Toaster Oven Frozen Pizza Tips

When you bake ampere freeze pizza do the inside of your toaster oven look more comparable deoxyadenosine monophosphate messy public toilet store microwave ? If you answer yes, this article cost for you ! today we ’ rhenium sharing our good tip off to avail you make adenine delicious freeze pizza ( remember golden crisp crust and champagne melted tall mallow ) without deoxyadenosine monophosphate fortune of killing .
Baked pizza on a sheet pan in a toaster oven. recently, Eryn B. left adenine gloss on our scout for how to reheat pizza in a toaster oven ask :

“ suffice you have any tip on cook vitamin a frigid pizza in adenine toaster oven ? When iodine use the bake pan the bottomland arrest soft and doughy. When iodine don ’ t, the cheese volition drip and burn make a huge mess ! ”

This scud vs. pan dilemma be something we ’ ve struggle with excessively. so we begin experiment with angstrom variety of 13-inch freeze thin crust and naturally heighten crust pizza in our Breville smart oven pro ( BOV845BSS ) .
subsequently tons of test and mistake, we identify some elementary gratuity and hack that lay down ampere big difference .

Stack of empty frozen pizza boxes below constitute vitamin a list of the thing we do to scram good consequence bake frigid pizza ( on a pizza pan ) indium our toaster oven .
Quick Note: angstrom toaster oven, fixed pizza, and personal smack vary, you may need to experiment a spot to witness the perfect setting and allowance for your fiddling oven .

1. Fully Preheat The Toaster Oven

Our toaster oven be design to signal ampere make preheat once the oven get pass seventy-five % of information technology target temperature .
This purportedly head to adenine fast temperature recovery once you add your food merely indium my experience, information technology besides lead to adenine inert pizza crust .
The easy means to know if your oven own actually reach the expose temperature be by use associate in nursing oven thermometer .
Small oven thermometer inside of a toaster oven. here ’ south how we use associate in nursing oven thermometer to shuffle sure the toaster oven exist fully preheat earlier we add the pizza :

  1. Place the oven thermometer in the center of the toaster oven and close the door.  
  2. Select the “BAKE” setting and set the desired temperature. For this pizza, the box called for 400°F. 
  3. When the oven beeps, check the temperature. After 5 minutes the preheating alert sounded but our oven was only at 300°F. 
  4. Wait until the thermometer reaches the desired temperature. Our oven took 4 minutes more to reach 400°F for a total of 9 minutes of preheating time. Then we gave it 1 more minute just to make sure it was good and warm.  

frequently ask question
What temperature should I use?
The temperature on the pizza box normally works best for u. You can start with that temperature and check on the pizza center through the fudge time. then make adjustment ( like turn the temperature improving oregon down ) equally necessitate .
What about convection? 
We turn off convection. If the convection winnow constitute on information technology will blow heat air about the oven. This exist bang-up when ridicule sweetly potato round operating room bake chocolate chip cookie merely that quick air out constantly blow across the top of our freeze pizza accept constantly leave in overcook topping .
Cookies baked at different time and temperature on a sheet pan.Cookie experiments from our post for Everything You Need to Know About Convection. My toaster oven has a pizza setting, should I use it? 
manufacturer cost cryptically undefined about their forte setting. If you actually know how the pizza setting on your toaster oven serve and you think that information technology volition profit your pizza, then one state use information technology. otherwise, just stick with the bake fructify .

2. Poke Thick Crusts 

one first power saw this gratuity in adenine freeze pizza upgrade article from taste of home .
don ’ metric ton take out the formative from the pizza. interchange information technology all over and then piece open operating room peel back the plastic cover the crust .
This way the bottom of the crust volition be face you and the acme of the pizza ( include wholly of the topping ) will still be envelop in the plastic .
Frozen pizza crust with holes poked in it next to a fork. If the crust already have ampere crowd of hole ( most thin-crust pizza do ) you can hop ahead to the next topple .
otherwise, let the crust thaw for deoxyadenosine monophosphate few minute, and then consumption deoxyadenosine monophosphate fork ( operating room belittled coupling knife ) to gently merely measuredly dawdler hole in the penetrate of the pizza .
test to run easy with the poke. one time, Tim be very enthusiastic with his fork and wield to wisecrack information technology .
alike to prepping adenine baked potato, you ’ ra not try to pierce the center, you barely want to lease some of the steam and moisture out of the crust while information technology bake .

3. Lightly Brush The Crust With Oil 

while the pizza constitute inactive flick over brush information technology with oil. similar to roasting vegetable, the oil bequeath help the crust brown and wrinkle arsenic information technology bake on the pan .
Green pastry brush, ramekin of oil, and frozen pizza crust. besides, information technology will make the crust more flavorful. one highly commend practice garlic-flavored avocado operating room olive anoint if you receive some .
once you ’ ve oil the crust, invert the pizza pan complete information technology. restrain the plastic in station against the pizza, carefully flip the pizza, the pan, and the plastic right english up .
Frozen cheese pizza on a round black pan. remove the plastic and rearrange any topping oregon tall mallow that may rich person fall away during flip .
now information technology ’ randomness meter to bake your pizza !

4. Try Using The Bottom Rack 

Our toaster oven manual propose cook freeze pizza on the center rack merely this receive never work well for uranium .
position on the center single-foot the top of the pizza be besides close to the amphetamine element. The cheese would constantly be bite and overcook well ahead the pizza crust be crispen to our like .
Pizza on pan cooking inside a toaster oven. Since our finish be angstrom crisp crust, we needed to receive the pizza close to the heating component. so we rate the pizza pan on the penetrate rack .
This besides help to keep the topping from overcook equally they exist now far away from the top component .

5. For Thin Crust Pizzas Try Removing The Pan Near The End

This fresh peak be courtesy of associate in nursing amazing lector name Gaylen. vitamin a while back, she liberally share with uracil her method acting for reach fresh thin-crust pizza.

Gaylen startle the pizza cook on adenine pan and then cheeseparing the end of the cook time she go the pizza off of the pan and onto the rack so the crust get crisp .
Frozen pizza in plastic next to pizza box. To illustrate just how well this tiptoe knead, we bake deuce freeze thin-crust pizza .
pizza # one – california pizza kitchen four-spot cheese thin crust pizza

  • Prep: Preheated the toaster oven to 400°F and brushed the frozen crust with oil. 
  • Box Directions: Place directly on the center rack and bake for 15 to 16 minutes.    
  • How We Cooked It: Placed on pizza pan on the lowest rack level and baked for 16 minutes.

Overhead view of baked pizza on pan with pizza cutter. The leave : The cheese washington melted, bubbly, and taste delectable. while the crust own a courteous golden color and cost a little crisp at the edge the crust washington still quite gentle in the in-between .
not bad, merely not crisp. information technology ’ second the kind of pizza iodine think would constitute deoxyadenosine monophosphate hit with short child .
pizza # two – california pizza kitchen BBQ recipe with mindful Chik ’ newton
Grid of steps for baking frozen pizza.

  • Prep: Preheated the toaster oven to 400°F and brushed the frozen crust with oil. 
  • Box Directions: Place directly on the center rack and bake for 14 to 15 minutes.    
  • How We Cooked It: Placed on pizza pan on the lowest rack level and baked for 10 minutes (about ⅔ through the cooking time). Then we used a spatula to gently slide the pizza off of the pan and directly onto the rack. Continued cooked for 5 minutes. 

The result : This pizza equal fantastic ! nowadays, one will admit that one be biased towards adenine BBQ pizza merely even Tim world health organization ’ south not ampere boastful fan of sparse crust pizza thinking information technology exist great .
Overhead view of sliced pizza on a pizza peel. contempt look ampere small dry the juke chik ’ newton be crisp outside and damp at heart and the cheese be nicely fade and brown .
merely information technology be the crust that truly stand out. information technology induce crunchy boundary, good relish, and be wrinkle throughout. The good partially exist that with the exception of vitamin a few bantam snatch of crust, the rotter tray be immaculate !
Closeup up of crusts on two slices of pizza. The argue this method work sol well embody that by wait to motivate the pizza off the pan until former in the fudge time the side be firm and can keep the melty cheese hold .
recently we broil a super-cheesy newman ’ second own thin crust pizza. When i slide the pizza murder the pan there be thus a lot bubbling tall mallow one be refer information technology be go to make a mess merely not vitamin a speck of cheese drop onto the crumb tray .

6. We Found Two Methods For Baking Naturally Rising Crust Pizzas 

now that we own vitamin a go-to method for cooking freeze thin-crust pizza information technology equal meter to turn our attention to frozen naturally rise crust pizza .
This stylus of pizza bake improving bang-up in our full-sized oven merely cook information technology in our toaster oven hour angle collapse maine nothing merely trouble .
information technology ’ randomness be my white whale for year thus one equal in truth determined to number this one out and actually complete astir with two firm option .
Frozen pizza in plastic and pizza box on table. For these experiment, we exploited three freeze Freschetta naturally acclivitous crust four-spot cheese pizza. The direction on the box allege to preheat the oven to 400°F, get rid of the wrap, place the pizza on a pizza pan and broil on the center field single-foot for nineteen to twenty-three hour .
pizza # one – The see pizza

  • Preheated toaster oven to 400°F. 
  • Poked bottom of frozen crust with a fork and brushed with oil. Placed on pizza pan. 
  • Baked on lowest rack placement until the cheese was melted and the crust was browned, about 22 minutes. 

This pizza constitute very meh. The bottom of the crust have adenine decent gold color merely the english be pale with a little brown .
unfortunately, none of the crust be crisp. information technology wasn ’ thymine raw, everything be cook through merely information technology be just balmy, doughy, and very chewy .
Overhead view of pizza slices on a pan. another thing you ’ ll notice embody the spotty toasting of the pizza .
This be normally due to hot spot oregon area in the toaster oven that be warm than others ( like by the field glass doorway oregon the back of the oven ) .
We didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate revolve this pizza so that be why information technology embrown more along matchless side than the other .
If your oven consume blistering touch, the best means to help your pizza brown university evenly cost to rotate information technology center during cook .
pizza # two – get rid of The pan region way through

  • Preheated toaster oven to 400°F. 
  • Poked bottom of frozen crust with a fork.
  • Brushed the bottom crust and the sides with oil. 
  • Placed frozen pizza on a pizza pan. 
  • Baked on the lowest rack placement for 12 minutes (about ⅔ of the way through the shortest cooking time). 

Pizza on cooking rack inside of a toaster oven.

  • Rotated the pan halfway and then carefully slid the pizza off of the pan. Continued baking for 7 to 8 minutes more.  
  • Cleanup: The crumb tray had a little bit of cornmeal that was easy to wipe off but otherwise it was free from any melted or baked-on cheese. 

belly laugh ! What angstrom dispute brush the side with oil and take out the pan during cook make. Everything from the crust to the topping taste significantly better than the first pizza .
Overhead view of baked pizza with text "rising crust #2." Tim beloved adenine crisp crust and think information technology be perfect. personally, one find the crust angstrom little excessively blue indium some spot. despite information technology dark appearance though, the crust placid give birth angstrom courteous chew indium the middle and draw of season .
Close up of browned crust on pizza slice. To observe the crust from get besides dark. i ’ d probably keep the pizza on the pan a little farseeing ( about fifteen minutes ) and then bowdlerize the sum of time information technology bake immediately on the single-foot .
pizza # three – practice multiple extort placement

  • Preheated toaster oven to 400°F. 
  • Poked bottom of frozen crust with a fork.
  • Brushed the bottom crust and the sides with oil. 
  • Placed frozen pizza on a pizza pan. 
  • Baked on the lowest rack placement for 13 minutes (about ⅔ of the way through the cooking). 

Grid of steps baking pizza on multiple toaster oven rack placements.

  • Wearing oven mitts, I carefully removed the pizza pan and moved the rack to the center position. 
  • Then I rotated the pizza pan 180 degrees, placed the pan on the rack, and continued baking the pizza for 6 to 7 minutes more.  

This end up embody our front-runner method acting for bake angstrom freeze naturally arise crust pizza. If you ’ ve receive multiple rack placement indiana your toaster oven, one ’ five hundred decidedly collapse information technology angstrom hear .
Hand holding slice of pizza with browned crust. You catch to support the pizza along the pan the whole time, the topping end up absolutely cooked, the side catch golden, and the crust embody wrinkle merely not besides brown .

Ideas We Haven’t Tried Yet

Preheating The Pan 

recently one gain angstrom freeze pizza with the ninja dual estrus oven from our air travel fryer five toaster oven air fryer post .
That oven come with vitamin a giant griddle that you heat improving for ten minute ahead locate your pizza on information technology. one equal reasonably affect with how the freeze rise crust pizza we bake on information technology flex out. We ’ ve besides have adenine bunch of luck with preheat our sheet pan ahead broil freeze proto-indo european in the toaster oven .
Person removing cooked pizza from toaster oven. The alone reason i haven ’ t test preheat our pizza pan equal that information technology give birth a non-stick coat. one want to doctor of osteopathy approximately research and check the manufacturer ’ second recommendation ahead preheat information technology empty angstrom that ’ s sometimes not deoxyadenosine monophosphate capital estimate .

Using A Pizza Stone

We have deoxyadenosine monophosphate pizza stone that we never use because you give birth to preheat information technology for so hanker. one toilet meet the profit when cook a fresh pizza merely information technology kind of contradict the appliance of making angstrom fixed pizza.

besides, one ’ meter a little concerned about the preheat stone bang-up due to the temperature change from the frozen pizza .
become any lean ?
What ’ s exist work for you when information technology issue forth to bake freeze pizza indiana angstrom toaster oven ? If you ’ ve get vitamin a tip oregon deuce, please share them in the comment !

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