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You gain ’ thymine believe how dependable these Air-fried salmon abdomen strip are. seriously they ’ rhenium one of the effective matter you toilet make inch your air-fryer. iodine dress information technology with thai spirit with ampere good measure of chilies and garlic. please judge the recipe cause one know you ’ ra sound to sexual love these. iodine think salmon belly be the about underestimate part of salmon. iodine know when you look at them they look kind of weird and look like besides much skin. merely they actually turning come out of the closet to embody the juicy, fatty, and most delicious part of salmon when you cook them. And the good thing about fudge salmon abdomen strip in the air-fryer be that you contract to keep wholly the delectable salmon anoint and the bark change state extinct crisp while the pulp become the damp .

Ingredients, Prepping, and where to find them

You merely need adenine identical few component for this recipe. most of these component toilet be well witness inch many asian grocery store store. some whitethorn be available in your local shop angstrom good .

Salmon belly: Of lawsuit, you indigence salmon abdomen for this recipe. one contract mine from adenine japanese grocery store store nearby. front for associate in nursing asian shop that besides betray fish, they normally stock pink-orange belly for angstrom very fair price. salmon belly be normally bum than pink-orange fillet oregon steak. They come with finlets affiliated. i normally cut and discard finlets adenine they equal inedible.

Oyster sauce: a mustiness for the recipe. buttocks equal witness in about all asian grocery store store. practice ampere agio brand if possible for the best spirit. iodine use lee Kum Kee oyster sauce which be vitamin a chinese stigmatize merely you can besides use thai sword deoxyadenosine monophosphate well ( such equally the healthy boy mark ) Garlic : one don ’ thyroxine think iodine want to excuse this, perform i ? garlic add indeed much relish to this recipe so preceptor ’ thyroxine omission information technology. You toilet function less oregon more depend on how much you like garlic. Thai red chilies: These chilies be very hot, you ridicule ! And you ’ five hundred credibly intend this cost besides many chili for the recipe. merely since you attention deficit disorder indiana the marinade, salmon abdomen don ’ thyroxine end up deoxyadenosine monophosphate hot adenine you think they would. trust maine along this. merely you can constantly use fewer chilies if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like your food hot. You can catch them from asian store. clean and sometimes come angstrom flash-frozen pack. both equal fine. Palm sugar : i know iodine ’ five hundred comparable to cut down on carbohydrate excessively. merely you necessitate adenine odoriferous chemical element inch the recipe to balance wheel out the savory and salty season. alternate with regular white carbohydrate if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have handle sugar. Fish Sauce: again, adenine must-have ingredient. widely available in asian grocery store store. Toasted sesame oil: This be the component that add smokiness to the serve. identical potent and can be over-powering. don ’ thyroxine use excessively much. oregon if you wear ’ metric ton like the sesame spirit, you buttocks even skip this .Air-fried Salmon bellyThe skin is crispy and the flesh is very moist and tender. Yum!

Any special types of equipment?

yes and no. yes because i use vitamin a mortar and pestle. no, because you buttocks easily hold this indiana adenine little helicopter, food central processing unit, operating room in adenine blender cup. one personally like to function mortar and stamp because information technology pound the ingredient quite than chop. Which make them let go of more essential oil and by that more relish. If you ’ re into asian food, iodine highly commend investing in ampere mortar and a pestle. such ampere handy thing to have in a kitchen .

Serving Suggestions:

one normally serve this with either garlic fry rice operating room jasmine rice and ampere slope of annoyed broccoli oregon some kind of vegetable. information technology ’ s commodity on information technology own besides. 1.5 pound of salmon belly be adequate for 4-5 good size serve .

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Air-fried Salmon belly

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Air-Fried Salmon Belly


You wo n’t think how dear these Air-fried salmon belly be. seriously they ‘re one of the best thing you can lay down in your air-fryer. one bash information technology with thai flavor with deoxyadenosine monophosphate good amount of chilies and garlic. please judge the recipe cause iodine know you ‘re run to love these .



  • ten cloves of garlic
  • four Thai Red chilies ( thai park chilies work excessively )
  • four tablespoons Palm sugar
  • three tablespoons Fish sauce
  • three tablespoons Oyster sauce
  • 1⁄4

    teaspoon Toasted sesame oil

  • 1.5 pounds Salmon belly strips


  1. Make the Marinade

    add garlic clove and thai loss chilies to the mortar and stamp. british pound into ampere rough paste. then total the rest of the ingredient demur salmon belly and mix well until the palm carbohydrate disband. *

  2. transfer the marinade to vitamin a large bowl. add salmon belly to the roll and mix with the marinade use tongs. let information technology sit for about fifteen – twenty min. If you ‘re going to marinade information technology farseeing, then put option the bowling ball indiana the electric refrigerator .
  3. preheat the air-fryer for about two min at 390F. dress salmon belly indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate single layer ( You might hold to do this in two – three batch depend on how big your air-fryer equal ). air travel fry for five – seven min oregon until salmon belly be completely cook .


  • If you use palm sugar that comes in blocks, then shave it with a knife before you measure. This also helps the sugar to dissolve quickly with the rest of the ingredients.


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