50+ Southern Barbecue Recipes (Grill, Oven, Slow Cooker, Smoker & IP)

50+ Southern Barbecue Recipes Fifty-plus amazing Southern-style Barbecue Recipes for your grill, oven, boring cooker, stag party, and Instant Pot .
Southern Barbecue: 57 Amazing BBQ Recipes for Your Grill, Oven, Smoker, Slow Cooker & Instant Pot | The Good Hearted Woman

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Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start. 

~ Anthony Bourdain
A while second, Mr B and I had the probability to fly down to Tennessee to attend the retirement of one of his erstwhile Navy buddies, after 37 years of service. ( good when he and I became previous enough to have “ old buddies ” is beyond me ! ) While we were there, we got to attend a fancy Naval “ Change of Command & Retirement Ceremony, ” experience a little more of the South, and spend some quality time with Mr B ‘s best friends from his Navy days .

Beverly’s (Super Easy) Slow Cooker Spicy BBQ Recipe

As part of the retirement festivities, Mr B and I were treated to healthy portions of both Southern cordial reception and delicious barbecue. The barbecue was so good, in fact, that once we got home to Oregon, I took a big step out of my comfort zone .
You see, many of my own family roots are in the South, and I am painfully mindful and profoundly respectful of how tightly some of those erstwhile family recipes are kept. But that barbecue …
thus I sent a message to our hostess ( who, as you may remember, I had only fair met ) :

Hi Beverly – … I ’ m starting to write my travel posts from our Tennessee tripper, and decided to include a round-up of BBQ recipes. I ’ vitamin d sleep together to headline it with your delightful slow-cooker Spicy BBQ, and I ’ thousand wondering if you would be will to parcel the recipe with me. If it ’ s a hidden family recipe, or you good aren ’ t up to sharing it for any reason at all, I wholly understand …

Slow Cooker BBQ Recipes - Southern BBQ Recipes for Your Next Barbecue {Recipe Round-up} | The Good Hearted Woman
After I hit air, I set back and crossed my fingers that my new ally would n’t think I was being excessively assumptive. here is her graciously candid reply :

Hi Renée – … confession is dependable for the soul lol. My sister cooked a Boston Butt roast nightlong in the crockpot. Took it out in the dawn, covered it and let it cool, cut it up and eliminated any excess fat and freeze it. We took it out of the deep-freeze bags, put it in the crockpot and added Corkys BBQ sauce .
That was it in a nutshell. Sis likes to add a bunch of early stuff like brown Sugar, green peppers, onion, pancake syrup and bbq sauce. I ’ thousand not a fan of sweetly BBQ so chose not to add the sugar or syrup, equitable Corkys Spicy BBQ and Regular BBQ in two separate crock pots .
No mysterious recipe, but since it ’ mho Corkys you can surely feel free to give a exclaim out to a Memphis tradition .

well then, all I can say to that is : foremost, thanks to Beverly for her forgivingness, her sense of humor, her candor, and her recipe. And second – I am totally on board with the Corky’s Spicy BBQ!!
Let ‘s hear it for Memphis tradition : I imagine Corky ‘s ( or some early bottle ) is behind a lot of those “ privy, ” closely guarded Southern barbecue recipes !

50+ Southern BBQ Recipes, Sauces & Rubs

Fifty-plus amazing Southern-style barbecue recipes, sauces, and rubs for your Grill, Oven, Slow cooker, Smoker, and Instant Pot.


    Baby Back Ribs [Oven]

    Photo Credit:

    Amazing, baby back ribs in the oven – made with a smoky paprika rub, then broiled with a sweet bbq sauce. So delicious, easy, and one of the best rib recipes I’ve had! 


    Kansas City-Style Smoked Pulled Pork [Smoker]

    Photo Credit:

    This Kansas City-style smoked pulled pork has a deeply flavorful bark, a smoky flavor all the way through, and is so tender and juicy that it will shred with just your hands. The best part? It’s low maintenance and besides watching your smoker, you can set it and forget it until it’s done!


    Tender Hickory-Smoked Ribs [Smoker]

    Photo Credit:

    Barbecue. There’s the easy way — and the right way. For those who want accolade, admiration and the moniker “Pit-Master”, this one is for you.


    Baby Back Ribs [Instant Pot]

    Photo Credit:

    This is the EASIEST recipe for delicious Instant Pot Baby Back Ribs. Who cares what the weather is doing out there, you can make ribs indoors, in about an hour!


    Beer Brined Spatchcock BBQ Chicken [Grill]

    Photo Credit:

    Barbecue chicken has never been easier or more delicious! Beer Brined Spatchcock BBQ Chicken comes out juicy, flavorful and evenly cooked every time – perfect for summer cookouts! (nut-free, dairy-free)


    BBQ Beef Brisket [Slow Cooker]

    Photo Credit:

    Turn on your slow cooker for this delicious melt in your mouth, slow cooker BBQ Beef Brisket! Homemade Spice Rub and Homemade BBQ sauce makes this drool worthy brisket a family favorite.


    Fall of the Bone Tender BBQ Ribs [Grill]

    Photo Credit:

    Grilled low and slow yields Fall off the Bone BBQ Ribs, brush with a tangy bbq sauce for lip-smacking deliciousness. Perfect for summertime entertaining! (Oven option too)


    BBQ Beef Ribs [Oven]

    Photo Credit:

    These Oven Baked Beef Ribs are so easy! Dry rubbed with simple seasonings that are baked slowly to yield fall of the bone, tender, juicy, meaty ribs. They will be the hit of any BBQ, game day party or casual dinner all in less than 15 minutes of actual effort!


    Tri-Tip with Pomegranate BBQ Sauce [Grill]

    Photo Credit:

    Tri tips smothered in BBQ sauce and topped with caramelized onions! You can make the sauce a couple of days in advance.


    Chicken Kabobs with Mango Jalapeno BBQ Sauce [Grill]

    Photo Credit:

    These Chicken Kabobs are the perfect summer night dinner. The homemade BBQ sauce is full of bright flavors like mango, jalapeño, and tomato, balanced with the deep smoky flavor of chili powder and smoked paprika.


    Best Ever BBQ Baby Back Pork Ribs [Instant Pot]

    Photo Credit:

    These amazing Instant Pot BBQ baby back ribs are truly fall off the bone! They are better then the ribs at the restaurant!


    Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork [Instant Pot]

    Photo Credit:

    This Instant Pot Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork is an incredibly easy and crowd pleasing meal. With only 4 ingredients and a few simple steps you’ll have a delicious and versatile shredded pork that can be used in so many delicious ways!


    Easy Beef Ribs [Instant Pot]

    Photo Credit:

    You’re gonna love these easy peazy, mouth-watering Instant Pot Ribs! They’re made in minutes not hours with your beloved pressure cooker!


    Keto Country Style Ribs [Instant Pot]

    Photo Credit:

    It’s easy to make this recipe for Keto Instant Pot Country Style Ribs. Also includes a delicious low carb homemade BBQ sauce with a paleo version.


    Barbecue Beef Roast [Instant Pot]

    Photo Credit:

    For a great tasting, super easy recipe that is perfect for feeding a crowd, meal planning, or Game Day, try Instant Pot Barbecue Beef. Use the meat for barbecue beef sandwiches, or over rice or on potatoes.


    Pulled Pork [Pressure Cooker]

    Photo Credit:

    Pulled pork is one of the easiest and most versatile meats. Make this pressure cooker pulled pork into a pulled pork sandwich with rainbow coleslaw and pineapple to make a truly delicious summer entertaining meal. 


    Pork Ribs [Instant Pot]

    Photo Credit:

    The easiest ribs you will ever make, these Instant Pot Pork ribs are on the table in less than 1 hour. Finished on the grill with the most amazing sweet and tangy homemade BBQ sauce, you’re going to want to eat a whole rack all by yourself!


    Barbecued Ribs [Oven]

    Photo Credit:

    The Barbecued Ribs are so simple to prepare and the juicy meat literally falls off the bone.


    BBQ Baked Ribs Recipe [Oven]

    Photo Credit:

    These Easy Oven Baked Ribs are one of the easiest recipes ever. Cooked low and slow, which makes them so flavorful and fall off the bone tender.


    Pork Loin Pulled Pork [Oven]

    Photo Credit:

    This oven roasted pork loin takes a l-o-w and s-l-o-w approach. The low temperature and slow, long cooking process make the pork easy to shred as it becomes tender over the hours. The result: perfectly moist yet slightly crispy crust and super savory pulled pork.


    Sweet Bar-B-Barn Ribs [Oven]

    Photo Credit:

    As an appetizer or main event, or whether baking, barbecuing or slow cooking, these Sweet Bar-B-Barn Ribs are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Enjoy!


    Easy Pulled Pork [Pressure Cooker] 

    Photo Credit:

    Pulled pork in under 2 hours with only 15 minutes effort and 4 ingredients! This is a perfect recipe for serving a crowd. It makes a lot and doesn’t require much attention.


    Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork [Slow Cooker]

    Photo Credit:

    Need an easy recipe for pulled pork?  This Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork recipe is so simple, and is sure to satisfy your craving for tender pulled pork!


    Pork Ribs With Killer Barbecue Sauce [Slow Cooker]

    Photo Credit:

    Keto Instant Pot Country Style Ribs It’s easy to make this recipe for Keto Instant Pot Country Style Ribs. Also includes a delicious low carb homemade BBQ sauce with a paleo version. 


    Easy Crock-Pot BBQ Ribs [Slow Cooker]

    Photo Credit:

    Learn how to make the easiest fall-off-the-bone slow cooker ribs that will have everyone licking their fingers & plates! This is the best method for fixing bbq ribs if you don’t own a smoker or it’s cold outside. 


    BBQ Pulled Pork [Slow Cooker]

    Photo Credit:

    The best ever BBQ Pulled Pork in the slow cooker for perfectly tender shredded pork coated with an easy, flavorful sauce.


    BBQ Chicken Sandwich [Slow Cooker]

    Photo Credit:

    This easy Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Sandwich is the perfect meal for those busy weeknights.


    Pulled Chicken [Slow Cooker]

    Photo Credit:

    This super easy Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken is something you can throw into your crockpot, set it and forget it! Use your favorite barbecue sauce, pick up some buns and the store, set some rice in a rice cooker, make some quick coleslaw, and you’ve got dinner when you get home from work! 


    Pineapple Pulled Pork [Slow Cooker]

    Photo Credit:

    This easy Slow Cooker Pineapple Pulled Pork has tons of tropical flavor that is perfect for any summer BBQ! Piled high with barbecue sauce an a slice of pineapple, it makes great tacos or even sliders!


    BBQ Ribs [Slow Cooker]

    Photo Credit:

    Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs are tender, fall-of-the-bone ribs, coated in a sweet BBQ sauce. It’s an easy Crock Pot recipe that makes a great weeknight dinner or a potluck recipe for parties.


    Baby Back Ribs [Slow Cooker]

    Photo Credit:

    Easy baby back ribs smothered with a homemade rub and sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. Cooked to perfection in the crockpot and fall off the bone delicious. These are the best slow cooker ribs!


    Root Beer Pulled Pork [Slow Cooker]

    Photo Credit:

    Slow cooker root beer pulled pork is juicy, flavorful, and provides the perfect base for mixing in your favorite barbecue sauce or using in other recipes! Takes only 5 minutes to prep.


    Smoked Pulled Pork [Oven/Slow Cooker Finished]

    Photo Credit:

    Everyone will love this smoked pulled pork! It is so much more flavorful than just throwing the pork in the crockpot! Best part? You don’t need a smoker to do it. You can even do it with same process in the oven, if it’s raining!


    Super Simple Shredded BBQ Chicken [Slow Cooker]

    Photo Credit:

    This Simple Shredded BBQ Chicken made in the slow cooker is a perfect weeknight dinner especially when eating needs to be in “shifts’ thanks to practice, dance lessons and more. Bonus: leftovers are the best!


    Pork Belly Burnt Ends Recipe [Smoker]

    Photo Credit:

    Smokey, sweet, and amazingly tender, these bites of pork belly goodness are an awesome alternative to traditional brisket burnt ends. Imagine the amazing taste of bacon, but even juicier and covered in a combination of honey and your favorite BBQ sauce – these are truly meat candy! 


    How to Smoke Ribs on Charcoal [Grill]

    Photo Credit:

    There’s something about crackling wood or charcoal that just takes an otherwise plain piece of meat to amazingly delicious levels. Everyone deserves to know how to smoke ribs on a charcoal grill.


    Best Barbecued Smoked Ribs [Grill]

    Photo Credit:

    Our Barbecued Smoked Ribs are dry rubbed, smoked over hickory chips, then sauced with our homemade Bourbon Barbecue Sauce! Now, these are good eating! 


    Carolina Barbecue Sauce [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    In the Carolinas, vinegar based barbecue sauce and pulled pork go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other.


    Whiskey BBQ Sauce From Scratch  [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    This Whiskey BBQ Sauce From Scratch is smokey, sweet, and tangy. It’s the perfect BBQ sauce for any meat you want to throw on the grill! 


    Homemade Grill & BBQ Dry Rub [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    Learn how to make Homemade Grill & BBQ Dry Rub, use this preservative-free, easy, and inexpensive BBQ rub on chicken, beef, pork, or corn on the cob!


    Mustard-Based South Carolina BBQ Sauce  [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    Sweet and tangy mustard-based South Carolina BBQ sauce is my favorite sauce for pulled pork! Try it – you won’t look back!


    Homemade Texas Style Barbecue Sauce  [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    This homemade Texas-style barbecue sauce is thick, a little spicy, a little sweet and a little smoky. Made with no ketchup and no refined sugar, it’s the perfect BBQ sauce for all of your summer grilling needs!


    Alabama White BBQ Sauce  [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    Alabama White BBQ Sauce is a tangy, creamy twist on traditional barbecue sauce recipe. It’s delicious on grilled chicken, pulled pork, fish, burgers, and lots more!


    Keto BBQ Sauce 1 [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    Smoky, tangy, and sweet — this bold BBQ sauce is better than store-bought and pairs well with pulled pork, chicken, and ribs. The key to making this a low carb and keto sauce is using a sugar-free sweetener in place of regular sugar.


    Keto BBQ Sauce 2 [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    A delicious keto BBQ sauce is an essential during grilling season and for dipping all year long. This low carb dipping sauce recipe is healthier and tastier than store bought!


    Peach BBQ Sauce Recipe  [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    Sweet, tangy, peach-based BBQ sauce is delicious on pork ribs or chicken.


    Homemade Mustard Dry Rub [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    This homemade mustard dry rub recipe is fantastic on ham, chicken, pork tenderloin, ribs or brisket. 


    Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce is a little sweet from honey, a little tangy from apple cider vinegar, and a little spicy from red pepper flakes.


    Healthy BBQ Sauce [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    This Healthy BBQ Sauce Recipe is lower in sugar and salt, and has no unnecessary ingredients. 


    Best Ever Homemade BBQ Barbecue Sauce [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    Once you try this epic homemade BBQ sauce, you’ll never want to have the bottled BBQ sauce ever again!  This barbecue sauce has so much soul, such deep flavor, so finger-lickin’ good!


    Homemade BBQ Sauce [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    Who knew homemade BBQ sauce was so easy to make?! Plus it tastes amazing with the perfect sweet and spicy flavor. Ditch the store-bought stuff and make this simple recipe at home! 


    BBQ Sauce [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    This sauce is perfect for chicken, ribs or one of my favorite non-grilled meals, pulled pork and used as a dipping sauce with these chicken tenders or chicken nuggets.


    Blackened Seasoning | Cajun Seasoning [Sauces & Rubs]

    Photo Credit:

    Blackened Seasoning (also called blackening spice or Cajun seasoning), is a spice mixture used to traditionally season fish, shellfish, meat, and poultry. 

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