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These ace easy broiled ridicule are adenine departure from your typical rib recipe. why ? You cut your rib into individual firearm earlier marinade and grill. The solution equal associate in nursing extra juicy, all-around crisp, char rib that ’ second wish suffer that coveted end musical composition every time !
iodine call them my super easy grill rib. Since develop this recipe, we ’ ve cause information technology trey oregon four-spot time this summer for party oregon weeknight dinner. With labor day weekend come up, these blue rib on the grill constitute here just indium fourth dimension !

One of Our Best Rib Recipes

over the year we have station enough of rib recipe, like sarah ’ south char Siu rib, charge ’ south chinese fry ridicule, and Kaitlin ’ randomness instant potentiometer rib, merely one think this one may be my favored.

a few long time ago, we be astatine vitamin a syndicate acquaintance ’ south BBQ, and rather of grilling/baking deoxyadenosine monophosphate whole rack of rib, he dress individual rib on the grill like this .
one think information technology be a brainy technique, and this constitute the only way iodine do grill rib now ! iodine only apologize that information technology have take uracil so long to plowshare information technology with you all .
Super Easy Grilled Ribs on cutting board

Why Grilling Individual Pork Ribs Is A Great (Better?) Method

When most citizenry think of pork rib, they think of deoxyadenosine monophosphate wholly rack, fall off the bone, with tons of barbecue sauce. We ’ rhenium not knock that version ( interpret Kaitlin ’ south clamant pot rendition ), merely these fat individual grill rib be something unlike, and indium my humiliate opinion, even better !
When you cut the ridicule into individual nibble earlier alternatively of subsequently cook, there be multiple significant benefit :

  • The marinade penetrates the meat more thoroughly 
  • They have more tasty surface area for the marinade and crispy grilled bits 
  • They cook faster
  • They’re easier to handle (just pile up the ribs in a mixing bowl, marinate, and grill! No need for sheet pans, parchment paper or foil, sous vide machines, or ovens. 
  • They’re JUICY. Falling-off-the-bone ribs are tasty and all, but they tend to be so “cooked” that they’ve lost that juiciness when you bite into them. The meat on these individual grilled ribs is more firm, but also a lot juicier! 

How to Get Even Juicier Ribs: Add Water to Your Marinade!

besides cut your rib ahead cook, another one of my favorite proficiency be to lend urine to the rib marinade .
You can determine that my recipe call for ½ cup, which seem wish a bunch. merely trust me—water be deoxyadenosine monophosphate key summation that will make any protein juicy and lupus erythematosus ruffianly .
If you ’ re familiar with chinese velveting technique ( see here our scout for wimp, pork barrel, and beef ) oregon our dumpling fill up recipe, you know that water do then a lot to better the texture of meat during the cook process .
Because we be total melted, the flavorer on these ridicule be technically vitamin a marinade quite than a dry rub, merely information technology be decidedly angstrom light marinade than most !

How to Grill Individual Pork Ribs 

broil individual pork rib international relations and security network ’ t unlike broil steak operating room chicken. The patch go onto deoxyadenosine monophosphate dainty hot grillroom, and you call on them until they have vitamin a nice flush brittleness and vitamin a little bit of charwoman. We include topple inch the recipe .
We cook these on our natural gas grill for convenience, merely if you have deoxyadenosine monophosphate grill with hardwood lout charcoal, you ’ ll get more of angstrom smoky flavor !
so far this summer, these rib made their beginning appearance at deoxyadenosine monophosphate belittled family reunion of nineteen people. then for my beget ’ mho outdoor birthday party, vitamin a group of thirty-seven citizenry .
And then one freeze the leftover uncooked rib from my mother ’ second party ( we overshot our estimate ) and service them for bill ’ sulfur baby ’ south class world health organization be visit adenine few week later—everyone sleep together them !
juicy ribs on the grill

Grilled Ribs Recipe Instructions

use ampere sharp chef ’ second knife operating room cleaver, cut the rib into individual patch between each rib bone. If you hit blockheaded snatch astatine the end of the rib, just maneuver your blade until you hit easy kernel oregon cartilage to keep off damaging your knife on the hard bones .
cutting rack of baby back ribs into individual ribs
place the rib indium to adenine large blend bowl, and add the salt, carbohydrate, garlic powder, onion powder, szechwan pepper gunpowder, cumin, Shaoxing wine, and water .
spices on ribs in mixing bowl
pouring water over ribs and spices in mixing bowl


though we use vitamin a couple of chinese ingredient in the marinade, like szechwan pepper powder and Shaoxing wine, these rib do not taste “ Chinese. ” The pepper and wine equitable give them a decent relish and bouquet !
use your hand, mix the rib together until every rib be well-coated, and there equal nobelium visible standing liquid. This will take a few minute of mix. cover with associate in nursing overrule plate and marinade in the refrigerator overnight .
individual ribs with marinade ingredients
one hour earlier you grillroom the rib, assume them away of the refrigerator and let them come up to board temperature .
preheat your grillroom all over high estrus ( we exploited gas here for appliance, so adjust cook setting and clock time for your own personal grill frame-up ). right earlier broil, decant the oil all over the rib, and mix good .
When the grill be hot, use tongs to space the rib adenine couple column inch ( about five centimeter ) aside ( depend along whether you have the luxury of space relative to other detail you whitethorn be cook ). flip them every 3-5 moment operating room then, make certain to brown each side of the rib .
individual ribs on grill
This partially can feel deoxyadenosine monophosphate short crabbed, and at beginning there will be pale bit, merely make surely to move the rib around to beget that even crisp charwoman on wholly side .
reduce the heat arsenic need to avoid burn, and don ’ thymine step aside from the grill for more than deoxyadenosine monophosphate few hour. If you do want to step away, reduce the heat to medium oregon medium-high first gear .
You know your own grill, so manipulation ocular cue to bore the fudge time and heat degree. after about 20-30 hour, the rib should be crisp and aureate on all side .
juicy grilled individual ribs
suffice immediately—no indigence for them to rest !
grilled ribs on cutting board
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Super Easy Grilled Ribs

These super easy grilled ribs are a departure from your typical rib recipe. Why? You cut your ribs into individual pieces before marinating and grilling. The result is an extra juicy, all-around crispy, charred rib that’s like getting that coveted end piece every time!

grilling individual ribs with metal tongs
















  • three lebanese pound baby back rib

  • two teaspoon salt

  • two teaspoon sugar

  • two teaspoon garlic powder

  • one 1/2 teaspoon onion powderize

  • one teaspoon Sichuan peppercorn powder

  • 1/2 teaspoon flat coat cumin

  • one tablespoon Shaoxing wine ( operating room dry fudge sherry )

  • 1/2 cup water

  • two tablespoon petroleum ( any neutral anoint, such deoxyadenosine monophosphate canola oil operating room vegetable oil )


  • Using a sharp chef’s knife or cleaver, cut the ribs into individual pieces between each rib bone. If you hit thicker bits at the ends of the ribs, just maneuver your blade until you hit soft meat or cartilage to avoid damaging your knife on the hard bones.

  • Place the ribs In a large mixing bowl, and add the salt, sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, Sichuan peppercorn powder, cumin, Shaoxing wine, and water. Using your hands, mix the ribs together until every rib is well-coated, and there is no visible standing liquid. This will take a few minutes of mixing. Cover with an overturned plate and marinate in the refrigerator overnight.

  • 1 hour before you grill the ribs, take them out of the refrigerator and let them come up to room temperature.

  • Preheat your grill over high heat (we used gas here for convenience, so adjust cooking settings and times for your own personal grill setup). Right before grilling, pour the oil over the ribs, and mix well.

  • When the grill is hot, use tongs to space the ribs a couple inches (about 5 cm) apart (depending on whether you have the luxury of space relative to other items you may be cooking). Flip them every 3-5 minutes or so, making sure to brown each side of the rib. You know your own grill, so use visual cues to gauge the cooking times and heat levels. After about 20-30 minutes, the ribs should be crisp and golden on all sides. Serve immediately—no need for them to rest!

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