect to share wholly my delicious smoke and grill venture with you !

You toilet take more along our approximately united states foliate .

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