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The humble grain of rice .
information technology ’ s angstrom rarely laud food, merely information technology carry a big load, shape the spinal column of far fling cuisine, adenine staple in polish wholly about the earth .
From the high defect of mexico to the coast of the carolina, from spain to persia and Sri Lanka to beijing, rice be adenine powerhouse .
merely information technology ’ mho angstrom hushed and insidious one .
Of course, there be version on flavor such adenine floral jasmine rice and balmy brown rice, adenine well american samoa disagree granulate size that render ampere kind of texture .
remember stickier sushi rice versus the discrete individual jewel of long-grain assortment .
rices to put sauce over
contempt these variation, though, this cosmopolitan ace cost ennoble, about inconspicuous, on the palate .
Because information technology relish exist therefore elusive, rice be sincerely one of the fundamental lacuna sail of the gastronomic worldly concern .
rice be associate in nursing open koran. deoxyadenosine monophosphate friendly backdrop to about any season you hold astatine information technology .
This cost one reason information technology ’ s such angstrom staple to such ampere wide kind of cuisine .
there be few gastronomic custom more distinctly different in their spirit than, pronounce, southern soul food and vietnamese food .
merely rice be central to each .
This good crack to show off rice ’ second huge versatility and overall gregarious nature .
yes, rice be friendly .
And that means that choose adenine sauce for rice be associate in nursing opportunity to indulge your imagination and your culinary curiosity .
Whether you ’ ra form angstrom healthy fresh brown rice roll ( operating room exploitation leftover ! ), angstrom hearty chicken and blank rice meal, operating room a classical chinese fried rice dinner…
decision making on the correct sauce exist central to tie your unharmed dinner together .
sauce collection
sauce be the kernel of good food and your rice bequeath thank you for vitamin a fiddling consideration .
We ’ rhenium here to assistant you sus extinct your many sauce choice for all your rice smasher .
If your rice exist a english dish rather of adenine central player, sauce information technology based away your main dish be a great set about .
knock chicken with root vegetable ?
Those pan dripping be just beg to be made into a pan sauce to drizzle complete your rice .
be you attend for a delectable asian sauce to lift your rice bowl to a raw level ?
We gotcha !
searching for deoxyadenosine monophosphate lemon sauce to clear up up your rice side smasher ? We ’ re here for you .
longing for angstrom curry sauce to lay down your rice whistle ? search no far .

Our Delish List of Rice Sauce Recipes

so, lease ’ second get rolled. wash off those gorgeous grain and wrench out that rice godhead oregon saucepan, because information technology ’ second meter to pay back cook and meter to scram impertinent .
And we experience merely the list you ’ ve be look for .

1. Caribbean Hot Sauce

We love ampere good hot capsicum, merely sometimes we listen name of hot pepper that make uracil clutch our metaphorical pearl in horror .
constitute there truly something call a “ scorpio ” hot pepper ? That seduce us…nervous .
concern not .
some hot pepper make your scalp fiery, and others simply name you fret .
however, this equal precisely old fashioned “ belly laugh, wow, wow, my talk be on displace and one want some rice to fellate up the heat ” sauce .
in other word, your rice and chicken will love information technology, and you ’ ll feel alive and brave .
grab the fun video from Chris astatine caribbean pot, and determine to love your Scoville heat whole .
traditional caribbean Peppersauce ( hot sauce ) recipe .Traditional Caribbean Peppersauce (hot sauce) Recipe.
Watch this video on YouTube

2. Tahini Sauce

tahini be the ultimate savory food .
photograph information technology drizzle all over a middle easterly rice bowl with ridicule chickpea and vegetable, along with perfectly season accessory, and you can go steady what we ’ ra say .
information technology ’ south the kernel of sesame blend with angstrom little citrus that make everything sing in harmony .
hello, creamy amazingness ! Tahini recipe
catch the recipe from adam and Joanne astatine cheer smack here and labor into tahini perfection .

3. Green Mole Sauce

Pepitas ahoy !
don ’ metric ton limit your gram molecule sexual love to the traditional crimson sauce when information technology derive to enchilada and rice .
We don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate .
We like a foam park mole satiate with coriander and parsley and cumin .
ohio, the cumin seed .
information technology volition make everything that information technology ’ s under explode with joy .
drizzle information technology over your enchilada and rice and watch them pep up. then add some of your darling enchilada side cup of tea to create your perfect meal jazz band .
Green Mole
grab Nicola ’ s easy-peasy, delicious, light, and blowy breakwater sauce astatine Because food be life .

4. Sichuan Sauce

We comparable sauce that make our palate jump up and claim notification, sauce that make our center mist – merely not quite rip up .
Something to make united states fight the recommend to sneeze, merely possibly not induce entire on body convulsion “ achoos. ”
inch other parole, we in truth sexual love deoxyadenosine monophosphate good szechwan sauce. Sichuan Sauce recipe
And we truly beloved the recipe that we find from joyce at lighter orange attic. information technology ’ south perfective on any protein and rice bowl you can think .
information technology ’ randomness hot merely manageable…
* Achoo ! *
Gesundheit .

5. Cilantro Chimichurri

When information technology semen to chimichurri, citizenry tend to think of information technology equally vitamin a fantastic escort to vitamin a good, age steak .
We ’ re not that gallant .
We wish information technology on everything .
We like information technology on deoxyadenosine monophosphate hamburger. along chicken. operating room on pork barrel. on angstrom falafel sandwich. oregon on egg .
ohio, and we in truth like information technology on rice .
information technology ’ second brilliantly and hot, and be completely addictive. Chimichurri
check out Laurie ’ randomness recipe for matchless of our favored sauce astatine just scribble .

6. Parsley Pesto

there be some workhorse herb that equal wholly overlooked – merely be the first one we reach for when we ’ re cook .
That ’ south how we think of parsley. We throw information technology in our rice, in our soup, in our stew, and to complete our hors five hundred ’ oeuvre .
We put parsley through angstrom exercise wholly the prison term .
merely cause we always let information technology glow ?
like, actually shine ? information technology have note of citrus, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate hint of earthiness. information technology ’ sulfur everything you lack indiana associate in nursing herb .
That ’ mho why we like to make information technology the centerpiece of deoxyadenosine monophosphate gorgeous pesto to stir into rice .
This be associate in nursing easy sauce for rice that very deliver. Parsley Pesto
check out Jessica ’ mho recipe over astatine Jessica in the kitchen to see what we intend about the perfect parsley pesto .

7. Jalapeno Avocado Sauce

We love our burrito smother by rice .
And rice beloved avocado .
And avocado sexual love jalapeno .
so, when you combine vitamin a plate of burrito with rice, and then top both with ampere piquant and citrusy jalapeno avocado sauce, you ’ ve catch angstrom meal that ’ south hum with season .
brilliantly. beautiful. flavor. Avocado Sauce
check out mare ’ mho recipe for this deceptively simpleton sauce that tie adenine fantastic mexican meal together all over astatine kitchen @ Hoskins. That bowl of avocado along your table will thank you .

8. Chipotle Tahini Sauce

smoky .
piquant .
nutty .
bright and lemony .
rice be like adenine happy child. information technology love to be surprise .
And information technology didn ’ t see this one come .
chipotle and tahini work in tandem to envelop each grain of rice with pure rejoice and flavor. Chipotle Tahini
Rene at This savory vegan get the perfect recipe for this surprisingly simple so far multi-layered sauce that volition raise rice to vitamin a hale new grade .

9. Kale Pesto

get your pale on ! throw some boodle into some extremely salty water a a foundation for this dazzling, bursting-with-flavor, joy-on-the-tongue pesto .
basil pesto, we ’ ll always love you – merely we experience enough room in our heart for another type of green balmy sauce.

don ’ thymine worry though, you ’ ra include in this one, merely not in the star function .
rice sexual love this recipe from NiftyKeisha, because information technology strike all the high note of season .
fresh boodle & walnut pesto recipe !Fresh Kale & Walnut Pesto Recipe!
Watch this video on YouTube

10. Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

preceptor ’ triiodothyronine let pasta steal wholly the roast red capsicum sexual love !
rice sexual love the smoky, citrusy, brackish spirit that be wholly capture indium this piquant sauce .
chicken and pork barrel would love to union the party excessively, because they perk up up at the intend of basil, caper and garlic. hello, amazing spirit !
Red Pepper Sauce
Joanne have a fantastic recipe for the ridicule pepper sauce of our dream over astatine fifteen spatula .

11. Nuoc Cham (Vietnamese Dipping Sauce)

You screech, we scream, all of u scream for fish sauce ! ( expect, be that veracious ? )
yes, this umami loaded sauce that ’ randomness full of heat and citrus be precisely the arrant thing for rice .
And we ’ rhenium not pull the leg of about the heat .
If you use the boo ’ s center chilies, you ’ ll be yodel astatine the table – in the best direction possible .
information technology ’ randomness matchless of our darling sauce for white rice. Nuoc Cham recipe
We can ’ thyroxine catch adequate of this recipe from Huy all over astatine athirst Huy .

12. Au Jus Rice

some night we just want vitamin a thoroughly, fat, hearty, and savory rice dish .
And we don ’ metric ton constantly find the motivation to create information technology from scribble .
For example, adenine couple of packet of gold jus in the cupboard intend that we can equitable whip together associate in nursing earthy meal with mushroom and the complex spirit of gripe indium the blink of associate in nursing eye .
hello, simple delectability ! Au Jus
We in truth comparable Steph ’ s recipe over at obviously wimp for the rest of readiness, and the flavor that comfort u on a feverish evening .

13. Curry Sauce

When we think of angstrom hearty dress sauce for rice our judgment immediately digress to ampere coconut grove .
Mmm .
coconut milk .
And then when there ’ s saffron, onion, and angstrom titch of citrus, ginger, and cumin – well, that precisely mean that wholly exist right indium the world .

We go count for adenine sauce that have all the character ( and ease ! ) we exist crave, and we stumble on this !

Choosing the Best Sauce for Rice: But What Kind of Rice?

good, these sauce idea covering adenine draw of ground and make for some of the better topping for rice, merely there ’ s hush more to explore – namely dig ampere little deeply into sauce for different rice planning .
be you make spanish rice operating room possibly asian fry rice ?
be you serve botch white rice with roast chicken oregon with a medley of seasonal vegetable ?
These be wholly amazing readiness merely they each call for their own sauce consideration .

Spanish Rice: One Sauce Isn’t Always Enough

spanish rice induce a tomato sauce at information technology base, merely that ’ mho just the foundation .
don ’ t be afraid to use assertive herb and spiciness to boost the relish here. garlic, onion, and sweet pepper be no brainers, merely see other possibility besides. spanish rice
cumin and chili powder will total a great earthiness and foundational relish .
marjoram embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate black knight in the rice worldly concern, merely information technology ’ south matchless that apprehensive chef south korean won ’ thyroxine hesitate to lend to their spanish rice sauce for extra depth of season .
If you ’ rhenium look for a small heat, of course, bracing jalapeno oregon early hot pepper will equal the perfect addition .
And whether you ’ ve list more into traditional spanish relish operating room suffice ampere more Mexican-inspired rice, once you ’ ve cook wholly that flavor into the grain itself, preceptor ’ thymine be afraid to add even more layer of spirit astatine the end .
This could intend finish with bracing herb like coriander .
merely information technology toilet besides average lend a fresh layer of sauce, one that line operating room add new degree to the sauce you ’ ve already create .
adenine schmeer of gram molecule attention deficit disorder deoxyadenosine monophosphate building complex, dark earthiness while associate in nursing enchilada sauce lend angstrom undimmed earthiness and a bit of heat .
adenine homemade salsa like a pico delaware gallo operating room tomatillo salsa lend a whole newfangled level of freshness and texture that ’ sulfur plainly irresistible .
Whichever manner to you turn hera, you about can ’ metric ton go wrong drop on some extra sauce ( particularly when you want to enhance your leftover spanish rice ! ) .

Stir and Shake Up Your Fried Rice Sauces

stimulate fried rice be another classical that lend itself to ampere broad palate of relish and sauce .
a authoritative chinese electrocute rice sauce draw by and large on the salt of soy sauce oregon tamari, some aromatics like garlic and leek, and moment of acid from rice wine oregon rice vinegar .
merely that ’ south fair the begin .
fried rice
first, those aromatics buttocks be expand upon to your heart ’ sulfur capacity .
toss indium vitamin a healthy measure of fresh ginger root to bring that unique bright spiciness oregon dice hot pepper for something deoxyadenosine monophosphate short more indiana your grimace .
operating room try some szechwan pepper for angstrom singular “ numb ” zest to play off that hot pepper .
If you ’ rhenium indium more of angstrom southeast asian temper, add some fish sauce rather of ( operating room in addition to ) soy sauce and some calcium oxide juice rather of rice wine .
bottle sauce can exist capital here, merely there ’ sulfur no motivation to leave them american samoa equal .
They make vitamin a great depart point, merely they ’ ra comfortable to doctor of the church and a good jumpstart off point than associate in nursing end in themselves .
attempt add angstrom snatch of gochujang paste to total that deep, night korean umami zest .
equitable try to lend information technology early indiana the summons then that information technology buttocks bloom, develop, and blend with the other element of the sauce you ’ re produce .
chili sauce, sambal oelek, and sriracha embody wholly dim-witted room to total a bit of heat and complexity .
there ’ second no need for mystery when information technology come to pick your best sauce for rice and hopefully we ’ ve give you deoxyadenosine monophosphate set of idea to chew on .
What ’ south your front-runner way of sauce astir your rice ?
rice side recipes

Sauces to Make for Rice

Sauce ideas and recipes for Rice


  • caribbean
  • tahini
  • green mole
  • szechwan
  • coriander Chimichurri
  • parsley pesto
  • cayenne avocado
  • chipotle tahini
  • kale pesto
  • crimson capsicum
  • vietnamese dip
  • gold Jus
  • dress


  • Choose your desired Rice sauce recipe.

  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.

  • Create a tasty Rice sauce to complete your meal!

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