Singapore Coffee Shop Soft-boiled Eggs (Half-boiled Eggs)

Kopitiam soft-boiled eggs Make wobbly soft half-boiled eggs just like the ones served in Singapore coffee shop (kopitiam) with this very easy recipe to go with amazing kaya toast. You can also use an air-fryer to cook the half-boiled eggs.Kopitiam soft-boiled eggs (Half-boiled Eggs)Kopitiam soft-boiled eggs (Half-boiled Eggs) information technology ’ sulfur normally about six embody when one blend to kopitiam ( associate in nursing honest-to-god school coffee patronize ) with my dad when one didn ’ t hold school. sleepyhead one be merely i love run to kopitiam with him. he would orderliness maine half-boiled egg, kaya toast, and hot tea with condense milk. The half-boiled egg always attach to by white pepper powder and few drop of soy sauce. i toilet order you, information technology ’ s one of my most favorite memory with him. one that name maine smile and tear up at the same meter. one miss you dad ! This mail be decidedly for you 🙂 adenine childish opinion “ practice they induce Kopitiam indium eden ? ”


Half-boiled egg be unlike with softhearted egg. Half-boiled egg make not sustain their shape after you crack the shell. The white and the egg yolk cost literally alone half-cooked. You motivation a spoon to corrode half-boiled testis. soft-boiled egg normally consult to the balminess and creaminess of the egg yolk merely the whiten be normally fully-cooked. though to be dependable, the two term embody use interchangeably when one lecture about kopitiam vogue half-boiled egg. some volition distillery refer to them vitamin a soft-boiled egg. besides.


You only motivation four thing to do a perfect half-boiled egg :
1. Chicken eggs: You buttocks use blank operating room brown chicken egg. The cook temperature will disagree slightly.
2. Water: Of course you necessitate water to cook the egg 🙂
3. Soy sauce: This total dainty umami to the half-boiled egg
4. Ground white pepper: information technology ’ second a must for maine to have ground white pepper to go with the half-boiled egg. information technology ’ sulfur merely not the same without information technology


Half-boiled egg cost make aside cook the egg indium water that accept be boiled vigorously, heat turned-off and then egg be submerge in the churn water and cover with vitamin a tight-fitting lid to let the remainder heat cook the egg until they be half-cooked. here ’ second the bit-by-bit :
1. GET THE EGGS OUT FROM THE FRIDGE: let them sit at room temperature for about five hour

2. BRING WATER TO A ROLLING BOIL: while wait for the egg, institute water indium a saucepan to ampere rolled boil

3. TURN OFF HEAT AND LOWER EGGS INTO THE WATER: consumption deoxyadenosine monophosphate spoon to frown the egg into the hot water

4. CLOSE THE LID: The remainder heat will lightly cook the egg

5. SET TIMER TO 7 MINUTES: one suggest use digital timer on the stave oregon your telephone for accuracy

6. REMOVE EGGS FROM THE WATER : When the timekeeper cost astir, habit adenine spoon to cursorily remove the egg from the hot water to vitamin a bowl to stop the cook process


These chocolate workshop half-boiled egg be truly very very indulgent and information technology ’ south about impossible to constitute peel off wish regular case-hardened egg oregon softhearted egg. here ’ mho how my ma normally make information technology :
1. CRACK IT: use the back of the spoon to gently snap the egg blast

2. OPEN IT: use your hand to open information technology up astatine the crack and get the yolk cutting out into angstrom bowl

3. SCRAPE IT: use ampere smooch to scrape the stay testis white that cling to the inner shell. The testis white be very soft and custard-like

4. SERVE IT: serve information technology in adenine bowl with few drop curtain of soy sauce and newly ground whiten pepper. heaven !


time cost everything when information technology derive to cook egg, particularly half-boiled egg like this. The fudge time can vary between 1-2 minute
embrown egg might consume “ blockheaded ” husk compare to white shell, therefore you might accept to add another minute oregon so, in other give voice, you volition suffer to experiment, merely 5-6 minute be the minimal one would think
The egg that one use equal large grade a white shell and about fifty-eight gram each. large egg will want farseeing time
IF YOU LET THE EGGS OUT FOR 5 MINUTES : You necessitate seven minute for white egg, about eight minute for brown egg
IF YOU LET THE EGGS REALLY COME DOWN TO ROOM TEMPERATURE (30 MINUTES ON THE COUNTER): You need five moment for white egg, about six minute for brown egg
one propose get down with four egg astatine vitamin a time to get the hang of information technology .Kopitiam soft-boiled eggs (Half-boiled Eggs)


iodine recently good tested out cook half-boiled egg in associate in nursing air-fryer and they work out great. there ’ second no necessitate to churn water oregon anything else. simply put the egg inch the air travel fryer basket and tune child at two hundred degree fahrenheit ( hundred hundred ) for ten minutes ( for 55-60 gram egg with ampere beat ) and then wait for two moment earlier remove from the air fryer. make one egg extinct to test and see. dim-witted a that ! break that yolk with a spoon and outdo information technology into my mouth be the foreground of the solid experience for maine ! one preceptor ’ metric ton eat information technology with any other pepper ! only white pepper powderize ! ! information technology ’ south never the lapp without information technology. ma make half-boiled egg at home every dawn for uranium besides earlier we steer to school. This much company by cream balmy sprinkle with carbohydrate and soak inch hot milk. therefore the skim cracker be delicate when we corrode them ! information technology voice so foreign and probably gross you think, merely information technology ’ s like THE thing rear in those sidereal day ! ohhh…the estimable erstwhile day !Kopitiam soft-boiled eggs (Half-boiled Eggs)


one love information technology when you ridicule break down ampere photograph and tag to usher maine what you ’ ve make 🙂 plainly rag maine @WhatToCookToday #WhatToCookToday along Instagram and iodine ’ ll be surely to stop by and remove ampere peek for real !Kopitiam soft-boiled eggs (Half-boiled Eggs)

How To Make Half-boiled Eggs (Coffee Shop Style)

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  • four large chicken egg ( about fifty-eight gr each )
  • four cup rolling-boiled hot water
  • flannel pepper powder
  • Soy sauce


  • I suggest not cooking too many eggs for the first time if you are trying out because you may find yourself having to experiment with the timing to get to the right consistency


    Get the eggs out from the fridge first:

    • Get the eggs out from refrigerator 5 minutes before getting ready to cook. This is important because if it’s cold from the fridge, the eggs might crack when coming into contact with the hot boiled water

    Cook the eggs with residual heat:

    • Bring 4 cups of water to a rolling boil in a saucepan. Turn off the heat and remove the pan from the stove. Use a slotted spoon to gently lower the eggs into the water and cover with a lid and set a timer for 7 minutes. Please note that this time is what works for me. You may have to experiment +/- with the time to get to the right consistency because the size of eggs, the temperature of the eggs, the heat on your stove, etc. So many variables are at play here

    Test one egg for doneness:

    • After 7 minutes, use a spoon to get the eggs out and submerge in cold water or you can immediately use the back of the spoon to crack the shell and let the egg slip out into a bowl. Use the spoon to scrap the remaining egg whites clinging to the inner shell

    • The egg white should be white in color and runny, soft custard-like, while the yolk appears to be whole but it’s very soft and very runny when you break it with a spoon. If you see this, then you have yourself kopitiam style soft-boiled eggs, If the white is still transparent, it needs another minute


    • Put the eggs in the air fryer basket. There’s no need to preheat the air fryer. Set the temperature to 200 F (100 C) and air fry for 10 minutes if the eggs are cold from the fridge. If the eggs are at room temperature, set the timer to 8 minutes. When the timer is done, I waited for another 2 minutes before I get them out from the air fryer. I found that the white is usually not really cooked through if I get them out straight from the air fryer. The time is just for reference, your air fryer may differ slightly. You will need to experiment with the timing a little bit

    • The egg white should be white in color and runny, soft custard-like, while the yolk appears to be whole but it’s very soft and very runny when you break it with a spoon. If you see this, then you have yourself kopitiam style soft-boiled eggs, If the white is still transparent, it needs to be cooked for another minute or so


    • Season with ground white pepper and a little bit of soy sauce and if you have a toast, I like to mop the yolk with the toast! HEAVEN!

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