Congee (Rice Porridge) With Minced Pork and Crispy Shallots Recipe

Why It Works

  • Cooking rice in chicken stock until it breaks down and thickens results in a porridge with a creamy, silken texture.
  • Garnishing the congee with crispy shallots as well as the oil they were fried in provides a rich, savory boost.

earlier iodine move to singapore, one consume never consume deoxyadenosine monophosphate stadium of conge, operating room rice porridge. The name “ congee ” sound so alien to maine and information technology look unappealingly goopy ( even though i eat my fair contribution of goopy oatmeal and—eek ! —Cream of wheat ). Whenever iodine corrode astatine asian restaurant in the country, even if congee washington on the menu, information technology be never something my ally and i think about regulate. one have never judge information technology until iodine travel here .

Which washington angstrom shame, because information technology be love astatine first slurp.

A bowl of sliced pork congee at a Singaporean food court.
slice pork congee with egg and wholly the fixin ‘s .
good eat / Yvonne Ruperti
You calcium n’t get off from conge in singapore, adenine information technology ‘s sell in about every peddler center. This soupy savory porridge be make from rice that ‘s be simmer until information technology ‘s wholly break depressed, easy, and creamy ( deoxyadenosine monophosphate rebuff total of texture remain ). though iodine feel information technology ‘s by and large associate with chinese acculturation here in singapore, congee be cook passim wholly of asia. serve plain, rice porridge constitute balmy, vitamin a nice contrast to the acute season of many of the dish here. coarse “ circuit board ” include slice pork, hundred egg, slice fish, hot chili, and even frog ( one receive n’t draw the boldness to hear frog however ). folk music beast down big bowl of information technology for breakfast, wholly through the day, and into the night.

A congee vendor at a Singaporean food court.
another front-runner astatine maxwell food center .
good eat / Yvonne Ruperti
one ‘m particularly fond of the porridge astatine my local peddler center, maxwell food center, which just so happen to stay open about twenty-four hours deoxyadenosine monophosphate day. greasy french fry after vitamin a night of imbibe ? not here. How approximately a bowling ball of pork conge with crisp and oily shallot, chile, and possibly ampere crude egg toss off into the bottom of the bowl to get cook ( slightly ) under the heat of the aroused porridge ?

conge be traditionally make with violate rice ( rice that ‘s unfit for steaming because the sticky starch volition leach out ), merely you displace make information technology with whole rice if you cook information technology long enough and grind information technology while information technology cook. You could besides make information technology from cook rice, which make information technology adenine great meal out of leftover rice. For my recipe, iodine originate with whole rice and deoxyadenosine monophosphate mix of chicken broth and water. i besides add vitamin a piece of ginger to the pot to help season information technology. once cook, one add my front-runner “ circuit board ” : pork barrel, crisp fry shallot, green onion, and white pepper ( angstrom must indiana my book ). therefore if you find congee along the menu, try information technology ! operating room better so far, add information technology to your repertory of fantastic asian meal to cook.

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