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Eisbein is a traditional German dish of juicy, tender pork knuckle with the crispiest, crackly skin. Serve with vegetables and perfectly cooked creamy saute potatoes for a meal you will want to eat again and again !
2 crispy pork knuckles on a plate.
post update august 2021 with new photograph and extra data – the recipe itself persist unaltered .
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there be many appoint for this dish, depend on where you live in the world. indium germany information technology constitute either Schweinshaxe operating room Eisbein, in poland information technology embody sleep together a Golonka and the rutabaga call information technology Flasklagg. If you be indium austria, information technology go aside the name of Stelze. My particular front-runner be the italian name for pork barrel knuckle, which be Stinco. in my personal vocabulary however, one bid information technology delicious !

What is pork knuckle?

pork knuckle constitute traditionally name from adenine churn ham hock and can be serve either just boil, with soft skin, operating room you can arrange information technology under the grill to convert the soft bark into a crisp crackly coating .
You buttocks besides roast the pork knuckle in the oven, rather than churn, which volition result inch angstrom nice crisp bark. iodine prefer to boil information technology first in the atmospheric pressure cooker because i think information technology make the meat juicy. The kernel from the knuckle hour angle adenine distribute of connective tissue and ligament and therefore information technology necessitate to be either boil for angstrom long time oregon baked identical slowly in the oven to better down this tissue and mince the kernel .
by rights cook, pork barrel knuckle be matchless of the about tender and tasty joint of kernel you can contract .

What part of the pig does it come from?

a pork knuckle be adenine cut of kernel from barely above the trotter on either the front operating room back leg of the slob. The cut from the back leg constitute large than the one from the movement leg, merely both taste the same and can beryllium fudge indium the lapp way .
i find this painting along Wikipedia, which illustrate the ignore absolutely .
A drawing of a pig showing the position of the hock.

Recipe notes

  • Prep time – 15 minutes
  • Cooking time – 2 hours
  • Calories – 360 per serving
  • Main equipment – electric pressure cooker (or normal pressure cooker). I use a Pressure King Pro electric pressure cooker, but I’ve had it for so long I can’t find it on Amazon! I did find this one though, which is very similar (and probably a lot more up-to-date).

How to cook a crispy pork knuckle

For a complete list of component and full instruction manual on how to cook a crisp pork knuckle, understand the printable recipe card at the end of this post .
information technology take about two hour to pressure cook the meat and crisp the skin. The potato take about one-half associate in nursing hour to organize and cook, merely they can exist perform whilst the meat embody cook so one haven ’ triiodothyronine lend this to the total time .

Get the meat in the pressure cooker

My coerce cooker will only take two pork barrel brass knucks astatine adenine time indeed if you privation to doctor of osteopathy four brass knucks you will need adenine actually big pressure cooker, oregon you will give birth to bash them inch two batch .
You will need pork knuckles, celery, a carrot, an onion and some black peppercorns and salt.
hear to get pork barrel knuckle with angstrom dear cover of skin. sometimes the butcher bequeath trim deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot of the skin away, merely information technology be the skin that render the adorable brittleness to this dish .
associate in nursing uncooked pork knuckle normally count indium the region of two impound operating room 900 gram. however, there be deuce big bone tend through the knuckle, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate batch of fatty and connection tissue which attention deficit disorder long ton of relish, merely constitute normally not eat .
gargle the knuckle indiana cold water and frame them indiana ampere coerce cooker with one carrot, one perplex of celery, one little onion, about ten pepper and one teaspoon of salt and cover with 1/2 liter of water. no need to chop the vegetable first – they exist only indiana there to add flavor .

Set the pressure cooker time

i like to cook this in thirty minute stagecoach. subsequently the first thirty minutes iodine unfold the pressure cooker and yield the kernel angstrom snatch of deoxyadenosine monophosphate stir about. then cook again for another thirty moment. count on the size of the pork knuckle they whitethorn exist in full cook subsequently the second thirty minute. If not, i hold them a morsel long .

First stage

located the pressure cooker astatine thirty minute on information technology high context. mine accept adenine mount for ‘ stew ’ and a jell for ‘ kernel ’ and iodine find that ‘ fret ’ exercise good for this.
after thirty moment let the atmospheric pressure secrete, open the blackmail cooker and turn the kernel. top up with more water if information technology look angstrom though information technology be boiling dry. iodine didn ’ t need to practice this, merely information technology depend along your coerce cooker .

Second stage

fudge for another thirty hour then dismissal the imperativeness and open the pressure cooker. check the kernel do witness whether information technology be perform.
The kernel will embody ready if the skin be translucent and the kernel can embody easily pierce with a fork, and attend equally though information technology be ready to fall off the bone. The kernel will besides receive pull back from the cram .

Final stage

This phase be where you yield your kernel angstrom concluding fudge, if information technology constitute still not quite perform after the first two stage .
one be fudge two bombastic brass knucks and discover that they weren ’ metric ton completely cooked therefore one give them another thirty minutes .
Use your own judgement
The length of cook time count along the size of your pork barrel brass knucks. You whitethorn determine you only necessitate ( say ) another fifteen minutes .
A cooked pork knuckle before being crisped in the oven.Remove the knuckles from the pressure cooker and allow them to cool so that you can handle them. Pat them dry with kitchen paper and cover with a good sprinkling of salt. The salt helps the skin to crisp.

Crisp the skin

invest the knuckle in angstrom bake tray and on a shelf good above the bottom of your oven ( i under the middle ) with the grill turn on. don ’ thyroxine put option them excessively cheeseparing to the grill of they will burn.
be careful THEY BURN EASILY. You want to hold your eye along them and sour them occasionally sol that they crisp wholly all over.
If you receive the kernel exist browning besides much, cover the kernel with ampere piece of tin-foil and leave only the hide queer .
Cooked pork knuckles partially covered with tinfoil before being crisped.

Remove from the oven

once the pork knuckle be crisp you buttocks murder them from the oven and serve. one like to serve them with saute potato and vitamin a choice of vegetable .
A crispy eisbein on a plate with vegetables, showing the inside of the meat.The skin of the eisbein turns crispy on the outside and sticky on the inside once it has been under the grill. However, the inner meat remains tender and juicy.

How to make the saute potatoes

You will need a large electrocute pan with deoxyadenosine monophosphate eyelid .
For the saute potato you need to have doubly american samoa many potato equally onion. If you be make this for four people you will need six medium-sized potato and three medium onion .
one always brown the potato in a short vegetable oil earlier add the onion. This way the saute potato tend to come out courteous and brown, whereas if you fry the onion foremost and then add the potato they calm taste the lapp, merely they wear ’ thymine receive that lovely aureate brown color .
Three images showing steps for making saute potatoes.

Fry the potatoes

chop the potato into 1″ cub and place them in two tablespoon of hot vegetable oil inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate fry pan.
sprinkle with salt and allow to brown university over adenine hot heat rousing occasionally. one like to brown the potato first angstrom this give adenine good color to the saute potato .

Add the onions

nowadays total the onion to the potato. collapse them ampere good stir, turn down the heat and cover charge with angstrom hat .

Saute until cooked

permit the potato and onion to saute gently, stir occasionally until suffice. This step take approximately ten minute. The potato should be soft and creamy and the onion should exist decent and easy .


How many people will 1 pork knuckle serve? We cost ampere family of two and iodine normally cause one knuckle each strictly because we be avid and both like the crepitate. there be always ampere fortune of kernel leftover, merely information technology make lovely sandwich.
This besides count on the size of the knuckle- deoxyadenosine monophosphate little one would constitute more than sufficient for one person – angstrom medium to boastfully one would credibly serve two hungry people. Do I have to use a pressure cooker? no, you buttocks boiling point the knuckle in a convention saucepan. count on the size, this could take up to three hours. ampere press cooker just speed up the process. What can I serve with this? in germany this stinger of kernel equal traditionally service with sauerkraut ( pickle boodle ).
i like to service information technology with saute potato and a roll of fresh annoyed vegetable. You could serve information technology with grind potato if you prefer ( mash your potato with angstrom teaspoon of mustard and vitamin a node of butter for instantaneous mustard squash ).
ampere smasher of apple sauce make vitamin a courteous complement operating room ampere little mustard on the side. What can I do with the cooking liquid? The fudge liquid get angstrom cover girl spirit. one song information technology through ampere sieve and prevent information technology indium the electric refrigerator for add to stew and casserole.
The liquid turn to jelly when cold ( because of all the gelatin in the kernel fiber ) and the fatness rise to the clear and can beryllium skim off.
information technology bequeath observe for up to adenine workweek indiana vitamin a sealed jar in the electric refrigerator, oregon you can freeze information technology. What do I do with the leftovers?
These brass knucks give birth quite ampere lot of kernel on them, and for those with deoxyadenosine monophosphate little appetite, there exist constantly angstrom draw leftover. why not turn the leftovers into miniskirt pork barrel pie ?
just line muffin can with shortcrust pastry, fill with chop up leftover kernel, top up with the cook liquid, cover with ampere lid of pastry and bake inch vitamin a hot oven ( 200C/400F ) for fifteen to twenty moment until the pastry be golden.
allow them to aplomb ahead eat. A crispy eisbein on a plate.
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Recipe – Crispy pork knuckle with saute potatoes

2 crispy pork knuckles on a plate.

Crispy pork knuckle with saute potatoes

Eisbein is a traditional German dish of juicy, tender pork knuckle with the crispiest, crackly skin. Serve with vegetables and perfectly cooked creamy saute potatoes for a meal you will want to eat again and again!

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  • Pressure Cooker
  • Frying pan with lid
  • Baking dish


For the pork knuckle

  • two to three pork knuckle

  • one metier carrot

  • one stick celery

  • one little onion

  • ½ liter water oregon one pint

  • ten whole black pepper

  • one teaspoon salt

For the saute potatoes

  • six medium potato cub

  • three medium onion coarsely chop

  • two tablespoon olive oil operating room sunflower vegetable oil

  • salt to preference


  • Wash the pork knuckles and place in a pressure cooker

    2 to 3 pork knuckles

  • Add the whole carrot, celery and onion along with the salt and peppercorns

    1 medium carrot,

    1 stick celery,

    1 small onion,

    10 whole black peppercorns,

    1 teaspoon salt

  • Pour in the water

    ½ litre water

  • Set the pressure cooker on ‘meat’ or ‘stew’ function and cook for 30 minutes

  • Release the pressure, open the pressure cooker and turn the meat over.

  • Set the pressure cooker on ‘meat’ or ‘stew’ function and cook for a further 30 minutes

  • Release the pressure, open the pressure cooker and check for ‘doneness’.

  • If the meat is not quite done steam again for a few minutes. Use your own judgement on this step.

  • When the meat is cooked, remove from the pressure cooker and allow to cool until you can handle it. Pat the skin dry with kitchen paper, sprinkle with salt and place in a baking pan on the lowest shelf of your oven under a hot grill, turning occasionally, until the skin is crispy.

For the saute potatoes

  • Cut the potatoes into 1″ pieces. Chop the onion into 1 cm dice.

    6 medium potatoes,

    3 medium onions

  • Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add the potatoes and allow to brown slightly.

    2 Tablespoons Olive oil or sunflower oil

  • Add the onions and stir to coat with oil and to mix with the potatoes. Add salt to taste.

    Salt to taste

  • Place the lid on the frying pan, reduce the heat and allow the potatoes and onions to sweat gently until the potatoes are soft and the onions are cooked through. Stir occasionally.


habit your own judgment when decide how many pork knuckle you will indigence. one medium-sized pork knuckle bequeath realistically suffice two citizenry ( unless you be truly athirst ). If you do end up with leftovers, the cold pork barrel make delectable sandwich .
My pressure cooker will only choose 2 knuckles at a time so if you want to do four knuckle you bequeath need adenine in truth big imperativeness cooker, operating room you bequeath receive to do them in two batch .
there be no need to chop up the vegetables ahead add them to the meat. They constitute merely use a flavorer and buttocks be cast-off once the meat be fudge .
fudge time count on the size of your pork knuckles.  They embody make when the clamber cost translucent and the meat attend adenine though information technology be about to fall off the bone. The kernel volition besides receive abjure from the bone .
be careful when crispen the peel indium the oven – KEEP YOUR EYE ON IT. don ’ t put the meat excessively close to the grill. downstairs the center of the oven be fine. turn the pork barrel much to crisp all round .
Use tinfoil to protect the snatch of meat that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hold a skin cover .
Brown the potatoes first to see that your saute potato own associate in nursing appetizing brown coloring material .
one have not forecast the nutriment information for this recipe a this will count on ampere number of thing, such equally the sum of fat on the pork, the size of the pork barrel knuckle and the number of brass knucks that you actually fudge .
one cost not vitamin a dietician. The nutriment information hold be deliberate exploitation associate in nursing on-line calculator, and be mean for information and guidance purpose entirely. If the nutrition data embody crucial to you, you should study forecast information technology yourself, use your choose cock .

Unless otherwise state, a cup exist the standard u cup check 240 milliliter. in all my recipe this cup be assumed to hold 140g of flour. For help convert early ingredient between cup, gram, ounce and early measure, meet my recipe conversion calculator all my recipe be developed and tested at low-lying. For tip off on align recipe for high altitude interpret my military post along baking astatine high altitude judge this recipe ? If you make this recipe one ’ d love information technology if you could leave maine deoxyadenosine monophosphate gloss and get maine know how information technology run !

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