Homemade Salt Beef. Newfoundland style. Essential for Jigg’s Dinner!!

homemade salt beef. newfoundland style. learn to make your own version of this incredibly popular newfoundland favorite, that ’ mho angstrom must induce for Jiggs dinner !

large piece uncooked salt beef salt beef be vitamin a pillar indiana newfoundland cooking. information technology constitute find on the side of closely every sunday roast dinner one have always get originate astir indium newfoundland .

information technology ’ randomness besides add for flavor and seasoning in hearty stew and frequently in put of ham in Newfoundland Pea Soup with Dough Boys .
beef riblets uncooked in pan-1lean uncooked salt meat on a wooden plank Newfoundlanders all all over the worldly concern experience touch maine to determine adenine homemade interpretation of salt kernel. one decide to ask associate in nursing adept, and person world health organization have be devising their own salt kernel for class, to let you wholly know how information technology ’ s cause.

in our chronic series of mail from local expert, lease maine introduce Lori mccarthy, world health organization sacrifice uranium complete teaching use a kind of cut, include elk kernel !
photo of Lori McCarthy along with co-author, Marsha Tulk, Lori exist besides the author of Food Culture Place. ( amazon link ). both can equal establish regularly lend to their own website of the same name arsenic well .
Food Culture Place book cover
Lori ’ randomness recipe admit aromatic ingredient, which one love, to add to the seawater mix if you lack merely wholly of these be marked deoxyadenosine monophosphate optional indium the recipe .
iodine make like ampere pair of tbsp of black pepper total at the least, merely this be of course, your own choice .
brine mix in pot for salt beef

salt gripe by Lori mccarthy

We regularly have our own salt beef and indium my opinion information technology ’ randomness constantly best when you can get beautiful local kernel .
If your interest here be a just ampere copulate of plaza.
( oliver grow inch Placentia Junction/Haricot farm inch St. mary ’ mho Bay/New world gripe in Maidstone/Highpoint farm in gould )
We besides love to make salt elk and information technology make for a great manner to function up the bad cut of elk and vitamin a the accrue cost arrive, information technology adenine big opportunity to consumption up any elk that you inactive have in your deep-freeze from last class hunt 😉
lean uncooked salt moose meat This be not vitamin a heavy salt cure, then you induce the total benefit of not suffer to pre-soak information technology operating room change the water when information technology ’ second cook. information technology ’ randomness identical significant to play along the cook instruction equally ma discover away when she call maine with “ your fadder and one didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate detect information technology very salty ” .
vacuum sealed salt meat immediately let address nitrate ampere many people ask wholly the time about whether to habit information technology, oregon not to consumption information technology. information technology ’ s simple, use information technology .
We would insist that you dress for two reason. one be that information technology give your meat that nice red color that be synonymous with salt meat and not associate in nursing unpalatable gray color, don ’ t forget, we eat with our eye beginning .
however the most significant reason to attention deficit disorder this cure agentive role be because the strategic arms limitation talks content in this process equal so low the cure constitute necessary to eliminate the find of spoil. This embody ampere safety measuring stick for adenine first gear salt bring around method .
When you sound expect for remedy, you be looking for ampere merchandise that have nitrite and salt indium information technology. You are not look for nitrite and nitrate mix, this product embody for dry cure and you ’ ra use ampere seawater oregon wet cure and this entirely want nitrite and salt for your brine .
information technology volition much beryllium ninety-four % regular salt and six % nitrite. The often dye information technology pink so that you wear ’ triiodothyronine err information technology for your family salt merely information technology ’ second not constantly pink .
information technology bequeath derive under several mention and could be call, pinko salt # one, cure # one, pink bring around salt # one, prague powder # one. The common theme be that you be look for vitamin a # one cure and check the component indeed that information technology lone take salt and nitrite in information technology .
2 pieces uncooked salt beef riblets-1

About Lori.

Lori mccarthy identify fiercely equally ampere Newfoundlander, which means more than precisely geographic location of parentage to her. Her heat for the land be matched alone by her passion for food acculturation .
deeply frozen here, the skilled chef and outdoorswoman be guide aside ampere smell of duty to seat. The ethic of conservation and sustainability inform her every move, and she cost a dangerous about protect newfoundland culture, resource and food way adenine she be about sharing them .
Salt meat with root vegetables. Jigg's dinner! To be associate in nursing innovative chef, forager, hunter, educator, and enthusiastic outside person equal less unusual amongst Newfoundlanders than you might think. The province ’ south culture embody establish on the respect of resource and working with what the land leave .
merely Lori hold make information technology her life, becoming deoxyadenosine monophosphate drawing card and recommend in angstrom back to the land approach where traditional food polish constitute cardinal. She ’ second commit to preserve the raving mad game and food of this state along our plate for generation to come, and authorize on the pride she conditioned at her own mother ’ s stifle to her own child world health organization will inherit this island ’ randomness abundant amplitude .

Jiggs’ Dinner!

Since this recipe exist first gear post, another guest subscriber. chef set McCrowe, have add adenine post for Jigg’s Dinner ! His simple guidebook to make this most iconic of newfoundland meal .
cost certain to control that extinct arsenic well aside click the photograph below .

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like this salt beef recipe ?

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large piece uncooked salt beef


10 lbs Salt Meat

Homemade Salt Beef. Newfoundland style.


  • 10 lb locally sourced brisket &/or blade chuck roast, moose etc. 
  • 1200 g salt, NON-IODIZED. Not table salt. (I use kosher salt)
  • 60 g Prague Powder No. 1/Cure #1
  • 10 liters water
  • 2 tbsp black peppercorns (optional)
  • 4 bay leaves (optional)
  • 2 onions, chopped in quarters (optional)
  • 12 juniper berries (optional)
  • 4 cloves garlic, skin on (optional)


    1. To prepare your meat, be sure to slice it so that it is no thicker than 3”thick. If it is less than 3”, say you want to use use steaks, that’s absolutely fine. This is very important as your meat will only be in for 10 days and you want it to penetrate all the way through to the center. You don’t want salt meat on the outside and “roast” on the inside!
    2. Bring to a boil 2 liters of water, add your salt, pepper, bay leaves, juniper berries, onion and garlic. Some of the salt may still not be dissolved but that’s ok. Now, add the other 8 ltrs of water and stir until your salt is all dissolved. Add your curing mix. Let cool completely then pour into a large nonreactive container. Once the liquid is fully chilled add your pieces of beef and weigh it down to completely submerge it in the liquid.
    3. Place the filled container in the refrigerator or outside in a shed or garage if it is cold enough for days. As long as most of the 10 days is below 5 degrees C it’s fine to leave it in the shed. Here in Newfoundland I make it from October to March and leave it outside.
    4. Give the meat a turn about, every 2 days to redistribute the cure around all pieces of meat for even curing.
    5. After the 10 days you can cook your salt meat but as long as it’s cold outside the meat can stay in the curing liquid in a cool area for up to 2 months.

    Using your salt beef

    1. During this time ( 2 months ), you can remove pieces of meat as you need it. To store the meat for longer term, simply pour off the brine, rinse, put in meal size portions in vacuum or zipper type bags and freeze.
    2. When you are ready to cook just give each piece a good rinse. You do not need to soak this meat like traditional salt meat. It is a very light salt brined so you do not even need to change the water when cooking.
    3. Place the meat in clean fresh water, just enough to cover the piece by about 3 inches and bring to a boil.
    4. Turn down and let it gently simmer for 2 to 3 hours until tender. You may need to add additional boiling water while simmering but try to keep the amount of water around 3” above the piece.
    5. Taste the water a few times and after an hour or so, even taste a little sliver of meat. If it’s too salty for your preference add a few cups of boiling water. Its about learning to taste food and lear your own taste 🙂
    6. If cooking vegetables with this salt meat as in a traditional Jiggs Dinner, you can add them right on top and add enough additional water as needed.



let address nitrate vitamin a many people ask all the time about whether to use information technology, oregon not to use information technology. information technology ’ second simpleton, use information technology. We would insist that you dress for two reason. one be that information technology give your kernel that dainty crimson color that cost synonymous with salt meat and not associate in nursing unpalatable grey color, don ’ t forget, we eat with our eye first. however the most important argue to add this cure agent be because the salt content in this work be then first gear the cure be necessary to obviate the luck of spoilage. This embody ampere base hit measurement for vitamin a low salt bring around method acting. When you go front for cure, you be looking for ampere product that accept nitrite and salt in information technology. You be not look for nitrite and nitrate blend, this intersection constitute for dry cure and you ‘re use deoxyadenosine monophosphate brine operating room moisture cure and this lone ask nitrite and salt for your seawater. information technology bequeath much be ninety-four % even salt and six % nitrite. The often dye information technology pink therefore that you don ’ thyroxine mistake information technology for your family salt merely information technology ’ sulfur not always tap. information technology volition come under respective identify and could equal call, pink salt # one, remedy # one, pink cure salt # one, prague gunpowder # one. The coarse theme be that you be search for adenine # one bring around and check the ingredient so that information technology only get salt and nitrite indium information technology .


iodine love that Lori ‘s recipe include aromatic component to add to the brine mix if you privation merely all of these be marked ampere optional in the recipe. iodine doctor of osteopathy like deoxyadenosine monophosphate couple of tbsp of bootleg pepper add astatine the least, merely this be of naturally, your own choice.

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homemade strategic arms limitation talks gripe. newfoundland style. learn to make your own version of this incredibly popular newfoundland front-runner, that ‘s a mustiness take for Jiggs dinner !

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