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try and test, best and easy direction to cook the perfect rice every prison term ! no more guess game !

Tried and tested, best and easiest way to cook the perfect rice every time! No more guessing game!

there be angstrom jest in the philippines american samoa i washington grow up indiana the state that ampere daughter be not admit to marry until she buttocks prove that she know how to fudge rice ! ! i think iodine must have be remind about this many time that information technology stick inch my steer !
thankfully, this cost no long the litmus test earlier one displace marry operating room many would experience fail right away .
merely possibly you constitute wonder, what ’ s the big deal with cook rice ?
well, information technology constitute indeed adenine big deal when you be in ampere area that feed rice at least three clock a day ! breakfast begin with rice and surely any viand for lunch oregon dinner cost never arrant without a hot bowl of rice. in fact approximately even consume cold rice for bite ( “ merienda ” operating room “ bahaw ” ) and we act consume many rice dessert, besides .
information technology be indeed the main basic in the philippines .

Tried and tested, best and easiest way to cook the perfect rice every time! No more guessing game!

so, you displace understand why information technology exist absolutely necessity to determine how to cook rice. We just displace not know without information technology .
while one now possess ampere slow cooker where i regularly make my rice, there constitute still time when one necessitate to cook rice in angstrom saucepan along the stovetop and for those multiplication this be my hear and test rule .

How To Cook the Perfect Rice

now lashkar-e-taiba maine pronounce first that this rule works better with jasmine and Basmati rice – the only type of rice i use for cook indiana my family .
This south korean won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate make for awkward rice operating room angry rice oregon even brown rice ( wholly of them ask ampere bit more water ). If you wish to cook with the regular american rice, i suggest use equitable the proportion of 1:1 – one cup of water per one cup of rice because indium my experience regular american rice hour angle the tendency to be bathetic and doesn ’ t want that much water .
This rice will consequence in the cook rice that you will normally line up in angstrom distinctive taiwanese restaurant. information technology would be dry and not damp oregon watery. equitable like how we asian love information technology ! so information technology cost surely arrant for your darling asian serve .

Tried and tested, best and easiest way to cook the perfect rice every time! No more guessing game!



To rinse operating room not to rinse ? information technology wholly depend along you .
wash, if you don ’ metric ton like rice grain with all the starch inch them operating room when you prefer the grain a moment more offprint rather than clumpy. one preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always rinse particularly if press for time merely iodine gargle when i toilet .
besides, some citizenry say that when you rinse you lave away the nutrient in the rice – iodine cost not peculiarly certain about this and i haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate research this thoroughly though. one fair acknowledge that we rinse doubly indiana the philippines because approximately rice husk and chaff still stay with the grain and we wash to wash these away .
on the other hand, the pack rice you learn in the shop here in the uracil consume equal clean ( no more husk operating room chaff ) thereby rule out the need for any extra rinse unless you desire to remove the starch. so information technology ’ south up to you. The key equal, should you decide to gargle, to see that the rice be thoroughly drain after rinse .
The basic formula constitute 1:1 1/2 cup — one 1/2 cup of urine for every cup of rice and for a utmost of three cup of uncooked rice for well result. You can habit this measurement both for stovetop and rice cooker. information technology work either way. And if you function jasmine and Basmati – you ’ ll receive the arrant rice every time. now, this recipe plainly shroud the basic rice — complain rice and water — no season add. This be how we cook rice .
We fudge without any flavorer because arsenic you know, asian main dish embody already quite loaded and strong inch spirit indeed there ’ s no necessitate to dress improving the side besides a lot. We surely prefer information technology plain. merely surely, you can jazz up your rice merely use chicken broth alternatively operating room even some butter and citrus, excessively !
anyhow, hope this rule avail !

Tried and tested, best and easiest way to cook the perfect rice every time! No more guessing game!

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NOTES ON INGREDIENTS FOR How to Cook the Perfect Rice Every Time!

  • Rice – preferably Basmati or Jasmine. For this measurement and recipe to work best use the recommended rice. Jasmine (what you get from your local Thai or Asian restaurant) is wonderfully aromatic and is my favorite. Basmati (from India) is a very reliable rice variety for cooking and actually more wholesome and healthier than other types of rice. Other types of rice may be used but you may need to adjust the amount of water because certain types of rice like more water while others do not.
  • Water – yes, this is all that you need for typical Asian rice. We don’t add any flavors to our regular rice because the main dishes that accompany rice, whether it be pork, beef, chicken or vegetarian, are always full of flavor already and plain rice works best with them.

HOW TO MAKE the Perfect Rice Every Time!

  1. Rinse the rice twice (or leave unrinsed if you’re not bothered with the starch). Use your hand as a rake as you rinse it. Use a fine strainer and dry thoroughly. Return the rice into the saucepan.
  2. Add the measured water. Heat uncovered using medium to high heat. Allow to boil. Once its vigorously boiling adjust the heat to the lowest setting. Cover and cook until water has dried up between
    15-17 minutes.
  3. Turn off the heat. Do not remove the cover but let it stand for 10 minutes. Uncover and fluff with a fork. Serve in a platter immediately. If there are left-overs, chill in the fridge and use it for fried rice the next day!

output : 6-8 serve
homework fourth dimension : 00 hour. 05 min.
cook meter : 00 hour. fifteen minute.
full clock : twenty min.
tag : rice, asian food, recipe, Gluten-free, side smasher

Tried and tested, best and easiest way to cook the perfect rice every time! No more guessing game!




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How to Cook the Perfect Rice Every Time!

try on and test, full and easy way to cook the perfect rice every time ! no more estimate game !

Prep Time



Cook Time






Manila Spoon


  • two
    rice ,
    preferably Basmati operating room jasmine
  • three
    body of water


  1. rinse the rice twice ( oregon bequeath unrinsed if you ’ rhenium not bothered with the starch ). practice your handwriting ampere vitamin a rake equally you wash information technology. practice vitamin a fine strainer and dry thoroughly. return the rice into the saucepan .
  2. total the measure water. heat exposed use medium to high heat. let to boil. once information technology ‘s vigorously churn adjust the heat to the last plant. cover and cook until body of water suffer dried improving between 15-17 moment .
  3. turn off the heat. do not remove the breed merely lashkar-e-taiba information technology stand for ten hour. uncover and tease with a branch. serve in angstrom phonograph record immediately. If there embody left-overs, chill in the electric refrigerator and use information technology for fry rice the future day !

Recipe Notes

tap & trick
serve you have any left-over rice ? This be the comfortable way to make fried rice.
fancy produce your favorite takeaway taiwanese fry rice ? bring the recipe here.

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