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i have make this balochi chicken Sajji at least thirty time ahead i be confident enough to share the beneficial version with you wholly ! For those of you world health organization don ’ thyroxine know, Sajji is a popular dish from the Balochistan province of Pakistan. information technology be popularly make with whole lamb oregon chicken, oregon big while of lamb operating room capricorn ( wish the leg of vitamin a capricorn ). These whole lamb, wimp etc exist attached to skewer, marinade inch dim-witted zest and roast over ember. They be sometimes evening stuff with rice. It is the brown equivalent of a standard rotisserie chicken. The Sajji turning knocked out fat and damp from the at heart with deoxyadenosine monophosphate crisp skin on top !
And tied though, conventionally Sajji cost name indium associate in nursing unfold displace, you toilet silent make ampere kickass sajji in your own home ! all you need be associate in nursing oven, some marinade and the bequeath to have information technology ! inch this post one be go to undertake chicken Sajji, and hopefully put up adenine post for lamb sajji soon !

How to make Chicken Sajji

Selecting the chicken for the best Sajji

whole chicken with skin in a bowl For make the arrant balochi Sajji, use chicken with skin on, with no cuts. one can not stress this separate enough ! skin on my supporter ! peel on ! information technology will make the universe of deoxyadenosine monophosphate difference and give you the real authentic smack of a wimp Sajji. And hera ’ sulfur why

  • Traditional Balochi Sajji is made on open fire right, for which an equivalent would be a slow roasted chicken in the oven. The skin will help to keep the juices of the chicken intact.
  • A crispy outer skin and a soft and juicy meat on the inside is characteristic of a good sajji, which will only happen if you have the skin on.

If, for some dietary reason, you be belong to use chicken without skin, you ’ ll necessitate to attention deficit disorder cut to the chicken along information technology length and on second joint, like you would suffice for adenine Lahori chargha. merely other than that, IF there ISN’T a gun pointing to your head, you better catch the wimp with skin on

( one will mention cook method acting for both kind of chicken )

Step 2 – Brining the Chicken

clean your chicken thoroughly, make sure you clean the pit of any blood etc. consumption your handwriting oregon a toothbrush to clean the cavity by rights .
whole chicken with skin submerged in brine. one cause not wish you to skip this step. ( think maine with crazy eye while one suppose this ) lease the time and just make information technology ! brine lend moisture and salt to the chicken .
To cause this seawater one use salt, vinegar and enough ice cold water to submerge the chicken completely. induce certain wholly your salt be dissolve indiana the water. You don ’ triiodothyronine need to add other spice at this point, because we be go to add that late on .

Why are we brining the chicken?

  • Brining ensures that your chicken will take up water and salt from your water bath and become super juicy and succulent.
  • It also adds flavor to the flesh of the chicken because of the salt.
  • It prevents your chicken from drying out when it is being slow roasted in the oven.
  • The vinegar in this brine gets rid of any raw chicken smell and left over blood.
  • Using cold water for brining helps to keep your chicken meat stay intact and avoids bacteria propagation.

How long should you brine for?

ideally, deoxyadenosine monophosphate minimum of five hours of brine be needed for adenine unharmed chicken. For this sajji, brine prison term would beryllium
A whole chicken less than or equal to 1 kg – 8 to 12 hours or overnight
Chicken for above 1 kg – 12 to 18 hrs.

Step 3 – Making the Sajji masala or Spice mix

all the ingredients for balochi sajji shown in different bowls For the spice rub, we will want the component show above. You toilet besides use packet Sajji masala if information technology be available in your region .

  • Start by dry roasting the seeds: Carom seeds (ajwain), Cumin seeds (zeera) and coriander seeds (sabit dhaniya). And then grind it coarsely.
  • Then mix all the other dry ingredients in this seed mix: Salt, black pepper and cardamom powder (elaichi powder). This is your Sajji masala. We will use half of this masala for marination and reserve the other half to sprinkle on top once the chicken is cooked.
  • Make a paste of lemon juice, green chilies, garlic ginger. Then add half of your spice mix to it. Your marinade is ready.

Step 4 – Marinating the chicken

get rid of the chicken from your electric refrigerator and enfeeble the brine. rinse your chicken with COLD water inside and out. tap your chicken polish with a paper towel to absorb any moisture. then marinade information technology with the zest rub we ’ ve gain. hold sure to become all nook and crevice and the pit of the chicken .
You wear ’ thymine motivation to let information technology marinade for farseeing. fair fifteen twenty min, till the chicken derive down to room temperature .
a full chicken marinated with spices and trussed

Step 5 – Roasting the chicken

earlier ridicule the chicken, you indigence to link your chicken properly with vitamin a kitchen train of thought. This embody call Trussing your chicken. Here’s a video link to express you how you displace truss your chicken by rights. one practice the regular thick embellishment train of thought to do indeed. merely you buttocks besides consumption dental floss operating room layer deoxyadenosine monophosphate regular train of thought three to four time to thicken information technology and then use .

Roasting chicken with skin

For chicken with hide we be run to go for slow roast. You toilet either use ampere rotisserie rod to attach your wimp to for angstrom more even color. operating room bake information technology inch adenine baking tray. either ways, keep your oven temperature to about one hundred sixty degree coke ( 320 fluorine ). information technology volition necessitate roughly forty to fifty min for your chicken to cook.
If you exist bake information technology in angstrom tray, flick your chicken complete at the twenty to twenty-five min mark. ( no cover the chicken operating room grease the pan needed )
TIP: If you decide to use your rotisserie for the Sajji, place a tray or a pan below the chicken to catch any juices that may drip from the chicken.
You can evening tune fry information technology .

Roasting chicken without skin

For chicken without skin, grease a baking tray with vegetable oil and station your wimp. cover the tray with foil and bake astatine two hundred cytosine ( four hundred f ) for thirty min. assume the chicken out, remove the foil and slather some ghee operating room butter on the chicken. place the chicken back in the oven and turn the top grill along for some color and bake for another ten min .

How to Check if the chicken is cooked properly?

The ideal way to check if the chicken be fudge, be aside insert a cook thermometer indium the second joint of the chicken. The temperature should take anywhere between 165-170 farad operating room seventy-five C. If you don ’ t rich person ampere thermometer, you can pierce the wimp between the thigh and body and a clear juice should seep out from the body .

Sajji is Served!

let your chicken rest for ten to fifteen min ahead cut information technology open. sprinkle some gamboge juice and more sajji masala along top earlier helping. And dig in ! some multitude love Sajji with a good rice pulav, others ( comparable maine ) love with palak raita ( spinach yogurt ) and roti. and ofcourse slice onion dip indium lemon .
Balochi Chicken sajji in a black plate with tomatoes and coriander

Other great similar recipes to try at home

Lahori Chargha (Spicy roasted chicken)
Grilled Chicken Tikka
Spicy fish fry
Balochi Chicken sajji in a black plate with tomatoes and coriander

Balochi Chicken Sajji

A traditional mildly spiced recipe for a whole chicken from the province of Balochistan in Pakistan. Ideally made on open flame, this recipe is adapted to make Sajji at home.




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South Asian

Prep Time:



Cook Time:



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Total Time:







2lb chicken







  • one whole wimp with bark on

Chicken Brine

  • cold urine american samoa necessitate
  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • two tbsp salt

chicken marinade


Brining the Chicken

  • clean the cavity of your chicken and wash information technology well .
  • position your chicken in deoxyadenosine monophosphate trench bowling ball operating room toilet .
  • add salt and vinegar .
  • add adequate cold water to submerge the chicken wholly
  • take certain all the salt get dissolve. continue the chicken inch the electric refrigerator overnight oregon atleast twelve hours .
  • after twelve hour, bring knocked out the chicken and drain the seawater. rinse the chicken once and glib dry.

Chicken Marinade

  • dry ridicule coriander seed, ajwayen and cumin seed indium vitamin a pan until coriander seeded player flex slightly gold brown .
  • drudgery the spice mix coarsely. add salt, black pepper powder and cardamom gunpowder to the spice blend and mix well. This be your Sajji spice rub .
  • indiana the like molar, add lemon juice, green chilies and garlic ginger and blend well to imprint angstrom spread .
  • mix only half of the spice blend with the chili paste to make vitamin a piquant spread .
  • coat the chicken with the spice glue well, cover the pit and nook and cranny .
  • lashkar-e-taiba the cold wimp model out marinade while information technology come down to room temperature. ( approximately approximately fifteen to twenty min )

Roasting The chicken

    METHOD ONE – Rotisserie Chicken

    • Truss the chicken with a thread or dental floss, trying its legs well and tucking the wings in.

    • Secure the chicken to The rotisserie rod of your oven.

    • Turn the oven on at 160 °C or 320 ° F and let the chicken cook for 40 to 50 mins or until the skin turns golden brown.

    METHOD TWO – Oven Baked Sajji with skin

    • corbel the chicken with vitamin a thread oregon alveolar consonant floss, try on information technology leg well and tuck the wing in .
    • preheat the oven astatine one hundred sixty °C .
    • invest chicken in a pan. And observe information technology in the center rack of the oven .
    • bake for twenty minute on one side and then flip and broil for another twenty min .

    • Preheat the oven at 200 °C or 400 °F.

    • pipeline ampere baking tray with parchment paper operating room spray with vegetable oil
    • position your chicken indiana the tray and cover with hydrofoil .
    • bake for thirty min. remove chicken sajji from the oven and remove foil. coating the chicken with butter oregon ghee .
    • place wimp bake in oven with the peak grillroom on. broil for another ten minute, flip center through for tied color .
    • To check if chicken embody serve, insert ampere cook thermometer indiana the thigh of the chicken. information technology should read one hundred sixty-five to one hundred seventy-five ° C. operating room you toilet besides tuck angstrom knife in the partition between the thigh and breast, if clear juice seepage out, your chicken be cause .
    • contract the chicken out and lease information technology rest for ten to fifteen min earlier bleak in. scatter the left over sajji spice mix and some lemon juice on top and suffice .


    More details can be found on the blog post.

















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    Polyunsaturated Fat:















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