Vegan Garlic & Rosemary Stuffed Roast (two sizes) –

The Food Explorers Club ( FEC ) is a membership clubhouse operated by Yumbles Media Ltd and gives all members great benefits when shopping on

– Member benefits : we are endlessly looking to improve benefits to FEC members and as a consequence, the benefits offered might change from time to time. We will always make an up-to-date number of benefits available to everyone through At the time of writing benefits include free delivery on 100s of products and exclusive discounts.

– placard : due to the truly low monthly membership price and the nature of the benefits, FEC subscription is billed and paid annual. This enables us to plan ahead and ensure that we can offer the best rate of benefits available to all members. The membership tip will be automatically charged to your menu every 12 months.

– cancellation :

a. Within the first 25 days : you can cancel your FEC membership during the first calendar month without paying anything, assuming you have not already taken advantage of any FEC benefits like free or discounted transportation, FEC discounts etc. If you have saved as a result of your FEC membership, then the savings will have to be paid back to Yumbles by charging your card on file. No membership fees will be paid.

b. After the inaugural 25 days : If you have already paid for the first class, you can hush cancel your membership but a membership tip will be due for every full of partial month that have passed and any savings you made will have to be paid spinal column. A cancellation tip of £5 will besides have to be paid that goes towards covering the manual campaign needed to process refunds. If you wish to plainly not renew your membership for the following year, no cancellation fee will be due.

– reclamation : If you do n’t cancel your membership, your membership will automatically renew for the following year and your card will be charged. Please make certain to cancel your membership from your Yumbles account or notify us if you wish to cancel as reminders will not be sent out.

– membership price changes and early changes : from time to time we might review the membership price. We will always notify you of any changes in price and you will always have the option of cancelling. We will besides notify you about any other major changes to the plan that might be made from time to time. We reserve the proper to refuse or cancel any memberships at our delicacy.

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