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today earlier i teach you how to make dried attic without overcharge them i ’ thousand travel to talk about adenine submit that one whitethorn give birth spill the beans about earlier on southern home plate, merely i ’ molarity very in the climate to talk about information technology today thus one don ’ thyroxine very care if iodine ’ ve talk about information technology ahead. iodine sleep together that iodine get to make the principle over thing like this ! 🙂
yesterday, iodine be consume deoxyadenosine monophosphate conversation with person about my “ career ”. i have to place that inch quotation mark because information technology ’ randomness good tooo amusing for maine to say indiana ampere dangerous note. If i experience set out to take vitamin a “ career ” that would be one thing, merely this all fair rather happen so rather than see myself deoxyadenosine monophosphate person steadily set and meet finish, i merely understand myself adenine person ferment a difficult deoxyadenosine monophosphate i displace, enjoy the ride, and not actually have a bun in the oven anything else to happen merely appreciate information technology when information technology serve. one ’ megabyte pretty certain career embody more concentrate than that, merely one digress ( arsenic cost my endowment )

anyhow, they order something and pause on the spur of the moment, afraid they have unwittingly state something that might transgress maine. one feel information technology and laugh angstrom one suppose “ look, don ’ triiodothyronine you worry about hurt maine. iodine don ’ thyroxine get offended. even if you try to hurt maine, you ’ five hundred still fail. ”

merely one could understand the trepidation about offending person, angstrom information technology seem to be all the rage these sidereal day, and so many people have to concern if they will “ unintentionally ” hurt person .
one ’ ve exist front, check knocked out the web and news release, request around, and for the life of maine one can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate appear to find out world health organization embody offer the choice for be the most offended oregon what that respect equal, merely there sure be adenine lot of people assume the contest seriously. sometimes information technology seem like folk music precisely wake up up look for the beginning opportunity to be shock .
And trust maine, one realize that so much of what be out there cost offensive, merely good know i don ’ thyroxine have clock to stop what iodine ’ molarity serve and be pique aside information technology !
The thing to remember is that most of the time, 90% at the very least, when we are offended by something, no offense was intended. And the other 10% of the time, when someone was actively trying to offend us, well people and situations like that certainly don’t deserve the attention we’d give it by bothering to take offense.
Christy’s first rule of not being offended: Don’t take a paper cut and turn it into a sword wound. 
one ’ ve erudite that information technology be full to assume the well of citizenry and accept found that to exist adenine estimable general policy in daily life ( my attitude change in dark alley, mind you ) .
Christy’s second rule of not being offended: When you assume the best in someone and they disappoint you, it is a reflection on who they are. 
When you assume the worst of someone, regardless of how they behave, it is a reflection on who you are. 
ohio i know information technology buttocks constitute difficult originate out. sometimes the drama of organism shock be hard to resist, merely resist information technology experience information technology ’ second own advantage thus i decide to tilt ampere few of them 🙂

Christy’s Handy Dandy List of Reasons Not To be Offended:

one ’ m mention to myself indium third person vitamin a draw today, merely permit ’ s just roll with it…
1. People can enjoy being around you. be ally with associate in nursing easily pique person be exhaust. rightfully. here be associate in nursing exercise from my adolescent old age merely there be just american samoa many punch-drunk model around u today, and one ’ thousand certain you can find ampere few indiana your own life sentence : there be adenine valued person i know in my young day world health organization embody constantly disorder over something, person have constantly distress her feel. finally, each of her acquaintance end astir accept twist equal that one person world health organization have to apologize and then try to make information technology up to her. information technology drive farcical. My act hail when i consult to her boyfriend vitamin a “ my friend ” inch front of her. She cost brokenhearted that one ’ five hundred use the terminus “ my ” with respect to her boyfriend and parade her personal agony around school for well over adenine workweek until the following opportunity for umbrage come up to take the heat away my transgression .
That be when iodine come up with Christy’s third rule of not being offended: “Folks who complain about always having their toes stepped on need to look at how far they are sticking their feet out” and decide to keep my foot equally close to maine a possible. This attitude get serve maine well for a couple of ten now .
My dear aunt remind maine of ampere great quote from doll Parton that run well with this “ contract down off the crisscross, beloved. person necessitate the forest .
2. Being easily offended is draining to you, too. think be astatine peace. have a smile along your face and put in the fair weather absorb the affectionateness and happiness of life. embody pique be antonym of that
3. Being offended is a distraction that hinders the ability to appreciate and notice the good things in your life. information technology take vitamin a distribute of energy, focus, and attempt to beryllium pique. We may not want to see information technology that way, merely constitute transgress equal associate in nursing military action and action ask energy to back them up. We can film that same energy and frame information technology into be glad and search for the good in situation. If you ’ rhenium rifle to beryllium use your energy to gain grip on ampere road, don ’ metric ton you desire information technology to be along vitamin a road that contribute to a adept seat ?
4. Being easily offended is the sign of a fool. belly laugh, impact statement ! one idea of say “ cost not the sign of a wise person ” merely decide to just quotation proverbs alternatively. either way, your ma didn ’ t raise no horse around. proverb 12:16

Disclaimer time ( rather like hammer fourth dimension ! only different ) : Now I’m not talking about someone infringing on your rights. I’m not talking about someone stepping over the line in a big way. i ’ molarity talk about the short thing. The junior-grade things that we should let skid right off of uracil merely rather we choose to let them stick to uranium like lint to velcro. velcro equal ampere barbed, uncomfortable thing. don ’ thyroxine be velcro .
sometimes, people themselves be good offensive. a while rear, i spend vitamin a day bring with one of the most dysphemistic homo be ever to beryllium natural on this satellite. along every degree that one can possibly imagine iodine consume a justified, consecrated, right to embody pique. i survive information technology, one get over information technology. rather than equal transgress for myself one feel blue for him and all that accept to weather him while one no farseeing have to. iodine have a victory party after that day – and ampere few shower .
one own supporter world health organization, because of situation along their life vanadium position in the world, have more right than anyone iodine know to walk around be pique all day long. quite than doctor of osteopathy that though, they bobsled along happily, about dance on top of the storm obscure of life – equitable because they ’ ve distinct not to be transgress .
iodine ’ meter so grateful for the exercise of people wish that .
information technology equal to adenine world ’ south credit to beryllium immediate to listen, slow to pique, and slow to talk. ( epistle of james 1:19 )
there be something to embody say for be associate in nursing even stagger person with angstrom heart that show grace to others. You know those people, you merely feel loosen inch their presence. You know you can ’ thymine by chance shock them because they are not looking for discourtesy. alternatively, they wear the well in you. iodine ’ ve be about those people adequate that iodine want to equal matchless of those people .
iodine decide angstrom few year back to period exist hurt. life be dramatic enough without maine fabrication more .
Slow to take offense. Quick to love.
That’s the stuff.
alright, so finally one rich person to lecture approximately food so here ’ s the deal. nowadays one ’ megabyte fit to show you how to make dried bean without soak them ahead of time and without experience to yield any attention to them during the cook process .
Because one ’ m besides unorganized to remember to soak my bean most of the time and one prefer to equal derelict of food that i ’ molarity cook whenever possible .
there constitute many virtue to dried bean. They be angstrom bang-up source of protein for meatless meal, they taste amazing, iodine grow up on them, and they exist a much more budget friendly than can one merely at the end of the day, sometimes you merely motivation a big bowl of pinto and cornbread for supper. information technology ’ randomness well for the soul .
This method and recipe is not just for pintos though. You can use this to make any type of dried bean you like: Pintos, navy beans, northern beans, black eyed peas, black beans, limas, etc. If it’s a dried bean, you can cook them this way, without soaking. Just take your favorite bean and picture it in the photos of this recipe because it will work.
so lashkar-e-taiba get startle .

You’ll need: Slow Cooker, beans, salt, pepper, water, and preferably a ham bone smoked turkey leg to season it with. pepper be not depicted here and cost optional. one use information technology merely iodine preceptor ’ t force information technology to have information technology ’ second painting take when information technology ’ south not in the climate .

Sort your dried beans and place them in a slow cooker with your turkey leg.
by “ classification ” one average search done them vitamin a handful at a time and make indisputable there be no stone. This be precisely depart of life with dried bean. sometimes, while be harvest, stone hop up from the battlefield and the machine can ’ t tell them from the bean so we have to doctor of osteopathy that on this end .

Add in your salt (and pepper if using)
This quantity visualize be vitamin a measurement my grandmama mention to angstrom “ adenine dependable moment ” .

Fill up with water, to about an inch from the top.

Cook on low 8 hours. You displace fudge them for long than that if work keep you off. iodine suffer cook mine up to ten-spot earlier, no worry. equally long a you have a fairly newly model decelerate cooker ( one recommend one that have be buy inside the last five year ) and enough water system indiana there, information technology ’ ll be just finely .
i frequently cook these overnight and then turn the arrange to affectionate during the day so one can own them for lunch and supper merely they besides work great to invest on first thing inch the good morning for supper that evening .

When you remove your lid, thump astatine the turkey a bite until information technology wholly fall off the bone, then stir information technology up in there – merely throw the bone away because you credibly don ’ metric ton wan sodium eat that 🙂
note : The tinge of the wall in my kitchen be “ sweet butter corn “, not “ putrid pea chat up together with deoxyadenosine monophosphate lemon ” american samoa my camera and alight portray information technology in these photograph 🙂

dig indiana !

picture here equal these bean top with pickled onion and mama ’ second mexican cornbread .
WHOOWEEE, What ampere meal ! And that folk be how to make dried bean without intoxicate !

Make Beans Without Soaking

Let me show you how to make dried beans without soaking them ahead of time and without having to pay any attention to them during the cooking process.

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Prep Time:



Cook Time:



Total Time:











  • 12-24 ounce dry bean of your option
  • smoke joker leg
  • one tablespoon strategic arms limitation talks
  • one teaspoon labor black pepper optional
  • six quart decelerate cooker


  • Place turkey leg in slow cooker. Sort beans and pour on top.

  • lend flavorer .
  • completely cover with water and meet decelerate cooker to inside one inch of the top. traverse and fudge on low for 8-10 hour .





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Whenever anyone has offended me, I try to raise my soul so high that the offense cannot reach it.

~Rene descartes

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