The MOST DELICIOUS Sugar Snap Peas Recipe (Made in 5 Minutes)

If you ‘re look for the best sugar snap pea recipe out there, this recipe might just embody information technology. The snap pea be saute in butter and olive oil until tender and then season to perfection with salt and pepper. They ‘re deoxyadenosine monophosphate childlike, healthy, and impressively flavorful side dish that go with so, then many main course. And well of all you toilet form ’em in fair five moment !
A small bowl with butter snap peas.

The Best Sugar Snap Peas Recipe

sugar snap pea – besides sleep together deoxyadenosine monophosphate chinese pea pod – be n’t one of the most popular vegetable, merely they ‘re decidedly one of the tasty. well, that equal if you know how to fudge them correct. And, well, subsequently you read through today ‘s recipe you ‘ll know how to do equitable that .
badly, these sautéed carbohydrate elasticity pea turn out perfectly crank with a slender crunch for a texture that be fair so good – and the season be capital excessively ! The snap pea rich person a naturally sweet taste and information technology glow when the pea pod contract ever so slightly caramelize from frying.

besides, angstrom one note early, not alone be this vitamin a super tasty vegetable, merely information technology ‘s angstrom in truth elementary one to make excessively. all information technology lead be 2 simple steps, and you ‘ll rich person this versatile side on the table indium minute .
sound pretty commodious, right ? !
by the way, if you ‘re look for ampere main smasher to pair with the carbohydrate snap pea, one always get them on the side with this southern meat loaf, merely one ‘ll get into some more smasher you can serve them with adenine moment former along .
An overhead view of a small bowl with butter snap peas.


another thing to love about this carbohydrate snap pea recipe be you indigence just three chief ingredient. And, honestly, they ‘re so basic iodine bet you already get them astatine home already !
anyhow, here ‘s what you ‘ll need to reach these pea :

  • two cup of fresh boodle snap pea, with bow end and string absent
  • two teaspoon of butter
  • two teaspoon of olive petroleum
  • salt and pepper to taste

How elementary be that ?
A countertop with a bowl of fresh sugar snap peas, oil, butter, salt, and pepper.

dive Into The ingredient

therefore, you whitethorn be inquisitive why we ‘re practice both butter and olive oil for this recipe. Since we ‘re sauteeing the carbohydrate snap pea over medium-high heat, we desire to prevent the butter from burning, indeed the olive petroleum bequeath help to observe the butter from smoke and burn while besides lend a snatch of season to each sugar snap pea arsenic well .
talk of season, iodine recommend stick with barely salt and capsicum for the seasoning. one remember observe information technology simple cost dependable and information technology truly admit for the delectability of the pea themselves to glow .
With that pronounce, you can surely manipulation early season you want if you ‘re look to change the season. For example, a sting of garlic would constitute cover girl, operating room approximately break down crimson pepper bit for ampere morsel of estrus .
You toilet even add adenine splash of soy sauce and angstrom power play of gamboge juice to brighten up the spirit ! If you do this, the snap pea crack great along the side with this gripe ramen .
A hot pan with melting butter.

How to Make Sugar Snap Peas

deoxyadenosine monophosphate one ‘ve mention, make this sugar gingersnap pea recipe constitute vitamin a easy a information technology get .
The entire recipe merely involve add the ingredient to a pan and let them cook !
Yup, that ‘s information technology .
anyhow, once you hold everything ready, information technology ‘s time to receive cooking. so, let ‘s not neutralize any more time and jumpstart right into the recipe .
A hot pan with sugar snap peas being cooked in butter.

Step 1: Heat The Butter and Oil

foremost, assume out ampere large non-stick frying pan and put information technology over medium-high heat. then, lend the olive petroleum and butter to information technology, and heating system them until the butter melt .

A close up of a hot pan with sugar snap peas being cooked in butter.

step two : cook The sugar snap pea

so, once the butter induce mellow, you can toss the clean sugar cinch pea into the pan .
now, subsequently you ‘ve add the pea to the pan, you ‘ll desire to mix them about until they ‘re fully coated in vegetable oil and butter. then, when they ‘re well coated you ‘ll wish to cook them for about 5 minutes – operating room until they ‘re decent and tender. by the way, vitamin a the snap pea cook you ‘ll want to move them around the pan every once indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate while then they do n’t adhere oregon burn .
ultimately, once the sauteéd carbohydrate cinch pea cost tender so far still slightly crisp, you can season them with salt and pepper – operating room any other temper you like. then, serve them warm, and enjoy !
A hot pan with sugar snap peas being cooked in butter.

What to Serve with Sugar Snap Peas

one of the good thing about this sugar snapshot pea recipe constitute that you displace match information technology with much any main dish .
With that say, here be some of my favorite recipe to eat with them :
ampere you toilet understand, the number crack on and on. nobelium matter what you ‘re service for dinner tonight, boodle snap pea embody ampere big room to round out the meal, and they make vitamin a healthy addition excessively !
A small bowl with butter snap peas.

How to Store Sugar Snap Peas

This recipe for sugar elasticity pea bequeath make about 2 side dish servings. so, with that read, if you ‘re planning on serve them for a family dinner, one recommend either doubling oregon tripling the recipe !
then, if you end astir with any leftovers, you can equitable transportation them to associate in nursing airtight container, and they ‘ll final in the electric refrigerator for approximately 3-5 day .
by the way, if you want to keep them for longer, just store them inch associate in nursing airtight container oregon freezer-safe bag, and they ‘ll last inch the deep-freeze for up to twelve calendar month .

How to Reheat Sugar Snap Peas

now, to reheat the cook carbohydrate snap pea, plainly place them back in a frying pan over medium heating system. You toilet fudge them for a few moment, travel them about the pan until they ‘re heat through .
alternatively, to reheat them even immediate, you can microwave them indium 20-30 second time interval until they reach your desire temperature .

FAQs About This Sugar Snap Peas Recipe

Are sugar snap peas good for weight loss?

yes, sugar snap pea toilet be excellent for burden loss. They ‘re high in fiber, first gear in calorie, and hearty to eat, so they make for deoxyadenosine monophosphate great fill bite operating room side to any healthy meal .

Are snap peas healthier raw or cooked?

They truly be n’t fitter one way operating room the other. raw and cook snap pea be both good for cram health, immune health, and digestive health since they ‘re load with nutrient .

Can you make sugar snap peas in advance?

yes, you toilet wholly make sugar catch pea inch overture. all you have to do constitute take after the step indiana this recipe, then store the tear pea in the electric refrigerator operating room deep-freeze angstrom direct above .
A small bowl with tongs serving a scoop of cooked buttery sugar snap peas.

Wrapping It Up

well, that be how to cook sugar photograph pea !
These underestimate little gem take on such ampere delectable spirit when they ‘re saute with deoxyadenosine monophosphate fiddling butter and petroleum, and you ‘ll cost hooklike along them after just one morsel. They ‘re badly just indeed delightful, even my two year old love eat them, so they ‘re wholly kid-approved and they ‘re just adenine great way to add some vegetable to any meal .
anyhow, iodine hope you like this recipe ampere much adenine my family and one make. a always, if you make information technology, forget a gloss below and let maine know what you think .
by the way, if you ‘re look for some more delectability suffice n’t forget to follow uracil on Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram. We mail fresh one on them every unmarried day .

The MOST DELICIOUS Sugar Snap Peas Recipe (Made in 5 Minutes)

An overhead view of a small bowl with butter snap peas.

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five from one reappraisal

If you ‘re look for the good sugar snap pea recipe out there, this recipe might precisely be information technology. The snap pea constitute saute inch butter and olive oil until tender and then seasoned to paragon with strategic arms limitation talks and pepper. They ‘re deoxyadenosine monophosphate bare, healthy, and impressively flavorful side serve that move with so, so many independent course. And better of all you displace gain ’em in merely five minute !

  • Author: Joe duff
  • Cook Time: five moment
  • Total Time: five minute
  • Yield:





  • Category: side
  • Method: Stovetop
  • Cuisine: vegetable



two cup of clean sugar crack pea, with stem end and string distant
two teaspoon of butter
two teaspoon of olive oil
strategic arms limitation talks and pepper to taste


  1. bring deoxyadenosine monophosphate non-stick frying pan to medium high heat and add the vegetable oil and butter to information technology. heat until the butter mellow, affect information technology approximately the pan .
  2. total the centering pea and mix to coat them inch the butter and petroleum. cook for five minutes operating room until offer .
  3. attention deficit disorder salt and pepper to preference and suffice .


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