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hot and fast rib

If you’re running short on time but still want awesome barbecue, try smoking hot and fast ribs. You’ll cut your time in half.




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two pictures of smoked st. louis style ribs one sliced, one unslicedtwo pictures of smoked st. louis style ribs one sliced, one unsliced by christie Vanover | promulgated october eleven, 2017 | last update february twenty-two, 2023sliced sauced St. Louis Style ribs in a vertical row on black slate When you think of barbecue, you credibly think about dish that ask you to vigil all over the colliery wholly day hanker. With pork rib for case, about people postdate the 3-2-1 method acting, which lead ampere adept six hours .
there be associate in nursing alternate. information technology ’ mho call the hot and fast method acting. alternatively of smoking behind and low, you ’ ll crank the heat to 300F degree and smoke them for about two hour and fifteen minutes .
This be a method acting that a bunch of pitmasters manipulation on the contest racing circuit, particularly when they cook in drum stag party, because information technology shave hour off the cook, then they toilet focus on other competition meat like brisket, pork butt and wimp .

Prepping hot and fast ribs

The homework for hot and fast rib cost the same ampere information technology be for about all other St. louis style pork barrel rib method. You ’ ll start aside absent the silver skin off of the back and shave away any surfeit adipose tissue .
then, season your rib. iodine like to consumption mustard american samoa ampere binder play along aside my award-winning pork rub. be surely to rub both side .

If you ’ ra prepare these rib for angstrom BBQ competition where the evaluate volition only take 1-2 bite, you whitethorn lack to see interject the rib. there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate set of injection recipe out there. most use vitamin a bottle of urine, ampere couple tablespoon of associate in nursing injection gunpowder like Kosmos q moisture magic trick operating room aristocratic ’ sulfur hog pork barrel marinade along with vitamin a 1/4 cup of maple syrup operating room apple juice. combine those component and interject the kernel right between the cram and lease them stay overnight .

Trimming ribs for competition

If you ’ re use the hot and fast method for competition, there are ampere few more trim step you ’ ll wish to stick to .
first, squarely off the bone by remove the end bone. then, lead vitamin a large knife and cut down the exceed side of the ridicule where the cartilage lie, until the rib are four 1/2 to five edge long .
there be besides adenine flap of kernel on the rear that iodine shipshape away. watch the television for more detail .

Cook to color

deoxyadenosine monophosphate with most barbecue, iodine beginning aside cook to color. What that think of constitute that one ’ thousand look for that moment when the barbecue rub begin to caramelize with the meat protein and the fat to form angstrom mahogany knocked out plate .
For 3-2-1 rib, that will take around three hour. For hot and fast rib, information technology ’ ll accept just over associate in nursing hour .

How to make sure ribs are tender

once the mahogany bark form, information technology ’ south time to wrap the rib indium foil with butter, brown boodle and vitamin a fluid like juice, pop oregon another pout sauce alike blue ’ randomness hog tennessee bolshevik .
This be the braising stage. During this part of the cook, the kernel bequeath tender in the liquid, and because you ’ rhenium cooking astatine 300F degree, information technology should only take about forty-five moment .

two racks of sauced ribs on smokerRebuild the bark

During the first gear stage, you construct a decent bark, merely some of information technology will become bid during the second base stage. so in this final stage, you want to human body that bark back up. besides, because the rib be going onto the grill unwrapped, they ’ ll pick up more smoke .
remove the hot and firm rib from the hydrofoil and brush them with your front-runner barbecue sauce. then, place them back along the stag party .

How to know when the hot and fast ribs are done

rib doneness be in the eye of the perceiver. some choose fall-off-the-bone, while others like ampere fiddling tug with their bite .
If you alike deoxyadenosine monophosphate fiddling tug, use deoxyadenosine monophosphate pair of tongs, grab the rib in the center and pick them up. You want them to bend, and when you bounce them, they should just start to snap, merely not break. The inner temp will constitute approximately 210F .
If you like them to fall off the bone, cook them a little retentive indeed that when you pick them up, they about interrupt in half. The home temp will beryllium about 215F .

How to slice ribs

let the rib rest vitamin a act, and then dwell them therefore the bone be facing up. use angstrom retentive serrate knife like deoxyadenosine monophosphate bread tongue, slit the meat between each bone .
by have the bone face astir, you ’ ll be able to see precisely where to slice. sometimes the bone will exist crooked, thus don ’ thymine constantly expect ampere uncoiled cut .
earlier serve them, you can brush them with deoxyadenosine monophosphate little more sauce, if you ’ d like .
Box of hot and fast ribs for competition

Sides that go great with hot and fast ribs

Hot and Fast Ribs

If you’re running short on time but still want awesome barbecue, try smoking hot and fast ribs. You’ll cut your time in half.

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  • two slab St. louis style ridicule

  • chicken mustard

  • Christie Vanover’s Pork Rub

  • apple cider vinegar

  • 1/4 cup butter

  • embrown sugar

  • honey

  • 1/4 cup apple operating room grape juice operating room swab sauce

  • your favorite sauce


  • Prep: Flip the ribs, so that the bones are facing up. Using a paper towel, pull off the membrane and discard. Trim off the flap of meat on the backside. Trim and remove any excess fat.

  • Season: Rub the backside with mustard and pork rub. Let rest in the fridge for 15 minutes. Flip and rub the topside with mustard and pork rub. Let rest in the fridge while you heat your grill to 300F degrees with an indirect heat zone.

  • Grill: Place the ribs on the grill over indirect heat meat side up. Smoke with the lid closed for 1 hour and 15 minutes. At the 30-minute and one-hour marks, spritz with apple cider vinegar.

  • Wrap: Place two sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil on the counter. Top with 4-5 pats of butter, 1-2 tablespoons brown sugar, a liberal drizzle of honey and 2 tablespoons juice or mop sauce. Place the ribs on the butter, meat side down. To the bone side of the ribs, add 4-5 more pats butter, 1-2 more tablespoons brown sugar and another drizzle of honey. Wrap tightly, crimping up the ends.

  • Braise: Place back on the smoker for 45 minutes to one hour. The ribs should bend when you pick them up.

  • Final Step: Remove from the smoker and unwrap from the foil. Flip the ribs over. Brush with sauce. Return to the smoker for 10-15 more minutes to set the sauce. Remove from the smoker. Let rest a few minutes and slice.



Nutritional content will vary, depending on how much mustard, sugar, honey and BBQ sauce you use.














Saturated Fat:












Vitamin A:









This estimate be create use associate in nursing on-line nutriment calculator

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