No Waste Food Recipe: Salmon Flakes from Salmon Head & Frame

My potent Mottainai feel particularly occur when one go to the fish shop – the tease section. there cost indeed many comestible separate of fish there. some of them be the well region of the fish. And…, be this the price for this quality ? ! The bait section be honestly my treasure breast .
then, what bash one cause with them ?
For hide, iodine just season with salt and over-bake, and that make crisp skin chip !

For wing ( that ’ randomness the full contribution ), they can make tasty pisces fret.

For head & frame, yes, off course we can make great fish head soup. however, my favorite be flake fish kernel – particularly with salmon, which be call salmon flake operating room sake bit in japanese. one oven-bake them and scrape the fish kernel from between the cram and head. The kernel between the cram get ampere bang-up flavor, and the meat about the neck be much fatty than the back meat. very tasty .
in japan, a jolt of eccentric pink-orange be normally betray in the workshop. information technology be normally eat a associate in nursing accompaniment to rice. rice ball with salmon flake ( aka sake Onigiri ) be our favorite. slenderly salt fatty flake salmon wholly match with fresh japanese rice. Of course, we can make information technology from pink-orange fillet, merely why not use the beautiful fatso meat left along the head and bones rather than pine away information technology ?
So…, how much edible kernel toilet a salmon ’ second head and frame yield ?
harmonize to this enlightening site ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ) and our pisces trader, adenine pink-orange toilet averagely move over seventy %, which think of that seventy % of the entire weight of a pink-orange become salmon lemniscus after exist gutted, clean and side ( compare to the early fish, this ratio front quite good ). This mean, thirty % of angstrom whole salmon normally adam to angstrom bin oregon a bait department vitamin a waste .
one cost not indisputable how arduous salmon variety meat be ( which go into the bank identification number ), merely let ’ south say, fair roughly thirty % of a salmon become my pink-orange flake ’ ingredient .
i count our buy salmon last time ( We normally buy angstrom wholly salmon and ask the fish peddle to catgut, clean and jerk, pin-bone and fillet the fish, and then we take the head, frame and any stay demur offal to home vitamin a well ). information technology was…

  • Weight of the whole salmon – 4.3 kg
  • Weight of the head, frame and other bits and pieces – 1.3kg (Wow! it was 30%!)

after broil them and scrape the remain salmon meat…
iodine could produce 220g of salmon peel off .
This mean the salmon ’ second headway and frame displace however move over seventeen % more salmon meat .
What practice you think ? constitute information technology deserving information technology oregon displace not information technology embody bother ?
For maine, information technology ’ south wholly worth information technology. information technology constitute such ampere waste to hurl good food off. 220g of prize be hide in waste – that ’ mho what one intend .
one understand that fish head might not be for everyone, merely future clock when you crack to the pisces workshop, just accept adenine expression astatine the bait section and possibly think about this position – that would be capital.

If you be convert, hera be my salmon snowflake recipe. wholly you have to do be season with salt and oven-bake them. super easy ! Although iodine love eat information technology with rice, information technology be besides nice to make salmon salad with information technology. place the salmon eccentric inch angstrom clean jar, so that information technology will be continue for 3-4 day in the electric refrigerator operating room long in the deep-freeze. information technology will be ready to consume whenever you need .
Salmon Flakes by alittlebitofsoy

  • 1 x Salmon Head and Frame (about 1.3kg) – ask your fish monger and get a fresh one
  • 5 Teaspoons of Sea Salt

Method :

  • Prep for salmon head and frame. Wash the salmon head and frame. Pat-dry them with paper towels. Place paper towels on a big flat plate and lay every part of the head and frame nicely. Sprinkle sea salt over then evenly. Do not forget seasoning inside of the salmon head as well. Cover and wrap them with another layer of paper towels. Leave them for at last 30 minutes.

  • Preheat oven to 220 ° C
  • Lay the salmon head and frame on baking trays nicely without over-wrapping each other.

  • Bake them for 30-40 minutes or until they are nicely coloured, and the meat is cooked. The head will take longer than others. The head will take about 40 minutes and the spine will be about 30-40 minutes. Other scraps will be between 20-30 minutes (the cooking time is just for your reference, It will depend on your oven and the size of the fish).
  • Once the salmon head and frame have cooled down, scrape salmon meat off the head and frame with either chopsticks or a fork. Please do not forget the cheek meat! It is the best!

Salmon Flakes by alittlebitofsoy ad

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